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A bit of a crossover between Naruto and gravitation but Naruto is an AU form and I’m using the OC characters from the fic “From Friends to Lovers.” I guarantee it will be hilarious because I keep cracking up thinking about it.
Enjoy ^^
“I understand.”

“Please come here fast Toto, you promised you’d come and see me.”

“I know sweetheart.”

“Hey Tohma, it’s time that you and the others are coming right?” A voice said from the phone, Tohma smiled happily.

“Yes Sasuke, we’ll be coming in two days,” the keyboardist said.

“Big brother give me back the phone,” A little voice said over the phone, “No way, I’m bigger than you Ayaka.”

Tohma then heard a scuffle for the phone and another male yelling at the two voices to stop.

“Sorry Toto, they’re fighting again,” A feminine voice said,” In two days right?”

“Yes Ana,” Tohma or Toto said softly.

“Tell Eiri that he needs to bring his boyfriend, I want to meet him,” The girl said,” I hope you’re not scaring him with that crazy attitude of yours, because you did… I’d have to kill you.”

Tohma rolled his eyes, more yelling was heard and he heard Ana screaming at her siblings to stop fighting then another scuffle was heard on the as Ana had dropped the phone and it was picked up.

“Hello?” A small voice was heard.

Tohma smiled,” Hi there Kasume, where did your mommy go?”

“She’s trying pry uncle Sasuke from Auntie Aya,” Said the little four year old,” Bring Shu I wanna meet him.”
A male voice was heard and a flustered male voice was heard,” Tohma skipped the two days, COME HERE NOW, YOU GUYS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN CONTROL THESE KIDS.”

Tohma sweat dropped, “Itachi I’m sure you can handle them besides-“

“Not since we went to Osaka and picked up Gaara, Temari, Kankuro and Matsuri,” itachi said all the while he was yelling at Ana to stop choking Sasuke who was sitting on Ayaka,” I have to deal with more kids then I can handle.”

A crashing sound was heard on the phone and more yelling was heard, Tohma had to inch his head from the phone.


“Ok ok ok, I’ll try to speed up the process,” He said calmly but he was getting flustered himself,” Tell everyone I said bye.”

“Bye Toto,” Everyone said and the line went dead.

Tohma sighed and rubbed his forehead, poor Itachi, raising his three siblings was a handful, especially when the twins started to reach teen hood. Ayaka just turned seven and Kasume, Ana’s adopted daughter, was turning five. Not to mention that the house was now filled with four more mouth to feed although that wasn’t the problem, the Uchiha family was rich but still Itachi was in desperate need of help. He Mika and Eiri needed to go to America ASAP but he need to tell Shuichi that he needed a six month vacation; he got up and left his office to fetch the pink haired singer.
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