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Fanfiction > Comedy > Gravitation pairings at a glance > Author: Anomay Hits: 4212

Disclaimer: I don't own Gravitation. Worship the ground MAKI MURAKAMI
walks on. The fanfic idea isn't original either; this is inspired by Kerianne's
Five Minute Fanfics: X Edition at http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=937228

Her original story is amazing! Everyone go read it now! ^_^

This is an attempt to summarize most Gravi pairings with a few sentences;
in other words, don't take this seriously. ^_~


Yuki x Shuichi

Yuki: You have zero talent.
Shuichi: Yuki~~~ you're so cool!
Yuki: You suck at bed.
Shuichi: Hidoi, Yuki, but I still love you!
Yuki: ............
Shuichi: *kisses snuggles whines*
Yuki: I guess I like idiots after all.

Tatsuha x Ryuichi

Tatsuha: Oh Buddha, please let me meet Sakuma-san!
Ryuichi: *appears out of the blue*
Tatsuha: *heart heart heart*
Ryuichi: Kumagoro beam!
Tatsuha: ... there is a God in this world! YES!

Hiro x Shuichi

Shuichi: Yuki's mean to me. ;_;
Hiro: I'd give you all the love you need, Shuichi-who-is-my-best-friend-also-my-secret-love.
Shuichi: But I love Yuki! This is wrong, Hiro!
Hiro: ... you're right. Let me dwell in my own angst now ...

Tohma x Yuki

Tohma: Eiri-san, I would protect you. *pushes people in front of incoming
Yuki: T_T
Tohma: Eiri-san, your life sucks because of me. Everything is my fault.
Yuki: ~_~
Tohma: Eiri-san, you are the one I love the most.
Yuki: Aren't you married to my sister?
Tohma: Do you like pasta? ^_^

Tohma x Mika

Mika: *glares*
Tohma: *smiles*
Mika: Oh we're going to have a baby together.
Tohma: Yes, a baby.
Random fangirl: WHAT? You two have sex?!?
Tohma: Who says I'm gay?

Tohma x Sakano

Tohma: I may look pretty and ukish, but in reality I'm a powerful seme
in disguise.
Sakano: *faints* But ... but ... but I like powerful men! Oooh walk on
me please!
Tohma: *innocent smile* Lick my shoes?

Hiro x Ayaka (well, this is a canon couple, right?)

Hiro: I love Shuichi, but since I can't have him, I would have whatever
that is available to me.
Ayaka: *waves* I'm available!
Hiro: You surely can eat a lot, Ayaka-chan. o.O

K x Hiro

K: *shoots shoots shoots*
Hiro: I wonder if our pretty long hair will tangle together if we have
K: Let's try. *smirks*
Hiro: Put your gun down first. I think someone have read too many remixes.

Tohma x Ryuichi (or is it the other way around?)

Ryuichi: I left Nittle Grasper because I love Tohma.
Tohma: But I love Eiri-san. I'm married to his sister so that I can keep
an eye on him.
Ryuichi: o.O I still love you!
Tohma: Let's make out at the backstage then, Ryuichi-san. ^_^
Noriko: Weeeiiii!
Ryuichi: No peeking, Kumagoro!

K x Sakano

K: Since everyone else is already taken, why don't we start a hot and
sexy relationship too?
Sakano: *blushes*
Suguru: *cries* What about me? I'm left out of all the fun.

Tatsuha x Shuichi

Tatsuha: Wow, it's a Ryuichi-lookalike!
Shuichi: Leave me alone! I love Yuki!
Tatsuha: Should we try a threesome then?

Ryuichi x Shuichi

Ryuichi: Nano nano na! Wow there's a boy who looks and acts like me!
Shuichi: *beams* We're friends!
Ryuichi: Leave that meanie Yuki-san and and sing with me!
Shuichi: But ... but ... I like people stepping all over me ... *whispers*
Ryuichi: Aw ;_;
Ryuichi: Should we sell floormates together?

Ryuichi x Tatsuha
Ryuichi: I'm lonely. No one loves the real me.
Tatsuha: My life is meaningless without my God.
Ryuichi: Oh Tatsuha-san, you're everything that I'm looking for!
Tatsuha: *dies of happiness*
Ryuichi: *strips* Go super seme me!
Tatsuha: *nosebleeds*



This is the result of too much sugar consumption. Have I missed any pairings?
Do you want to tell me that I'm insane? (yes, I am crazy) Review please!

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