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Disclaimer: I own very little.

A/N: This was meant to be just a humorous one-shot, but then Tatsuha got out of hands. And this is my first Gravitation fic ever, so please, be gentle...


Never Say Never

Chapter 1


Yuki glanced around with obvious distaste. "Tell me again why exactly I am here," he said.

"You made a promise," Tohma replied with a smile. "To be exact, you promised to Shuichi to attend the party following if their new album sold 1 million." With a grin, he added, "I thought youíd learned by now."

"Well, obviously not." Yuki glared around again. Everybody was there. In addition to Tohma, Sakano, K-san, and the band itself, also Noriko, Mika, Ryuichi, Tatsuha, and Ayaka had decided to show up. At the moment, Ryuichi, Ayaka, and Bad Luck were all laughing at something, Tatsuha casting lovesick glances at Ryuichi, Noriko and Mika talked, and Sakano and K-san had a conversation of their own.

Seeing Shuichi eating candies, Yuki sighed. "Heís already on a sugar high bad enough," he grumbled. "Heíll probably wreck the house in whole once we get home tonight if he continues on this rate."

"What shall we do now?" asked Ryuichi then, loudly enough to be heard by everyone.

"I know!" exclaimed Shuichi with a joyous gleam in his eyes. "Letís play ĎIíve never!í"

"Yeah!" replied Hiro just as enthusiastically. "Letís play!" He snatched a can of beer from the nearby table.

"Whatís that?" asked Yuki, raising a blond eyebrow in question at the two. "Explain yourself, now. Iím not getting involved in anything I do not know anything about."

"Itís easy," Shuichi said happily. "At first, we settle to sit in a ring, and everybody takes a can of beer." At this, he made to do so, only to find his lover glaring at him threateningly.

"Oh, no, you donít," Yuki snapped. "Youíre bad enough on sugar high; I wonít let you get drunk as well. Nothing with alcohol for you today, Shindou!" With a stern look, he snatched the can of beer away.

"Hey!" protested Shuichi. "Iím an adult, Yuki! I can make decisions for myself!" As he was fixed a cold glare from the blond novelist, however, he quickly forgot about his complaint.

"The boyís right, Yuki, you know," Tohma said with a smile. "Heís an adult, by physical age, if not otherwise. Therefore, he should be allowed to decide what he drinks or doesnít drink."

Now, Yuki raised an eyebrow and glared at him, too. "I see," he said, "I see that itís not you who has to deal with him when heís bouncing off the walls and there are no others to slow him down. This brat," he emphasized his point by tapping the pink-haired head with his finger, "is simply baka."

"If I may continue?" asked Shuichi grumpily. As Yuki oh-so-generously nodded in affirmation, the pink-haired boy went on, "So, anyway, each one takes a turn to say, ĎIíve never,í and then something that they have never done. Then everybody who has done that has to drink from their can."

"So, basically," the tall blond said coolly, "itís just an excuse to drink?" Now, Shuichi opened his mouth to protest, but was waved off. "Oh, lay it off, you brat," sighed Yuki. "Letís play, if itís so exciting to you."

"Yay!" Shuichi was truly joyful, although Yuki still wouldnít allow him get anything but a can of sugar-free coke. The others all grasped a beer can each and settled into a ring.

After a moment of looking at each other in the eye, wondering who would start, every eye in the ring had somehow travelled to Tohma. The angelic-looking blond sighed and smiled. "Very well," he said, "Iíll start the game, then. So... Iíve never played guitar."

Opening his can and drinking, Hiro smirked. "Thatís lame," he said teasingly. "So lame."

"I know," Tohma replied evenly. "I am kind of counting on you others to make some horrible confessions."

Then, everybody looked at the next person in the ring, excepting them to say something. "I do believe itís your turn, Mika," said Yuki, smirking at his sister and raising an eyebrow. "So, what is it?"

"Okay. Hmm... Iíve never cheated on my lover!" announced Mika, smirking at her two brothers.

The others all exchanged glances, none daring to drink. Tatsuha and Yuki, however, glanced at first at their big sister, then at each other, then again at their sister. Then, they both took a swig.

At seeing Yuki drink, Shuichiís eyes veiled over threateningly. The blond threw him a glare. "Oh, shut up, you crybaby," he snorted. "I havenít cheated on you. Iíve had other lovers before you, you know."

Shuichi sniffled still for a couple of times, then suddenly seemed to brighten up. "Yay!" he exclaimed. "Youíre only mine now, no matter how many others might want you!" Now, he clutched onto Yukiís arm, hugging it tightly. He happily ignored the novelistís glare as well as the way the blond man rolled his eyes towards the ceiling, concentrating on nuzzling the captured arm instead.

"Iím not yours, you are mine," said Yuki calmly. "Now, let go, brat. Youíre wrinkling my shirt."

Shuichi indeed let go, looking happy as ever. Then he turned towards the next person in the ring, who happened to be Suguru. "Su-chan!" he said cheerfully. "Itís your turn!"

"Me?" Suguru raised an eyebrow. Then he said, smirking, "I have never thought that Eiri Yuki looks sexy."

Yuki blinked in the most uncharacteristic way. Whether it was because of Suguruís words or because Shuichi, Ryuichi, Ayaka, Noriko, and even Tatsuha drank, nobody could tell for sure.

"Tatsuha!" exclaimed Mika, scandalized. "What -- but -- what --" She didnít seem to be able to form a coherent sentence. Instead, she just stared at her youngest brother, eyes wide.

"Oh, come off it, Mika," laughed Tatsuha. "It doesnít mean that Iíd want to sleep with Eiri, far from that. I just happen to know that I look very much like him, so he must be pretty sexy, too."

Now Yuki, having recovered from his shock, drank from his own can, too, smirking at Tatsuha. "I would say that you have too big thoughts of yourself, brother," he said with an amused expression, "but somehow, I donít think thatíd be too wise a thing to say." Then, they both laughed.

"Hey," said Tatsuha then, "itís your turn, Eiri!" He pointed at his brother, who, sure enough, was sitting next to Suguru. For a moment, Yuki looked thoughtful. Then, however, a smirk spread over his lips.

"Uh-oh," muttered Shuichi, the words escaping his lips unnoticed. Like everybody else, he was now watching Yuki concentratedly, waiting to hear what the blond novelist had to say.

"Iíve never," Yuki started, a slight smirk adorning his lips, "Iíve never had sex on the kitchen table."

Now, Tatsuha bursted into laughter, shaking so much with it that he couldnít even manage the swig he was attempting to take. Most of the others looked shocked at Yukiís choice of subject, Shuichi was red as a beetroot, and Ryuichi was desperately trying to cover Kumagorouís poor little ears. Mika and Tohma, however, merely glanced sideways each other, smiled briefly, and both drank from their own cans of beer.

"Oh, damn," muttered Yuki under his breath. "I so didnít need to know that. This game is truly a bad idea."

"Hey, itís your turn, Shuichi!" exclaimed Hiro, never one to take much time to get over any shock or stunning revelation he might stumble over. "What dark, dirty secrets shall we now discover?"

Shuichi looked thoughtful for a while. Then he said, "Well... Iíve never heard my lover say, ĎI love you.í"

Nobody drank. Instead, they just stared at Yuki, who calmly took a gulp of his own beer. Noticing everybodyís eyes still on him, he sighed in irritation. "Oh, for fuckís sake," he muttered. Turning towards Shuichi, he snapped, "Okay, I love you, you stupid, annoying, idiotic brat. Happy now?"

"Yes!" In an instant, the pink-haired vocalist was hugging him, having an almost choking grip around his neck. "Iím so very very happy now, Yuki! And I love you, too!"

"Baka," muttered Yuki, trying not-too-gently to shove him away. "Get off me, you little leech."

"Hey!" Tatsuha said as he got over his laughing fit. "Now you have to say something else, Shuichi!"

"What?" Shuichi blinked, then seemed to understand. "Iíve never slept with anybody of the opposite sex!"

"My can is empty," Tatsuha complained after taking the final gulp of beer from his container. "Howís it possible that you have any left, Eiri? Youíve drunk at least as much as I have."

"I drink less at a time," replied the novelist dryly. "Unlike you, my main intention is not to get drunk."

"Ooh," said the darkhaired one of the Uesugi brothers. "Yuki, youíre such a nice little boy nowadays. Iím really shocked about your behaviour. Shu-chan must have infected you with his niceness."

Yuki merely shrugged. "If I kept him from getting drunk and then let myself do that, Iíd never hear the end of it," he said. "The bratís bad enough even usually, so I certainly wonít encourage him to whine more."

"Oh, shut up, Yuki," Mika snorted. "Weíd all be out cold far before you got drunk, and you know it."

"Whatever." Yuki glanced to Shuichiís other side. "It looks like itís your turn, Sakuma-san."

"Oh, yes!" The man-child grinned broadly. "Well... Iíve never got Eiri Yukiís autograph!"

"And neither will you get it now," replied Yuki dryly as everybody else laughed.


An hour and several rounds of "Iíve never" later, everybody was distracted in one way or another. Yuki stubbornly kept on making confessions about his sexual habits just to embarrass Shuichi, despite the fact the at the same time he was finding out more about Mika and Tohmaís sex life than heíd ever wanted. Tatsuha drank on almost every turn, his mouthfuls becoming bigger and bigger all the time. At the moment, he was pretty well drunk, a pile of empty beer cans next to him.

Now, it was Ryuichiís turn. "Iíve never lied to Kumagorou!" he announced happily.

The others just shook their heads with small smiles. Yuki, however, took a drink from his beer can. Ryuichiís face immediately fell. "It is very nasty to lie to poor little Kumagorou!" he exclaimed.

"Oh, come off it," snorted Yuki, determinedly ignoring Shuichiís best -- which was not so good -- "shut-up-you-nasty-thing" glare on the side of his head. "Itís just a stuffed animal, for fuckís sake."

"You are nasty, Eiri!" shouted the well-drunk Tatsuha. Now eyeing everybody in the ring and then casting his brother a particularly nasty glare, he then said, "Iíve never... killed anybody!"

Suddenly, there was a complete silence. Then Yuki stood up. "Come on, Shuichi," he said with a clipped tone, casting his little brother a death glare. "We are leaving right now."

"Right, thatís it!" shouted Tatsuha with a slightly slurred voice. "Run off, you mean psychopath!"

"Thatís rather enough, Tatsuha," Tohma said, his tone suddenly cooler than ever. "You have exactly ten seconds to take your words back. After that, Iíll make you regret them."

"Thatís right!" the young monk snapped. "Do defend my brother, you, too! After all, heís the person you love the most!" Seeing that Tohma was taken aback by this, he went on, "Do you think I donít know about it? You only married Mika to be closer to Eiri. I bet the only reason why you havenít already committed adultery is the fact that Eiri wonít sleep with you, and heís the only one you want! Or maybe," he then continued with a sly tone in his voice, "maybe he indeed does sleep with you..."

"Thatís not true." Tohmaís eyes were now bearing a dangerous, icy glint. "I do care for Eiri, that is true. However, I see him as a little brother -- not a potential lover. Iíve never had any romantic interest on him."

"Thatís what you say," Tatsuha replied heatedly. "However, itís not true, is it?"

"Why not ask Yuki himself?" suggested Hiro coolly. "I bet heíd like to say something. Right, Yuki?" however, as he turned towards where the novelist had last been, he noticed that Yuki and Shuichi had indeed left already, having managed to slip out during Tatsuha and Tohmaís row without anybody noticing.

"I think," said Mika slowly, casting a long glance at her younger brother, "I think that once youíve sobered up properly, Tatsuha, you are going to be very, very sorry for what you have done."


End chapter 1


Next chapter:

Yuki and Shuichi talk, and Tatsuha is sorry. Not that it's going to help much.
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