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Fanfiction > AU > Sacrifice > Author: IldreenL Hits: 1033
A/N: This is for Kadzuki, who inspired me to write it.

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Warnings: None
Rating: T
Pairings: Yuki x Shuichi
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I want nothing. Read and Enjoy.




Slowly, the snowflakes began covering the already white ground. Not a soul could be seen, as the freezing wind engulfed everything on its path.

A small ray of light lingered for a moment on the road, before the dusky clouds made it disappear.

The weather had been becoming increasingly rougher, as if the winter wanted to hide all beautiful things and cover them with it's cold frost. Everything seemed death, the only movement made by the white pieces of heaven falling down to Earth.

And then... the sound of the hurried steps invaded the taller tower of the castle. Fast, getting closer to the top where the study was located, the steps faltered for a moment before continuing in the shadows, between stone walls, and the sound of a raged breathing could be heard.

'Faster, faster, I need to go faster...'

No words were said, but from his pale lips the words were formed in a silent plea.

'Let me be there before anything happens, before it's too late...'

The frozen air flowed against him, making him shiver under his thin robes, yet he didn't stop. His chest hurt from both the effort of climbing the highest tower and breathing the cold air, yet... he didn't stop.

He could no longer feel his feet, his legs were getting number with very step he took, but he couldn't stop, he had to reach his goal on time, the consequence of his failure was too horrifying to even consider them.

One of his feet slipped on the icy step and he fell. A sharp pain made him wince, but he stood up and continued before his tired body refused to stand up again. He feared to rest even for a second, knowing that if he did he would succumb to the overpowering force of nature and freeze before he could reach him.

He could not allow himself to rest, not before he had stopped him from doing the most terrible mistake of his life.

He almost slipped away again, his eyes deceiving him from the safe place to put his feet from the slippery one. The grayish light was disappearing, indicating the end of the day.

'The end of a life as well?'

He shook his head and continued his mad race towards the top. If only he had realized what was happening earlier...


He had seen him for the first time during a windy afternoon, when they had crossed paths under the falling leaves that came with the autumn.

The older man had commented on his light clothing, so contrasting to his own rich and warm robes. Shuichi had smiled remembering him that they had prohibited any kind of material possessions and that, since he was always inside that place, he had no use for that kind of robes.

Shuichi had kept remembering the encounter until, two weeks later, a present was send to him. A warm beautiful dark blue coat, perfect for the harsh winter that seemed to be approaching... and to hide in the darkness as he escape from his home and met that man under the starry sky.

No one had known about it except his best friend. And even though Hiroshi didn't approve it, he still helped him during his escapades and gather information about the blond man.

It had been him who had informed Shuichi about the rumors traveling on the city, that the caravan was back. And for the first time in his life, the amethyst-eyed man had left the place uncovered, in plain daylight, forgetting even the most basic precautions against the weather.

The caravan brought nothing good with it.


And then... finally, the wooden door that lead to the palace's study, to the place he knew he would find him. Hurriedly, he pushed the door opened and entered, immediately appreciating the warmth of the place.

He was there, just as he had hoped. However, he wasn't alone, just as he had feared.

His eyes grew used to the dim light that entered thought the windows while he took in the mess of the place, and his beloved covered in blood.

There were no words said. There was no need for them either, Shuichi had made his reason of pride that he could understand the rich writer without him saying a word, and now that seemed truer than ever.

He walked towards him, carefully avoiding the pools of blood and the stiff limbs of the man. Not even once he stopped looking at those golden eyes.

As he kneeled down in front of him, and removed the stained weapon of his hands, Shuichi wondered, not for the first time, why did the blond had gotten involved in this. There was a strong pain in his heart as he noticed the drying tears on his beautiful face.

'Why did you do this... Eiri...'

The night had fallen, and with it, a storm had unleashed itself. Dark snowflakes that entered through the opened door carried by the wind. Shuichi hugged him close and closed his eyes, waiting for the inevitable.

The guards would arrive soon. They would be found and their secret would be revealed. An apprentice of the Shinigai Temple, lover of the eldest son of one of the richest men in town. The famous blond playboy murderer of the brother of the Supreme Judge. Yuki Kitazawa, sinner in disguise, dead.

Nothing would be the same after tonight, he though, as his white thin robes got wet with blood and snow, just as his heart had been stained by both man.


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