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AN: Yea, err… not dead. Just lazy and uninspired. Don’t write much these days… but here I am. And I am outraged at how little I see of Shuuichi’s family in the Gravi fandom! So here is a little… 4-5 chap thing of bat shit crazy Shindous. You're welcome.

WARNING: Cocksucking, anyone? But for future reference, hard yaoi. Slippery, sucky, sweaty yaoi. Although I may not be able to help myself and inject a little into each chapter. Again, you’re welcome. Don’t take that M lightly.


NOT BETA’D. I was so excited to get this out to you that I just couldn’t wait.

The Reunion

“Haa… so what do you say?” Shuuichi said while he swiped the last bit of saliva and semen from his cheek with his thumb and sucked it into his mouth with an obscene slurp. He eyed the limp, damp cock before him with a lingering hunger, as if Yuki’s load of spunk wasn’t enough. And it wasn’t. But right now, he had to focus. Shuuichi was a man on a mission. But he supposed he could… clean up, while Yuki was prostrate with afterglow.

Yuki could only stare with heavy lidded eyes as he tried to remain standing, too busy with the task of steadying his shaking knees and looking down as a pink tongue bathed his dick with wet little sucking laps that were making his calming neurons spit and fizzle, traveling in a slow downward wave that sparked all his nerve endings; sluggishly ending in his sensitive groin. He groaned and gripped a handful of Shuuichi's hair and pulled him away, looking down into violet eyes glittering with mischief and sex. His hand tightened a little further.

“Wuh… what?” Yuki coughed, his voice a little too hoarse for his liking. He stubbornly chose to think it was the effect of years of smoking. Shuuichi smiled.

“I said… what do you say? My family reunion. Will you come with me?”

Sometime earlier…

“Hell no. Do I look like someone who walks into their own funeral? Don’t answer that.” Yuki spat around his cigarette, narrowing his eyes as Shuuichi had started to say something, an affirmation no doubt. Shuuichi stepped forward, ready to defend and whine if necessary.

“Oh come on, Eiri. You never see my family. There’s always an excuse whenever I even mention them.”

“Shuuichi. Those excuses are my deadlines, my television appearances, my book signings… do I really have to go on?” a plume of silver smoke escaped frowning lips.

“Eiri. ‘My dog died’, ‘I have to wash my hair’, ‘I’ll be visiting my father’. Now I know that last one wasn’t true.” He’d moved forward while speaking, laying his palm on Yuki’s chest like a hot brand, while Shuuichi's other hand fiddled with the hem of his shirt.

A snort was heard. Yuki smirked and leaned over Shuuichi to stub out his cigarette, bringing their bodies much closer, heat combining and surrounding them in a cloud of simmering air. “Yes, well… I know how you like to be demeaned. Don’t you, Shuu?” His smile veiled animalistic intentions as sly lips spoke into the pink shell of an ear.

Shuuichi’s eyelids fluttered closed as a full body shiver wrought havoc on his vertebrae, fingers that had slipped into the waistband of Yuki’s pants tugging until their hips were flush. He slid down the other’s body until his knees hit the floor and looked up under lowered lashes with violet eyes being overtaken by quickly dilating pupils, “You know me a little too well…”

The only sounds in the next few moments were warm murmurs against the stark bulge of Eiri’s trapped cock, Shuuichi’s hands rasping against fabric while tearing it open, the quiet tight groans escaping both jaws and the shifting of both anticipating men.

With Yuki’s freed cock bobbing in the air, eager grasping hands palmed a firm ass and pulled forward until Shuuichi’s knees were spreading the other’s legs and the red mushroom head was slicking Shuu’s neck with precum as he buried his head in heavy testicles and soft dirty blond hair. The musk made his own dick spurt out clear fluid, and he released one hand from Yuki’s ass to knead his erection planning revolt inside his jeans. Eiri let out a trembling moan and shot out an arm to steady himself on the wall, lest he fall to the ground. God, he fucking loved Shuuichi like this, getting off on his skin and sex…

His head shot up when he felt words against his shaft, not having noticed he let his neck sag in delight. “My parents miss you. It’s been… nearly two years since they’ve last seen you. I know Maiko has been literally begging,” at this Shuu let his lips drag up the throbbing rod as he stretched that particular word out, a hot whisper against taut skin, “to see you again.”

“Shit!” Eiri banged his head harshly forward onto the wall, relishing the pain and trying to uncross his eyes. Shuuichi grinned and gripped the shaft, letting his thumbnail graze the large vein on the underside, knowing his boyfriend liked a little bite with his bliss. Yuki hissed with narrowed eyes, muscles clenched with the restrained frenzied urge to just take, to spread wide tanned thighs and bite and claw and fuck down on the floor until he tasted blood and tears and cum…

He lost track of the words after that point, but he knew the argument was compelling when every point stretched slick red lips over his turgid cock, every rebuttal vibrated against his balls and resonated throughout his bucking hips…

Sometime later, in the present…

Yuki stared past his reviving dick and into Shuuichi’s impish face, knowing he’d been played. His gaze traveled down the kneeling body, the hard nipples poking through the thin t-shirt, the slightly heaving chest, and finally to the trembling legs and straining bulge. Sharp honey eyes shot up to flushed cheeks, and let a ravenous smile slit his maw. “You know… let me sit on it.” And he briskly had Shuu pinned to ground, slender hips straddled by his greater weight.

“You n-need more persuassssion?” Shuuichi slurred while arching his back into the savage way his shirt was torn off. Eiri drug his large hands along the slim torso, flicking and pinching stiff nipples until his boy was mewling and desperately grinding his still trapped cock into the exposed apex of Yuki’s open thighs. The predator growled in merriment.

“Oh… oh, yes,” punctuated with a downward thrust of hips that elicited a squeal from Shuuichi’s abused throat, “I think a little more wouldn’t hurt.”


Images of sparse trees and stretches of field raced past the large window of the train carriage, and he sighed on an exhale of smoke. He looked across from him at his sleeping lover, Shuuichi’s compact body rocking to the lull of the train. They were riding towards the Shindou family home. Yuki almost wanted to cry. Instead, he’d settle for another cigarette. And another. Maybe just one more…

He stretched his long legs, annoyed when there wasn’t enough space and his feet bumped into an unrelenting object no matter which way he contorted himself. Another huff of smoke escaped and he’d be damned if anyone said he were pouting. Which he wasn’t. Just irritated was all. Irritated that by coming on this trip basically equated him to a paid whore. Paid in skin and sweat, yet paid nonetheless. Eiri was irritated that he could be broken so easily.

His amber eyes caught sight of the drooling cherub visage and calmed somewhat. Well, he supposed, the wheels were turning and there was no stopping them.


Short, I know. The rest of the chapters will definitely have more meat… haaa, pun. I know you all are craving that meat. I think that I am definitely going to have fun with this :) I hope you do too!

SO. Please, let me know what you think! I’m pretty fucking rusty, so PLEASE. Are you interested, are you bored, love me, hate me, fuck me? REVIEWS MAKE ME SHINY. THEY MAKE CHAPTERS SHINY. DO YOU WANT THE SHINY?
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