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Disclaimer: I Dont own anything.
It was a quiet and peaceful day in the country of Kyoto, Japan in autumn and children were coming home from school, a small boy no older than six wearing a soft blue shirt, beige pants and sneakers was walking hand in hand with an older girl in boys clothing, although she didn't look like a girl but more of a boy. These children were six year old Eiri Uesugi and twelve year old Mika Uesugi and this was their daily ritual, Mika had to walk Eiri to and from school to protect him from bullies young and old because of her little brothers looks, she didn't mind she wanted to do this, Eiri was a fragile child and their mother wanted him to be safe. They climbed the steps to the family temple and saw a very angry bald man waiting for them, their father.
"Mika, do you have an explaination for getting into that ugly fight at school?",He said with his arms folded.
Mika shrugged, “What do you know Eiri, he's finally being a parent."
Eiri said nothing and grasped his sisters hand tightly.
"I'm at my wits end here young lady, you should spend some time with your mother instead of spending most of your free time with, with him." Their father reprimanded in that unfatherly tone.
Eiri stayed silent as he squeezed Mika's hand softly, showing her that he was feeling like he was at fault for this. She returned it, giving him a soft smile to her younger sibling.
"Are you even listening to me Mika Uesugi?" Their father asked, getting an annoyed tone to his voice.
"Yes I am! Now can I go help Eiri with his homework?" She asked with that glint of a glare in her blue eyes.
He huffed, turning around and walked away. Mika tried to stifle her laugh but couldn't hold it back.
"Aneki what's so funny?" Eiri asked as he looked up at his cross-dressed sister with a confused look on his face.
"Father is. Now, let's get this homework done then we can go see oka-san if she's not too busy with dinner." Mika planned as she let her laughter die down.
He nodded, following his sister who tossed her ball cap to the chair that their father usually sits in to read the paper.
"Mika, you better pick that up!" Her father called from somewhere – no where he could be seen by his children.
"Father's a little creepy today." Eiri announced bluntly as he grabbed a hold of his sister's shirt.
"You hit the nail on its head there Otouto-san." Mika chimed as she led him to the table for a little tutoring.
Setting his books down, he sat down on one of the four cushions that was around the table. Looks like Tatsuha took his somewhere, Eiri thought as he dug around his bag for his homework.
"So what do you have today kiddo?" She asked, smiling.
"Reading and math Mikarin." He answered, pulling out the book that he was supposed to read and the paper he was going to complete in math.
"Mika, stop and help your mother with dinner. If he needs help, he can ask me." Their father called from the temple.
"No! I rather help him!" Mika hollered back as she ran to the door, sticking her head out, and letting him feel her glare. "Gez, he's a pain in the butt."
"When isn't Father?" Eiri asked, only to earn a laugh from his sister. Ignoring her, he started on the reading book and answering the questions that were assigned.
The occasional clatter of pans filled the air from the distance, earning a squeak every so often.
"Mother are you all right? Do you need some help?" Mika called, her gaze on the door that led to the kitchen where all the noise was coming from.
"I'm fine!" She called back, not bothering to open the door to show that she was.
Mika nodded, turning her undivided attention to her little brother – the oldest out of the two.
"Mikarin can you help me out with this one?" Eiri asked, pointing to the math problem with his pencil
She nodded and went on explaining how to solve it.
"Aniki!" A child's squeaky voice rang through the air, the door clattering open and close
Turning their attention, they saw the dark puff of hair with the dark color eyes that's from their father. The child jumped, bringing Eiri down to the ground.
"Tatsuha, get off. I need to finish my homework." Eiri complained as he pushed on his little brother to get off. Grunting, he couldn't get his brother's vice hug off him.
"But aniki, I missed you." Tatsuha muttered as he nuzzled into the clean shirt.
"I know this otouto-san but listen. We'll play when I get done. Okay?" Eiri asked at the end, holding up his finger.
Tatsuha nodded, letting go of his brother's waist before snatching the finger into his mouth and running around. With that, he ran out onto the deck to chase after the stray cat that Eiri took in, also naming it Toshi.
A sigh escaped the two as they went back to the last problem on the paper.
"And . . . done." Eiri sighed as he leaned back, falling back into the bamboo wood floor.
"Good. Mika can you help me with setting up the table?" The same woman asked, a smile on her face.
"Hi oka-san." Eiri called with a wave to the brown haired woman that was older.
"Hi Eiri. How was school today?" She asked, setting down her cup of tea.
"Fine. I stayed in with Yokohama sense today for recess so I didn't get picked on by those kids." Eiri answered.
"Organizing her books again?" She asked as she ruffled his blond hair.
"Yep." He answered, a smile on his face as he stared into the blue with gold speckled eyes of his mother's.
She nodded, sitting down next to him.
"Mika, did you get into another fight?" She asked.
Mika opened her mouth to answer but was overpowered by her father's voice. "Hikari!"
A growl escaped her parted lips as Eiri and Mika looked at the door as they expected him to come barging through.
"What?" She yelled, her eyebrow twitching.
"Is dinner done yet!" He asked.
"Yes! Gez." She muttered at the end with a sigh. She hated that man with all her heart. She wasn't even sure why her parents made her have an arranged marriage with him. Turning her attention to her two children, a smile took over her lips again. They always cheered her up somehow.
She wasn't sure how. "Oh Mika, I forgot to tell you something. Have lots of kids."
"Mother!" She squeaked, her face growing red from the attention and what her mother said.
"Oh sh. Mika. Eiri get going before Tatsuha goes looking for you again." Hikari said, getting up and leaving with her cup of tea as she muttered under her breath.
Eiri watched her leave and then turned his gaze onto his aneki.
"Get going." She urged with a wave of her hand.
Getting up, he walked outside to see Toshi waiting for him with her tail moving side to side. Smiling, he patted her head then went on his way to find his little brother. Stopping, he looked around.
"Father leave me alone!" Mika yelled, "I'm not having kids for you! And I'm not getting married to that jerk!"
A sigh escaped the blond before he fell into a plum of dirt.
"Eiri! You're done!" Tatsuha yelled into his ear.
He nodded his face in the dirt with his voice muffled, "Get off me and stop screaming in my ear otouto-san!"
"Gomen." Tatsuha muttered as he shifted his foot through the dirt after getting off his brother.
Sitting up with the weight of his younger brother gone, he looked at three year younger sibling, making his heart almost melt.
"It's okay. Let's go before Mika calls for us." Eiri said, running past his brother, his own hand grabbing the smaller hand.
Running off the path, they wove through the threes until they both stopped. Looking up, they took in the sight of a tree house that they secretly built with help from their mother.
"Come on Aniki!" Tatsuha hollered as he shimmed up the rope then poked his head out of a window.
Eiri nodded and went on his way up the rope. Sitting down with the rope pulled up and door closed, he looked up at the sky.
"I wanna see the world Tatsuha."
"Why so aniki?" Tatsuha asked, curiosity taking over.
"I just want to get away from father for the most part. If I can, I'll take oka-san with me."
"What about Mika and me?" Tatsuha asked with a little tear in his eye.
"Yes, I'll take you two too." Eiri answered with a yawn.
"Eiri, Tatsuha, dinner's ready!" Mika's voice echoed through the air, catching their attention also causing them to perk up.
Hurrying down the rope, they ran through the woods and onto the path.
"Where are you guys?" Mika's voice was louder, almost making them stop and retreat back to the tree house.
"Right here ane-chan!" Tatsuha shouted as he got beside her. He started laughing when she jumped, making him smile.
"Dinner's ready you two. If you eat everything, we'll have some of Eiri's favorite dessert – strawberry shortcake." Mika said, that alluring tone that told you to do everything for a reward.
Eiri's mouth started to water, the thought just making his stomach go insane. Kicking off his shoes, he ran in and sat down at the table. Bowing, praying and thanking for the foot, he grabbed his chopsticks and was ready for dinner.
"That was fast." Hikari commented as she blinked.
Mika and Tatsuha walked in, sitting down and doing the same that their brother did but slower.
Digging into the rice with beef, they chowed down.
"So how was your day besides your sister accompanying you to and from school?" Their father asked, his question directed to Eiri.
"Nice." He answered before taking a few more bites of food.
"I guess you stayed in at Yokohama's again?" His father guessed.
"Hikari I think you should eat more than talk." Their father interrupted as he took a bite of his food.
"I rather not. I would like to know what my son did besides recess. I'm not ignoring him like you do." She hissed.
"I do not ignore my child. I have duties to do instead of sitting around and doing whatever I want." He said, debunking her accusation.
"Quiet!" Mika yelled, her glare focused on her father. He was the one that caused it, that's how she sees it. Taking a bite, she tried to calm her nerves; she also had to protect her siblings.
It stayed quiet for the rest of dinner until Eiri's dessert came – his mother's famous strawberry shortcake.
Eiri’s eye twinkled at the sight and reached for a piece that his mother gave to him and chewed down with delight. Hikari patted her sons head just then her husband got up and walked, taking little Tatsuha with him, he wanted a better heir to the family so he was going to make sure that Tatsuha was not exposed to his oldest children.
"Why is he so cruel to us while with Tatsuha, he's the golden child?" Mika asked with a bit of sadness in her voice.
Hikari sighed and caressed her daughters very short hair," I wish I knew baby girl."
'Of course you know why baka.'
Eiri finished his slice and yawned slightly, it was almost eight and he was always tired at this time, Mika also yawned and began to pick up the dishes to clean them. Hikari picked up Eiri and walked to his room and helped him into his wool pjs, Mika walked in dressed in her large white T-shirt and boys boxers that fell to her knees. Hikari lowered her blue gold eyes.
"When will you ever wear any girl clothing?"
Mika rolled her eyes," When hell freezes over."
'She will have to wear dresses or anything girly one of these days,' she thought as she went to pick out a Dr. Seuss book to read for her two kids.
Mika crawled into bed with Eiri and made sure her little brother was comfortable in her arms. Hiakri sat by the bed and began to read The Sneetches, they could relate to the plain bellied ones. After the story the two children were sound asleep in each other’s arms and Hikari silently left the room.
"Meeks?" A silent voice rang in the room.
Mika woke up and saw that her brother was awake and scared.
"Don't worry Eiri, I'm here, that man won't hurt you ever again."
Eiri smiled a child’s smile and fell into dream land.
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