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Fanfiction > AU > One Way Journey > Author: IldreenL Hits: 912
Genre: Angst/ Drama/ Romance
Warnings: Not much, just a litttle lemon
Rating: T
Pairings: Yuki x Shuichi
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I want nothing. Read and Enjoy

I'm mean, and evil, and confusing sometimes. But deep down, you love me for that. Hehehe, go read now!




It was supposed to be just another trip. Nothing out of the ordinary. Pick the cargo at Phrynia, one of those little towns far away from the big cities and the real technology, and leave it at it's destination.

Eiri hated those towns. Stupid mass mentality and even more stupid beliefs just like the town where he had grown up. Still, a job was a job, and with someone like K as a boss there wasn't much room to complaining.

He was just outside the ship with the shrimp Suguru, when they arrived. The small caravan made him wonder why they had chosen a small cargo ship like theirs to transport what seemed to be an important personality of the town.

"Hiro look at that! Are we going in that thing?"

The pilot of the 'thing' frowned at the pink haired boy standing a few meters from him.

"Yeah" The guy named Hiro answered. "Do you like it?"

"Do I like it? Are you kidding me? It's great! I can't believe I'm gonna travel in this!"

K went to receive them with Sakano, the always-nervous negotiator of the crew. He was jumpy all the time, but being the second more educated member, he was in charge of dealing the prices and stuff. Eiri didn't really care. He was just there to pilot.

"He looks like a spoiled brat if you ask me".

The shrimp was staring at the boy, who was currently begging his bodyguard to let him buy some candy.

"I didn't ask, and you are one spoiled brat as well".

"What? Eiri-san! I'm not spoiled and I'm not a brat!"

"You'll be a brat 'till you grow up. And your cousin send you here so your parents couldn't spoil you anymore".

The shrimp Suguru was about to retort when K approached them, His trademark laser gun in his hand.

"Are we ready to leave?"

"Hai!" K was the only man Suguru didn't dare to be sarcastic with. Eiri however didn't have such reservations.

"So what's with the gaki? He's our cargo?"


"What? That's it? I thought we were taking something else!"

K gave Suguru the look before answering.

"They paid us to take him wherever he wants before arriving to Ziridar, as long as we arrive before next month".

"Loaded people, uh? So what's so important we have a deadline for our arrival?"

K looked down the pink haired boy and frowned. The kid looked like a nice person.

"Don't ask. I don't want any questions asked during this trip, understand?"

And with a dismissal wave from his gun, he entered the ship.

"Uh? Eiri-san, what was that about?"

The blond man didn't answer at first, his eyes fixed in the laughing kid in front of him.

"It means don't say a word or he'll blow your head off".

Suguru turned around to tell him it wasn't funny, but the other man's face was serious and he gulped. Whatever it was, he probably didn't want to know.

"Hiro let's go! I want to see my room! You think it's as big as my old bedroom? Ah, I wished Maiko could come with us..."

"Shuichi... I promise, the next time I go somewhere I'll take her with me, how about that?"

"You promise?"

The brown haired man nodded and the boy squealed in pleasure.

"Yay! Thanks Hiro! You are the best! Ryuichi-san let's go! You don't want us to leave you, do you?"

"Ah wait for me Shu-chan! Kumagoru wants to see the ship too, na no da!"

Eiri watched them enter and be lead by the shrimp to they rooms before directing to the cabin. He couldn't help to notice that the one named Hiro would take her with him, and not them.

Did that mean that the trip was only one way for the brat? So he was staying in Ziridar for good? Well, it was none of his business.


A nice quiet trip. Little interruptions and a comfortable month in the ship. That was what Eiri loved the most... and missed the most from the trip from hell they were doing this time.

The pink haired boy, Shuichi or the brat as he called him, had turned out to be a living nightmare to him. His best friend/bodyguard, Hiroshi, was a nice and easy going person. His other friend/tutor? was a weird loud guy. But nothing could compare to the chaos that the brat walked with.

He was the clumsiest person ever, constantly tripping with everything, including one time in the pilot's cabin, causing them to almost crash against another ship. Of course he had been banished from there ever since, but that was just the beginning of it.

Apparently, the brat had always wanted to pilot a ship, and for him it was the coolest thing in the entire universe, and so, Eiri was the coolest guy he had ever met, which obviously meant he hadn't met many people, and followed him like a lost puppy.

His constant ranting never seemed to stop and his questions never seemed to end. The whys and the buts were, apparently, part of a personal mantra, because Eiri had heard those words in a single day with the brat more than he had in his entire life.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the shrimp Suguru kept smirking at him and laughing whenever the brat attacked him with his endless questions.

At least the Ryuichi guy attacked the shrimp every now and then in the same way the brat did to him. At those times Eiri enjoyed the show and smirked back.

Still, those joyful moments were too little in comparison to the torture he was enduring. And as if that wasn't enough, the brat had never been away from his house, so he wanted to see as many planets and to know as much about them as he could.

The pilot couldn't help to wonder when had he become a turist guide, because he was definitely not getting paid as such.


They had been traveling for two and a half weeks now. Eiri was not used to the attack of the pink ball from hell yet, but he had found out that when asked about his homeland, the boy spoke more like a normal person. Slightly sad, but normal, he had noticed. So he had started to ask him questions about Phrynia.

That had been his first mistake.

It wasn't until too late that he recognized it though. Before the beginning of the third week, he knew the baka had a sister three years younger than him, adoptive parents since he was seven, known Hiroshi since he was twelve, learned all he knew from Ryuichi, that was indeed his tutor.

Suddenly he had begun to care. He paid attention to the boy, even if he didn't seem like it, and explained everything about the ship patiently in return. He didn't even noticed the change until the shrimp commented during a meeting that Eiri would known where the brat wanted to go next and he had answered 'Hoai' without thinking.

He had spent the next hour listening K rant about not forming any kind of bond with the passengers, especially with the boy. That had got Eiri's attention, and he had asked why especially the boy.

That had been his second mistake.

K hadn't answered, but the seed of curiosity had been planted and Eiri hadn't stopped wondering why was that.

They were three days from reaching their destination when he made his third and more stupid mistake.

It was nighttime in the ship, though Eiri was on guard that night, so he was still awake, alone in the cockpit. The sound of the door made him turn around and there was the brat with sleepy smile on his face.

"You're banned from here, remember?"

There had been a strange expression on his face before he had nodded and turned around. It made him feel uncomfortable and oddly guilty, so he had sighed and given up.

"Just don't touch anything".

Shuichi had smiled and jumped on the copilot seat without saying a word. He looked extremely cute, Eiri had thought, under the starry light and on a chair too big for him. For a moment they both kept quiet, staring at the vast space in front of them.

Eiri didn't realize how long they were there, each one deep in their thoughts, until he heard a sob coming from the chair next to his. He turned around and saw the boy crying silently, hugging his knees next to his chest and staring to a far away planet. He opened his mouth to speak, but somehow it felt wrong to interrupt whatever the boy was thinking.

He waited until the sobs stopped to ask, in the most polite tone he had ever used, what was wrong.

Later on he would ask himself why hadn't he just kept quiet, knowing that K never gave an order without a reason, and that, if he had said there shouldn't be any kind of bond, it was because he knew more than them. But that didn't crossed his mind then. All he wanted to know was why the cheerful phyrinian was crying.

"I... I just... I don't want to leave..."

"Leave?" He didn't understand the true meaning behind those whispered words, however that didn't stop him from asking. "Hey you can travel in a ship whenever you want-"

The boy had looked at him surprised before smiling sadly. He shook his head and stood up, walking closed to the controls of the ship. Eiri was about to stop him, but Shuichi just reached his hand to the glass that separated them from the deep space.

"My sister thinks I'm just going away for a while. It won't be until Hiro get's back that she'll know... I broke my promise. I told her we would find our parents together-"

"Mh? I though you were adopted".

He began laughing, but it wasn't like the childish laugh Eiri had heard before, it was more like a bitter laugh.

"Adopted? They- those men... they kidnapped us".


"I was only six, Maiko doesn't even remember it. She only knows because I told her... she was so sad... but I had to tell her! She has the right to know! She should be free from those guys and live the life our parents wanted us to!"

He was crying again. Eiri stood up and walked next to him, unsure of what to do. He didn't need to do anything though. Shuichi suddenly launched himself to him and hugged him as he cried even harder than before.

"Hi- Hiro promised he would help her find them but- but she- she won't forgive me- I- I- I didn't have a choice! No one ever asked me what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be! They just- they just took us away... And- and now I left- and- I- I just-"

His sobs cut off whatever he wanted to say. He just clung with all his strength to the pilot's shirt, shaking so badly Eiri thought they would end on the floor. And then Eiri did what he had thought he would never do: he hugged the boy back and tried to comfort him, rocking his slowly and whispering it would be fine.

It took him a few minutes, but after a moment, Shuichi calmed himself enough to look up to the blond man. For a moment, their eyes were locked, before the boy looked down and rested his head against his chest. He had tried to hide it, but Eiri had noticed he had blushed.

"I- I should go. If Ryuichi or Hiro find I'm gone..." He looked up again, the words forgotten as he stared at golden eyes. He hadn't let got of his shirt yet. "I... I wanted to tell you... I..."

Eiri raised an eyebrow and waited. But the boy never got to tell him anything. The second he opened his mouth to speak again, his watch's alarm beeped. The magic of the moment broke, and they let go of each other, stumbling backwards as the realization of what had happened hit them.

The blond pilot looked at the blushing boy, who in return looked down. After an eternity of silence, Shuichi shook his head and walked to the cabin's door.

"I'm sorry! I shouldn't have come! I'll go to my room now!"

Time seemed to slow down, as Shuichi reached the door and pressed the button to open it. And before he knew what he was doing, Eiri had grabbed his arm and made him turn around, in a sudden movement that almost made the younger boy fell to the ground.

There was a slight look of surprise on their faces before the pink haired boy made the first move and approached the man, his free hand reaching to the other's face. Eiri felt himself tense up at the contact of the warm hand, but kept still. It took them a moment to understand, but once they did, they knew there was no going back.

The kiss was so fierce at first that Eiri wondered if he wasn't hurting the boy. But after a second there was no time to think about it. Hands roaming through heated bodies, clothes being discarded to the floor so hastily, neither of them noticed where they ended; more kisses, this time lower on the boy's body, a moan of pleasure and a look to confirm it was what they both wanted.

Their breaths quickened, and the silent ship was filled with more moans and gasps. Their desperate dance fastened until it was too much for both to take, and with a cry of pleasure, it all ended.


The next morning Eiri saw him briefly during the breakfast. Neither of them spoke, and he noticed the boy seemed to be avoiding him. The rest of the day he spend it giving the engines maintenance, and for the first time in weeks, the boy didn't follow him, so he was left alone to think about what had happened.

During dinner he observed the brat, who was unusually quiet, but otherwise seemed fine. Finally, he went to bed not sure of if he liked the change or not. It was around midnight when he heard the knocking on his door. He considered for a second if it could be the brat before deciding it wasn't likely, trew on a pair of pants and opened the door.

It was Ryuichi.


"I wanted to thank you".

"Thank me?"

"Yeah... we'll arrive at Ziridar tomorrow at night won't we? Shuichi isn't one to be discouraged by anything, but he's been feeling so down lately. And then today he seemed to be ok again. I don't know what you did or said to him, but thank you, thank you for giving him some happiness before we depart".

"... You care a lot about him, don't you?"

"For Hiro and me, he is... the most important person in our lives. I only regret I never had the chance to make him happy as you do":

"Do you love him?"

"-sigh- What I feel doesn't matter anymore. He chose you, even if he didn't know he had other chances. And after tomorrow... Ah, never mind that. Just, please, could you spend the rest of the journey with him? I know he annoys you and all, but it would mean a lot to him. Please?"

"He avoided me all day today. What makes you think he wants to spend his last day on the ship with me?"

"Uh? Oh, he's not supposed to talk for three days before the ceremony. He thought it would be too hard for him to keep quiet while being with you, so he stayed in his room most of the day. So, since he has to keep quiet, will you stay with him?"

"I think about it".

"-smile- Have a good night, Eiri-san".


He waited until everyone was starting his breakfast to signal him the door. He was sitting conveniently in front of him, so all he had to do was give him a small kick on the foot to make him look up. After making sure he was looking, he stared at the door for a second and move his head to make sure he understood.

Two minutes later he announced he was finishing the check on the engines and left the room. Five minutes later, Shuichi left the dinning room alone. He was just entering the main corridor when a hand grabbed him and made him enter a room. A faint gasp was heard before the boy realized it was Eiri who had done that.

"So, you can't say a word now uh?"

Shuichi nodded, unsure of what the other man was thinking.

"Good. We'll take advantage of that".

He was merciless on his attack to the brat's neck, and didn't stop until he felt his nails digging into his back.

"You like that? Wait 'till I'm finished with you".

The boy was blushing hard and shaking slightly, but managed to keep on his feet as the pilot removed their shirts and licked his neck again. Soon, the rest of the clothes were discarded on the floor, as Eiri's mouth took on the job of kissing and licking the chest of the pink haired boy.

Footsteps sounded at the other side of the door and Eiri looked up to see Shuichi's expression. The boy bit his lip a bit harder as the other man pushed himself slowly inside of him. The footsteps continued it's way as Eiri kissed the boy and pushed a bit harder, making Shuichi kiss him harder in return to avoid moaning, his nails digging harder on the blond's back and arms.

The man pushed again, harder and rhythmically, as Shu hold him tighter each time, his face reflecting what his mouth couldn't. In his eyes, the pilot could see the electrifying pleasure that traveled through his body. Finally, with one last push they both came, as they kissed each other fiercely.

They stood there, panting for a moment, before he removed himself of the boy's body. A brief sight was heard and he smirked before kissing his neck again. Shuichi shivered under the caresses of the blond man, and close his eyes in contempt.

They did it again later that day, and though the slams of bodies to a wall resounded through the engine room, the trill of getting caught only made it all more exciting.

It wasn't until the late afternoon, when Eiri thought of asking just what kind of ceremony needed a boy keeping quiet for three days before it. And once he did, he desired he had never cared for the boy and haven't done those stupid mistakes.


He was preparing everything for their arrival to the planet when K entered the cockpit. Eiri just glanced at him before continuing what he was doing.

"There's no need for that now".

Eiri's quick fingers stopped and he turned around to ask. If they were landing on a planet as Ziridar he had to make sure everything would go smoothly.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

K looked at him and the sighed, as he sat on the copilot's chair. For the first time since he had met him, K looked tired and depressed.

"You like that boy, don't you?"

All K got in return was a frown, but that was all he needed. He shook his head and began speaking, his voice so deep and serious Eiri knew something was wrong.

"I didn't thought it would be a problem, you and the boy, considering how good you are to relate to others. Sakano is always busy, so he wouldn't had a chance to know him, and Suguru... well he detests basically everyone, so there was no risk. I had no idea you two would get so... close".

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Phyrinia and Ziridar... they are both planets far behind when it comes to modern beliefs. A long time ago they were on war, until one of the kings of Phyrinia send his only daughter as a ritual sacrifice to the ziridars. Phrynia was loosing the war, and he believe it to be his only chance to save his people. The ziridars accepted the peace offer but..."

Eiri watched him in horror as K told the story. The older man kept looking to the floor, and didn't noticed his expression as he continued.

"Once every ten years, a new sacrifice must be send to them. They used to be from the royal family, but after a while they just send anyone. The chosen one had to be trained and..."

K's voice cracked as he tried to finish. Why had he agreed on taking the boy to his death was beyond him. He had known Shuichi was supposed to be a part of a deal between the two planets, but he had considered it harmless.

It wasn't until the day they had picked them up that he had understood what it all was about. But it was too late. He had already signed the contract and it was well known the phyrinians were not the kind of people you wanted to have trouble with. And even if they hadn't been a problem, the Federation would surely send him and everyone on the ship to jail for not fulfilling the contract.

Jail was not an option, not when his wife and son depended completely of him, and the cousin of the big boss of the company was onboard.

He looked up, only to see Eiri moving towards the door. He shook his head and sighed again.

"It's too late".


"There are already gone. They took one of the pods half an hour ago... we can't enter the atmosphere, we don't have the authorization.".

Eiri looked at him on rage and began screaming at him. Deep down, he knew that was it. There was no other thing he could do about it.



I know you probable hate me right now. I wanted to tell you, I really did but... every moment by your side was like living the life I always dreamed of.

I was so selfish, thinking I deserved at least some happiness before I reached that horrid place. I've never felt this way before, but it was too late. Hiro proposed we escaped, but in that case my sister would've been sent in my place.

Tell me, will you forgive me one day? I hope you do.

You've given me the best month of my life, and I'll love you forever for it. Will you do one last thing for me, even if I don't deserve it? Could you tell Maiko... could you tell her not to look back?

Thank you.



The hours passed, and he kept remembering the words in his head. The letter laid abandoned on the other side of his bed. Every now and then he watched the clock on his wall and counted how many hours it would be until the boy was definitely gone.

When the clock reached the doomed hour, he just stood there, waiting. A minute passed and he understood it was over. His head fell between his arms as the voice of the pink haired replayed itself in his head.

Not an hour had passed when he heard the loud knocking on his door. He kept quiet, until the voice of the shrimp came from the other side.

"Eiri-san! Come out now, we need you! Come one, it's an emergency!"

He mumbled something in response, but he was cut off by the annoying green shrimp.

"Come on, the spoiled brat's friend has problems!"

He stood there, shocked, before he opened the door.


"Come on!" Was all the answer he got, before Suguru grabbed his arm and dragged him to the cockpit.

There, Sakano and K were waiting, looking through the monitor to the pod they had been waiting for. When he entered the room, Sakano was the first one to talk.

"They run out of fuel! We need to rescue them!"

Eiri was about to respond it was none of his business when the voice of the bodyguard came through the radio.

"It's freezing here! Hurry up guys, we won't last long like this!"

He still felt like it was not his problem, but instinct took on and he began doing what he knew best, driving the ship. Picking the pod proved to be more than a little difficult, but by the time he did, everyone else was already at the port, ready to help the others.

He wasn't too keen on helping the men that had taken the brat to his certain death, but with such a small crew there wasn't much option. He arrived to the med room and when he opened the door he received the most shocking view of his life.

There, being hold by his best friend, was Shuichi, just like two days before, if only paler. He heard the others asking questions, but all he heard was the answer to his own.

"Ryuichi he, he drugged him and took his place. They are so alike no one even noticed... When I saw his arm though I knew... Shuichi has this scar and..."

He didn't listen to the rest. He moved forward and caressed slowly the boy's pale face. He smiled and shook his head. Somehow he knew, their trips will never be the same.


There are three reasons why I like this fic:

-It's more focused on Eiri.
-You don't care about Ryuchi until the very end.
-It has little to do with the original idea for this fic.

In case anyone has questions be free to email me, leave your mail or a review.
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