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Fanfiction > Comedy > Confessions of a J-Pop Drama Queen > Author: DarkChylde Hits: 4210
Written by: Aja and DarkChylde

Type: One-shot.

Disclaimer: Since neither author of this story is Maki Murakami, neither one of us own Gravitation. We’re just borrowing the characters.

Rating: OT (implied male/male sex, swearing.)

Confessions of a J-Pop Drama Queen

Tangled sheets covered Shuichi's body where he lay curled against Yuki in an afterglow puddle of mush. (Afterglow puddles were the best. They ranked right up there with chocolate induced, sugar highs.) Shuichi sighed happily and ran his fingers over Yuki's right nipple. He felt Yuki shiver and smiled widely. The author's scent teased Shuichi's senses and lulled him into relaxing further against his lover.

Shuichi was incredibly happy just to be back in Yuki’s arms. They had had a fight earlier this week. It'd started with Shuichi playing with Yuki's lighter and ended with half of the novelist's latest manuscript up in flames. It wasn't like Yuki couldn't reprint it and the fire alarms stopped after ten minutes! Yuki had kicked him out but now they’d had make up sex and Shuichi was back in Yuki’s favor. Yuki was even being nice to him and allowed him to sleep on the bed instead of the sofa.

. . . There was just one little thing bothering him. “Um, Yuki?” Shuichi asked. Yuki grunted and blew smoke, which Shuichi took to mean ‘go ahead and talk’. “When you kicked me out, I kind of wound up staying with a friend.”

"A friend."

"It wasn't Hiro," Shuichi said, gulping faintly.

"Really." Yuki sounded bored or annoyed. He hadn't started twitching yet which was a good sign.

"I sort-of, kind-of, ran into Ryuichi and ended up at his place," Shuichi stated. He studied Yuki for any signs of anger and didn't find any. Yet.

He grunted again. “So?”

“So, well . . . Ryuichi and I, we’ve always been good together with music. I hadn’t been drinking with Ryuichi much before and he and Kumagorou made these drinks like fruit juice that were really tasty and—“

Yuki’s body went from relaxed to alert. “You got drunk with Sakuma?”

“Kind-of,” Shuichi said. “I wasn’t so drunk that I can’t remember what happened, because I can.” Shuichi felt himself blushing hotly in remembrance and he plunged on, “I feel guilty about it now but when Ryuichi suggested we—“

Yuki shoved Shuichi’s head off his chest and sat up. He looked down on Shuichi with wide eyes. “Are you trying to tell me you had *sex* with Sakuma Ryuichi?”

“Yuki! I did— er— we did, but you had kicked me out! I was drunk, too—you know how I get, and I was upset! You hurt me, damn you! Ryuichi has always understood me and when he came on to me, I just wanted— we both—“

“Shut up!” Yuki yelled as he plucked the cigarette from his mouth and covered his ears with both hands. “You’re telling me this *now*?”

Shuichi threw himself over Yuki’s naked lap. “Yuki! You were being so nice a minute ago!”

“Yeah? Well, you fucked Sakuma! You should have expected I wouldn’t be happy about it!” Yuki stabbed his cigarette out in the ashtray on the bed side table. He pushed Shuichi off him again and got out of bed. The mattress creaked faintly at the sudden loss of weight and Shuichi stared up at Yuki with large, bright eyes full of unshed tears.

“I didn’t want to lie to you!” Shuichi whined. Yuki gave him a really disgusted look and left the room, muttering under his breath about idiots with lousy timing. Shuichi ran to the bedroom door and watched Yuki go into the bathroom. What was going to happen when Yuki came out? Shuichi heard the shower turn on and he knew Yuki would be in there for at least fifteen minutes more. Why Yuki had to shower every time they had sex or he got a hint of dirt on his body was beyond Shuichi's understanding. He liked having Yuki’s scent and the smell of sex on him.

Shuichi pulled on a pair of shorts and went to get his phone. He called Ryuichi and impatiently shifted his weight from foot to foot while waiting for his idol-turned-one-night-stand to answer. He *had* promised to tell Ryu how it went if he and Yuki made up. Well, they *had*, but . . . maybe not for long. Ryuichi picked up the phone on the second ring. Shuichi opened his mouth to say hello but stopped when Ryuichi immediately started talking.

“Hello,” Ryuichi said. “I’d like a pizza with eggplant, extra cheese, and lots of pickles. Don't forget the pickles! They're good for you and yummy."

“Um, Ryuichi?” Shu questioned.

“Oh, hi, Shuichi-kun! Kumagorou says ‘hi’, too!”

“Tell him I said ‘hi’ back. Ryuichi? I told Yuki everything— about um, what we did.”

“Every~thing?” Ryuichi asked suggestively.

Shuichi felt his face getting hot again and ducked his head. “Not . . . details,” Shuichi told him.

“I’ll come right over, na no da!” Ryuichi hung up the phone!

Shuichi sat on the floor in the hallway, just outside the bedroom door. He held his phone in his hands and had a moment of panic. What would Yuki do when Ryuichi arrived? This could be very bad!

Shuichi knew he wasn’t very smart but he didn’t know if a genius could come up with a way out of this predicament! He tried to think of an excuse to get Yuki to leave the house with him— or even without him. He came up blank. Yuki had plenty of cigarettes and beer. He'd probably submitted his completed manuscript to his editor by now so Shuichi couldn't say she'd called and asked Yuki to meet her. Shuichi couldn't make himself use Seguchi-san as an excuse, either. Seguchi didn’t usually call with an urgent need to see Yuki anyway. His inability to come up with something left a bad taste in his mouth.

If Shuichi left, it might look like he was avoiding the argument or just running away. There was also a possibility Yuki would hurt Ryuichi in retaliation. Shuichi muttered about Yuki’s stupid double-standards. It was okay for Yuki to have sex with other people and Shuichi wasn’t supposed to mind it, but if Shuichi had a night of fun with someone else, Yuki got all bent out of shape.

It occurred to Shuichi, he could call Ryuichi back and ask him not to come. He hit redial, but the phone had been set to take voice messages. Shuichi said into the phone, “Ryuichi, if you can hear this, don’t come over! Yuki might still be really mad and I don’t think it would be a good idea for you two to see each other. Please, hear this,” Shuichi begged into the phone. His message was complete, so he hung up. Unfortunately, Ryuichi probably wouldn’t hear the message. He was probably already half-way here and Yuki . . .

The bathroom door opened and Yuki came out with a towel over his hair. He crossed the hallway and went into the bedroom, ignoring Shuichi.

Shuichi groaned. He dropped his phone to the floor and put his face in his hands. He *hated* the silent treatment from Yuki. It was absolutely the worst punishment! Shuichi *hated* being ignored. He went to all kinds of trouble to be noticed on a normal level. When Yuki pulled this . . . it drove Shuichi crazy and Yuki knew it! Shuichi debated pouncing on Yuki, wrapping his arms around his lover’s closest leg, and holding on until the author couldn't ignore him anymore. Curse Yuki and his evil ability to ignore nearly anyone and anything!

Shuichi heard Yuki moving around in the room and leaned around the door casing to watch his lover. Yuki dressed in faded black pants and an unbuttoned, royal blue shirt. He left the towel over his hair and lit a cigarette. Smoking, Yuki came back to the doorway of the bedroom and looked down on Shuichi. He still looked angry. He opened his mouth to speak but there was a knock at the front door. Yuki looked up and glared at the door. Growling, Yuki stomped over to it, opened it and promptly shut it again.

“Heeeeeeeyyyy!” Ryuichi said from the other side of the door.

Yuki took long strides over to Shuichi, grabbed his upper arm and hauled him up to face level. “Why the fuck did you invite him over here!"

“Ow! Yuki! I didn’t—“ Shuichi’s protest was interrupted when Ryuichi entered on his own.

“I'm here, Shuichi! Love me now!" Ryuichi crowed happily. Shuichi winced and Yuki let go of him. “Oh, right— and Kumagorou, too!" Ryuichi corrected himself.

Eiri moved close to Ryuichi. Facing off with the other singer, he looked down and said gruffly, "Over my dead body!"

"That can be arranged,” Ryuichi said dangerously. Then he switched to ‘cute’ mode and said, “Bad Kuma, no cookie."

Shuichi felt panicked and confused. He shut his eyes and yelled, “No killing! Either of you!” They didn’t pay any attention to him. Shuichi felt like a bone two dogs were fighting over.

“You fucked my brat,” Yuki accused.

“He didn't have your name on him, na. no. fucking. dah. The way I heard it," Ryuichi said cruelly, “YOU threw him away.”

Eiri seized Ryuichi by the front of his shirt and swung a punch.

“Kumagorou, save me!” Ryuichi interposed his bunny between Yuki’s fist and his face. Ryuichi managed to dodge most of the blow and Kumagorou absorbed some of the impact, but he’d have a bruise on his cheek.

"Yuki! Don't kill him!" Shuichi yelled. He pushed himself between the two men to separate them. Ryuichi seemed a little dazed and Shuichi was concerned for him. First, he had to keep Yuki from lashing out again. Operation ‘Save Ryuichi and Kumagoro, too’ was underway.

Yuki said, "He touched you. That’s not allowed. You are MINE."

Shuichi stopped pushing Yuki back from Ryuichi and looked up at Yuki’s face. “You do care!"

Yuki tried to brush Shuichi off of him. “I do not,” he said.

“Do so!” Shuichi countered, holding onto Yuki with a deathgrip.

“*I* care,” Ryuichi said. “Shuichi, Kumagorou and I will—“

Yuki looked over Shuichi and yelled to Ryuichi, “You, shut up! Nobody touches my brat but me!”

“Yuki!” Shuichi looked up at Yuki with adoring eyes.

Yuki hoisted Shuichi up onto his shoulder and carried him into the bedroom. In a dangerous-sounding voice, Yuki told Ryuichi, “Get out. There will be no more Shuichi-sex for you, Sakuma-san!" He kicked the door shut behind him.


In the hall, Ryuichi frowned. He had every intention of pursuing the argument and even physically arguing for Shuichi by sexually pleasing him better than Yuki-san could— unfortunately, the door was locked. “Kumagorou, do you remember how to pick a lock?” The bunny shook his head. “Well what good are you then?" Ryuichi asked. Kumagorou didn’t have an answer for that one.

Shuichi was already making sexy noises for Yuki. Ryuichi pouted and continued to press his ear against the bedroom door. (Kuma told him it was okay!) Yuki didn’t deserve Shuichi. Ryuichi didn’t deserve him either, but he was certain he would treat Shuichi better than Yuki did. "I guess we'll go home Kumagorou," Ryu said sadly.

He walked to the front door, wondering what he was going to do now. He was horny and he had been turned down. Ryuichi could count on one hand how many times someone had told him no. Defensively, he reminded himself that Shuichi hadn’t really turned him down. Shu probably hadn’t even heard his words. Ryuichi stuck his lower lip out further, pouting harder. He wanted Shuichi and he couldn’t have him. Last night had been fun, but Yuki was like a jealous dog and wouldn’t let him near Shuichi any time soon. Shuichi was a fool, especially when it came to Yuki. It was too damn bad . . . because the result was a terrific case of blue balls for Ryuichi.

Thinking about how to get relief, Ryuichi felt his mouth curve into a mischievous smile. He stepped out of Yuki’s apartment and asked Kumagorou, "Do you think Tohma is working late again tonight?"

Fuzzy pink ears bobbed up and down with a resounding yes. Kuma was a very wise rabbit, especially in the ways of blue balls and outwitting Seguchis.
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