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I do know where it came from, but I swear I don't know where is it going to. I'm a big fan of drabbles, but never thought I'd be writting one myself. A slightlyangsty one on top of it. Not even angst, but slightly angsty. I feel like I've wasted 200 and something words on this, when I should be finishing all my other fics.

Disclaimer: Don't own it, don't want it. Just read and (hopefully) enjoy.

--To my beloved one...--

Tears began rolling down his face as he read, each word becoming more and more painful than the one before.

He had read many letters like this before, and never before they had made the impact that this one had. Whether it was because never before he had taken them seriously or because Yuki hadn't been involved before he didn't know nor care.

Written with an elegant yet simple handwriting in white paper with a blue frame. There was no 'Dear Shuichi' or 'Forever yours'. Still, the short poem was more than he could have ever expected.

Beautiful, sweet words that made him cry.

After a minute or two he realized it wasn't the poem itself. It was the meaning behind it. How many times had he written a poem like this to him, trying to spell in so little words the true meaning of his love? How many times had his writing had tremble in the middle of a letter, at the thought of what Yuki would think or say when he read it?

Yes, it was because he understood perfectly the feeling behind those simple words.

"What are you doing brat? Fan mail again?"

But most of all, because he knew that he would never hear them from the one he most wanted to.


A/N: Unrequired love and love that seems unreturned. Blame the rain. Rainy afternoons always have this effect on me.
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