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This was perfect. A cemetery was the ideal place for this to end. All of it. His love for Yuki. His need for Seguchi.

Hadn't even planned it; just went to the cemetery for one last look at Kitazawa in condign surroundings, and found Seguchi here too.

What would the bastard do now? It would give him sick pleasure to watch his brother-in-law wither and shrivel--fitting punishment for everything Tohma had ever done to ruin his life.

Shuichi's the only one who can heal me now. Seguchi will simply have to accept that and move on.

The bastard had a wife, and a baby on the way. Now that there was nothing for Seguchi beyond that, he'd go back to them and leave Eiri alone. Right?

The hell he will. He'll be pestering me again inside of a week.

What would Seguchi do now? For an instant Eiri considered it before remembering he had no obligation whatsoever to his brother-in-law. Time to leave. Forever.

"Where are you going, Eiri-san?"


Home to Shuichi, and whatever life he'd made for himself. These were the only things truly his, untainted by the stain of Seguchi's hands. Briefly Eiri brooded over whether the bastard would follow, or beg him to wait or ask for forgiveness...but no. Tohma's pride would never let him grovel; he just turned and walked away. Eiri didn't even have to say the words.

Leave me alone.

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25 chapters in all
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