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Damn it. This was just stupid. No, it was beyond stupid. What the hell was I thinking? Better yet, why wasn’t I thinking?

I can’t believe it. I mean he could be my son! Ok, maybe not my son, but he could be my nephew. I have a kid for God’s sake!

Great. So what am I supposed to do now? Sneak out and go home in the middle of the night? Wake him up and tell him to leave?

It’s his entire fault. Yes, I blame Ryuchi for this, stupid him HAD to invite Shuichi and, of course, that moron dragger Yuki-san with him. And since Ryuichi invited them Tohma brought Mika-san, Tatsuha and Suguru. And well, since everyone is here Hiroshi, K and Sakano invited themselves too.

A reunion of morons that is. I was so bored I established myself at the bar, and then he came. I’ve know him since forever, being Tohma’s relative and all, I practically saw him grow up from a baby to a ten-year-old kid.

Well, I guess that was why it surprised me so much when I saw him, being myself drunk and all, I was definitely astonished to see how cute he has become. Taller than me, and in a suit that made him look like a perfect gentleman.

It all started with a joke.

Ï hadn’t seen you in a long time”, I said. "You’ve become quite a looker”.

He smiled knowing that I was more than an aunt to him than anyone else was, and answered politely.

"You don’t look that bad either”.

“Got any girl friends?” Stupid question, I know, of course he has. Must be in his genes or something.

He laughed and answered something I didn’t pay any attention to. And then, before I realized what I was saying, I asked.

"You don’t like them older?” It was meant to be a joke, but somehow, when I looked at him, our eyes locked for a fraction of a second and I knew. I knew what his answer would be and knew where it would lead us.

"I’ve never tried before”.

Before. The obvious connotation of it should have made me turn around and leave, but instead I smiled and said the words that closed the deal.

“There’s a first time for everything”.


I still wonder how come no one noticed us leaving. I admit we aren't the noticeable ones, in that specific crowd, but it’s not like we are invisible either. Everyone was just too busy paying attention to Shuichi and Ryuichi I guess. Wherever they go they are always the main attraction.

Another thing that amazes me is the fact that neither of us asked the other where we were going. My place was out of the question as well as his, but still neither of us said a word as we left. We took a taxi and he named some motel. No one talked on our way there.

He paid the cab and we entered the building, then he asked for a room. He paid that too. It wasn’t until we entered the room that the reality of what was happening truly hit me. It hit me pretty hard too.

I was about to cheat on my husband, betray his trust and the trust of my friends too. After this, nothing would ever be the same again.

I felt the urge to run away, and automatically turned around. And there he was, the same expression as mine I imagine. I approached to him and caressed his cheek.

I swear I was about to tell him it had been a mistake in a maternal tone he didn’t deserve, but he kissed me. It wasn’t a long kiss, or a particularly good one for that matter, but he did. And when we parted I saw he was blushing.

Funny, I never imagined he could blush, and suddenly there, in front of me, he was. Blushing.

He placed his hand on my shoulders and slowly, began to push the thin stripes of my dress down. He leaned down and kissed my neck, and my shoulders as his hands traveled down, undressing me without me putting any resistance. I felt his left hand traveling through my back and pulling the zipper down, and his right hand going from my neck to my chest and to my suddenly exposed nipple.

I heard myself moan in pleasure as he pressed his cold hand against me and then he began to massage it.

“What are you doing?

It was barely a whisper, but he must’ve heard me because he paused for a moment and I felt his warm breath against my ear.

“Do you want me to stop?”

One simple question. Yes or no. Say yes and he’ll stop and you’ll be free to go back to your family and the lovely routine you have there. Say no and risk everything for a night with him. Yes or no.

Yes. That was the correct answer. But he body is week when it comes to temptations and mine had been deprived from this for a while. His left hand slowly traced a path similar to the right one and one of his fingers toughed slightly my other nipple.


He licked my ear and went lower, aiming at my neck. I felt his tongue against my skin as his fingers massaged my hardened nipples. I noticed I had placed my arms around him.

“It’s not-”

He bent down and licked my left nipple. Slowly at first, carefully. Then his mouth imprisoned it and he began sucking.


His left hand had gone even further, passing my belly, caressing my skin. My fingers where tangle on his hair and then I said it.


He gave me a devilish look and licked my nipple again.

“Say it again”.

We were on the bed now. My dress had been discarded somewhere in between the door and the bed. His shirt was gone too.


He shook his head and his mouth passed to my other nipple, which had been begging for attention for a while. His tongue circled it teasingly and I understood.

“Don’t stop”.

He rewarded me with a smile and then his hands traveled down again, hastily removing their last obstacle to me. As he planted kissed on my belly his right hand made me open my legs. I felt one of his fingers pressing against me and gasped. He entered slowly, carefully and then pressed a bit hard.

He raised only to take over one of my nipple again, licking it and sucking it like there was no tomorrow. A second finger entered me and then he began to move them, faster and faster until I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Do you want me to stop?” He asked teasingly, only to move his fingers faster and faster. I moaned and screamed like I hadn’t before in my life.

He stopped for a second and took his fingers out, and I gasped again, “don’t stop”.

Then I felt it. His fully erected member pressing against me, ready to enter. I pressed myself against it, asking, begging for more. He pleased me immediately, and I felt him inside me in a matter of seconds, the rhythm getting faster and faster as he pressed hard. It was almost animal and I’m sure I screamed his name more than once.

Every thrust was just better than the one before, every time it was a little faster, a little rougher, a little harder. I cried in pleasure and then I felt him release himself as I climaxed too. I was really exhausted, that was how intense it had been.


We fall asleep almost immediately. And now here I am, wondering why on earth did I let this happened and trying to convince myself it was wrong while my body screams the contrary.

It was good. But it can’t happen again. It just can’t. No matter how good it was or how alive and precious I felt. This was wrong and stupid.

Please forgive me, dear Tatsuha, for leaving you without waking you up to say goodbye.


A/N: Should I continue it?
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