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Fanfiction > AU > Lost Song > Author: IldreenL Hits: 810
Genre: Other
Warnings: None
Rating: T
Pairings: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I want nothing. Read and Enjoy.

Inspired by: Gorillaz newest video: Feel Good Inc.

TO: Kadzuki and Clari.


Lost Song


Shuichi frowned at the reflection on the mirror. There was nothing he hated the most than to see his once shinning hair completely dull and dirty. Well, actually there were plenty of things he hated more, but right now that was his main concern.

The dark clouds on the other side of the window made him frown even deeper before he retreated to his small bed with a loud sigh. This day appointed to be just another boring, dark and dull day, just like his hair.

- Shuichi's POV -

I hate this place... no, I loathe it. Wait... is there a stronger word to describe it? Hn whatever. The thing is that I hate being here. I'll do anything just to get out. Damn stupid city and damn stupid building.

I wonder how long will it be before one of us looses it. I bet the first one is gonna be Suguru, but who knows, Hiro hasn't looked too good lately. I guess is the weather, I haven't seen the sun, the real one, in months. Also the air is really contaminated, although we've all gotten used to it by now. And let's not forget the fact that we've been in this goddamn room ever since we arrived. Locked in here for months, with no more view that the grayish clouds thought a dirty window!

Maybe I'll be the first to loose it.

Anyway, that was my line of thinking when the door creaked and was opened. We all jumped and walked towards it. The hope reflected on our faces must've been so huge... we hadn't seen another human being in ages!

And there he was, I recognized him immediately. Tohma Seguchi, blond, smiling, all mighty Tohma Seguchi. I couldn't believe it! Finally! This was our way out of this hellhole!

We had seen him in the only channel we were allowed to see on tv. A famous, renown and rich businessman, who went every now and then to places like this and took people out to work for him. If we were chosen for him we could finally leave! God I missed so much to be free...

"So you are Shindou, right?"

He was looking right at me, and I nodded, excited. Ah, to travel and see different places instead of the gray concrete walls, to interact with other people... oh, don't get me wrong, I love those two, but I wanted, no, I needed, to talk to someone different.

The blonde man walked toward me and checked me out with obvious amusement in his eyes. I suddenly felt like I was meat that was tested before being sold.

Which is what I was.

"I'm not so sure..."

"We can go see some more if you want sir".

The voice of our imprisoner made me turn towards him with my hands clutched in fists. I wanted to hit that man so hard... Still I remained quiet. I didn't want to blow this because if I did there would be no hope left for Hiro and Suguru.

Seguchi-san gave me another look and then shook his head.

"It's the best you've got, right?"

"Yes sir".

I watched the conversation and bit my lower lip. We are humans for god's sake! People! Not things! I bet animals get a better treatment than us.

"I've been told you have a great voice. That'll become handy when you deal with him".

I blinked surprised. When we deal with him? Who exactly is him?

"We'll, let's go".

A huge smile reached my features as I realized what that meant. Green fields, the sun shinning, birds singing... the clean air! I missed those so much! To see the stars! To run freely down the street! To leave this prison and this city and be free again!

I turned around to see my friends and then I understood. The way Hiro smiled at me sadly... and, I couldn't be sure in the darkness, but I think Suguru was fighting to keep himself from crying.

"You... you aren't coming, right?"

Hiro shook his head, unable to say a word. His eyes told me everything though. Be happy. Enjoy your freedom. Forget about this place and move on.

"I- Hiro..."

Leave us behind...

I turned around and faced the blond man that had just given me so much hope.

"I- I want them to come with me!"

Tohma Seguchi looked at them and then back at me and shook his head.

"I'm afraid I don't have any use for them. This is a one man thing".

I looked at Hiro.

Green fields...

And reality fell over me.

The birds singing...

So I turned around.

A shiny sun...

And smiled at Seguchi.

And the warm air of summer nights...

"Thank you for your offer, but..."

And the promise of meeting that someone special again.

"I can't leave".

Everyone stared at me, I could feel the confusion on their faces even with my eyes closed. When I opened them I had a defiant look in my eyes that I hadn't had in such a long time.

"I don't understand. You want to stay on this rotten place?"

"No, but... they'll be lost without me".

I gave a look over my shoulder before continuing.

"Hiro is so patient and so calm, but he gets bored easily. And Suguru is just a brat that will loose it when he has no one to fight with anymore".

"We've been here for so long, Hiro and I, that sometimes it's hard to remember how it's everything outside. But we try hard to not forget. However Suguru... he was brought here long before us, when he was just a little child. He doesn't remember what it's like to walk under the cherry trees when they are blossoming, or the way stars shine in the darkest nights without moon".

I smiled softly at those memories. Yes, Hiro and I had been once normal children, long before the war, long before the slavery.

"Hiro is very good at teaching stuff, but he can't describe the feeling of joy that brings the laughter of little kids. Or the warmth of a mother's embrace. I'm better at that. And if I leave they'll have nothing to remember that, and I want them to remember".

I looked at my left arm, where a number reminded me of the family I had long lost. Hiro and Suguru were all I had now. I wasn't abandoning them. And under the number there was something else, a little mark we had made ourselves.

"Also... we promised we would leave together. I promised Suguru I would show him the beach and Hiro promised he would take us to see the fireworks".

Tohma Seguchi gave me a small smile. I couldn't tell if he was sad or slightly proud of my words. But I'm sure he understood.

"I see. It's a shame, Ryuichi would've been really happy to have you as his playmate. I'm sure you two would've gotten along pretty well".

And with that he turned around and left. The other guy gave us a look before shutting the door closed. The dim light that had entered from the hall disappeared in an instant.

"Shuichi what have you done?"

Hiro's voice didn't sound pleased at all, but I knew better.

"You moron, what the hell are you doing? We don't need you here! And I'm not a stupid brat like you, you know!"

I turned around and smiled at them. As I thought they were both crying.

"Shuichi... that was probably your only chance to get out..."

"I know Hiro but... what's freedom without someone to share it with?"

"I thought that was said for happiness ".

I looked at Suguru and then, walking to my usual spot next to the window and getting ready for a long talk about our memories of the outside world, I answered.

"Isn't that the same for us?"
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