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A/N I was watching an old movie about Sinbad and it sprung the idea for a really good pirate Gravi fanfic. So I hope ya’ll will get interested and want more!

(Chapter 1 : The Setting Sun)

A short but fearsome slightly femininely shaped man stood at the helm looking out at the setting sun across the ocean. The orange glint of the golden orb in the horizon was bouncing off his dark matted pink hair and reflecting in his dark violet eyes.

A warm smile spread across the short but fierce pirate captain’s face. His life is the sea and his love the wind that fills his sails carrying him to all corners of the earth. This vessel was all he needed. His friends and family were all swabbing the deck, drinking rum bellow deck or checking coordinates in the Captain’s cabin. His crew was loyal and fought valiantly for him in the face of danger and death.

His first mate and best friend, Hiroshi, had been with him from the beginning and would most likely follow him to the end. His younger sister, Maiko, was the only female on the ship, but the crew regarded her as one of them. She was fierce and rough, but could be kind and gentle when it was called for. The older, but stunningly attractive man, Ryuichi, dancing a pink bunny, Kumagoro, along the railing was like a brother to the Captain of the Bad Luck pirate vessel. They met in a crowded street in Rome both running from the Gestapo and both hitching a ride on the back of a gypsy wagon. From that day on they were virtually inseparable. The ship’s accountant and “business” manager, Fujisaki, was a short, anal retentive green haired man with a sharp business like tone that screamed “I don’t take crap off of no one”, not even the feared pirate captain himself.

Smiling to himself he could hear his “accountant” and his first mate arguing over the next “job” they were to take on. The captain couldn’t care less what job they take as long as involved a good fight and some good booty. That’s what kept the beat up Bad Luck afloat.

The captain of Bad Luck had a reputation for not leaving survivors, but how do people know that if there were never any survivors? He was merciful, but always for a price. That was how he acquired Fujisaki, and many of his other crew. He told them they would have to work on the ship until he was satisfied with them then he would either kill them or throw them over board. Thankfully he almost never had to do that. His charm, natural charisma, and kindness always wiggled its way into his captive’s hearts and they almost never decided to leave even when he gave them the chance. Although he had won over Fujisaki with this tactic, Fujisaki claimed that he was just staying on to organize their abysmal book keeping. Not that normal pirate ships kept financial books, but apparently the Bad Luck did.

Looking at his abused, but never wrong compass Captain Shuichi made light adjustments to their heading and continued to keep a sharp look out for trouble. When you were a pirate in the western Pacific Ocean you had to have a constant weary eye out for trading company ships packing heat and other unfriendly pirate ships. One of those unfriendly pirate vessels was none other than the feared ASK, captained by Taki Aizawa The Terrible. The bastard of the sea as Captain Shuichi liked to call him.

Growing up on the butt crack of society Taki had a skewed vision of what life should be like. To him raping, pillaging, and plundering were common practice and every one should partake in the sins that would qualify you for the lowest darkest circle of Hell. Shuichi hated that man with a passion and his crew agreed whole heartedly. Where pirates treated their crew with respect and honor, Taki’s crew was mistreated and often beaten to death with out a moment’s hesitation. This fear of their captain also entailed a wild animal aspect to the unlucky souls aboard the ASK. They were almost uncontrollable and that was the way Taki liked it. He wasn’t even wanted at the five year Pirate King’s assembly, though since he was a Pirate King every one tolerated his presence.

His favorite past time at these meetings was to make passes and get inevitable shot down by none other then Captain Shuichi. This game of Taki’s was one Shuichi could definitely live with out.

The sound of foot steps from behind him shook Shuichi out of his scouting silence and he turned to greet his first mate. “Captain, we have finally decided on a job.”

Shuichi beamed a beautiful and surprisingly clean smile at his best friend. One thing Shuichi did not tolerate on his ship was unhygienic practices, much to his crew’s displeasure. “Good! Hiro tell me; what has Fujisaki come with?”

“Well he wants us to try and capture an NG Trading Company ship. He says he used to work for NG Trade and he knows all about their anti-pirate tactics. He thinks it will be a breeze.” Shuichi could plainly see the anxiety on his friend’s face. NG Trading Company was one of the most feared and sought after cargo carriers in the sea. They were notorious for sinking pirate ships no matter how fierce they were. The head of NG Trade was Tohma Seguchi, the most powerful man in Asia and the surrounding contents.

One thing Shuichi loved was a challenge and some how this job pulled on him. He knew he at least had to try to take the ship in question. “So where are we headed to take this NG ship?”

Once again anxiety played across Hiro’s features. “Well Captain… It’s not just one ship, it’s five.”

Shuichi turned to his first mate in horror.


Eiri Uesugi was standing silently leaning against the railing of the NG Trading Company’s flagship leading its four smaller but no less capable sister ships. His sandy blonde hair whipped across his face as he closed his deep golden eyes feeling the evening sun arm his face. Eiri Uesugi was brother-in-law to the powerful Tohma Seguchi, who acted like Eiri’s older, over bearing and over protective brother. Eiri’s older sister, Mika Seguchi was the “trophy” wife of Tohma, though she rivaled her husband in business and came to wealth in her own rite.

Like every thing in life, Tohma turned a supposed “family” vacation into a business opportunity and was dragging his in-laws half was across the continent to trade with some important Chinese trading post. The most disappointed about this business trip was Eiri’s younger, darker brother, Tatsuha Uesugi. Tatsuha was a scheming, dark haired, dark eyed young man. His favorite thing to do was seduce young unsuspecting women and on occasion men, when the mood struck him. He knew that on a large ship the only women he would encounter would happen to be his sister and the only men wouldn’t even be worth a look-see.

Though despite the “disadvantages” Eiri was actually some what pleased with how things were working out. He had time to relax and write his novels. Eiri was an “up and coming” novelist of the romantic genre. He hated it but it was the only thing he really knew how to write well. He, like his brother, had a knack for seducing the beautiful but tended to keep his leaning more toward the females of the species. Very few, if any, males interested him enough to even consider.

Eiri for the most part was a spoiled noble with more money than Midis. He was educated and looked down upon any one who didn’t exactly meet his standards of sociability. He had very few friends and even fewer lovers. He never kept anyone around for very long.

As the ship rocked smoothly on the waves he opened his eyes to watch the remainder of the sun drift bellow the surface of the water. A hand reached out and touched his shoulder causing him to jump in surprise.

“Eiri-san, are you enjoying yourself?” It was his annoying “brother”, Tohma. His smile, ever fake and painted onto a hardened business face.

“What do you want Tohma?” Eiri didn’t spare any pleasantries with his in-law, and Tohma never expected him to.

Still fake smiling, “Awww, Eiri-san can’t I just come up to talk with my favorite brother with out having an ulterior motive?”

Eiri raised his brow and frowned. “No, Tohma, you can’t. As I said, ‘what do you want?’” Eiri knew he wanted something.

Tohma’s smile slightly wavered, “Eiri-san we are headed into heavily pirated waters. I just want you to be careful, o.k.?” Eiri nodded. He didn’t think they were going to have a problem, after all Tohma did add four ships to the fleet just to protect his family. Spending such expense seemed rather wasteful to Eiri, but he preferred to limit the amount of advice he tried to give Tohma.

When Tohma turned to leave Eiri resumed his watching of the sea. Some how he felt something was going to happen tomorrow though he didn’t quite know what it was. The setting sun was pulling at him telling him to get ready, but for what he couldn’t even begin to fathom. The orange-pink orb was telling him something but he didn’t know how to interpret it. Shaking his head he turned away from the railing and began to walk bellow deck to his cabin.


A/N I hope you are all hooked by now. I tried my hardest to make this one interesting enough to get ya’ll to want to keep reading and I think I might have down it. Comments are welcome, suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!
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