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A/N: It's very short and very confusing, but please find it within yourself to bear with me. This is only the prologue afterall. Everything will be revealed in due time! Oh, and no I haven't forgotten about 'Famous Obsession'! ^ ^;;; Just having a bit of trouble getting the words down on screen...


It's been six days since you... died. Everybody continuously tell me to move on with my life. Even you. You made me promise, as I sat by your death-bed and held your hand. I swore I would go on, only to make you happy. To see you smile, one last time. Such a radiant smile, I miss it so damn much. But... I ask you, how can I? The guilt, my love for you, my torn and bleeding heart because you're not here anymore... It's all too much! You can't expect me to move on when you were a part of my soul. Part of my heart.

I nod heavily, my answer to a question asked by the creature standing opposite me.

"As you wish."

My eyes close of their own accord.


I'm selfish to ask this creature to go against my promise to you. But if my selfishness can take me to you again, enabling me to hold you again, just to be with you again... Even if you condemn me to the lowest pit of Hell for doing something this stupid... I can't live without you. Death isn't enough to part me from you. Hell-bent on making me go on with my life? Just try and make me.

I open my eyes, glistening gold meeting soft brown one last time, a sign of the utmost gratitude on my part, before light explodes in my visage.

Just try and make me...


I love you.


A/N: ^ ^;;; Before you kill me in the worst way possible, just hear me out! ....givemeachance? *runs like mad*
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