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Chapter One-My fathers Letter-
It was a cold evening and my father asked me to go fetch some wood from outside. So I did as I was told.When I returned I found my father dead. A white envalope was in his hand.I rushed to his side.
"FATHER.Why, why did you have to die"?I shouted.
I cried and cried. And then I stopped. How did he die?
No gun or knife. And then again I notice the white evalope in his hand,
I picked it up and opened it. I read it aloud to myself.

Dear Son,
If you are reading this letter then I am already dead. I killed myself because I was supposed to. I put poison in my food at dinner. I did it because of a long journey I took as a boy. And when I was on it I met and learned from people and was told how my life would play out and when I was supposed to die. And I was told that you must go on this journey. And that you will live a life of fame and fortune, but you must give it up for death.
So now go on this journey my son Orokumata, and forfill your life.
To start your journey go to the next village up the road and go to the chiefs house. From there he will tell you the rest.Go on son and live your life.
Love your Father
After I finished the letter many thoughts race through my head. But I finaly said to myself that I would go on this journey and live a life of fame and fortune. Starting tommoro I would start my journey.
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