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Title: The time after Shuuchi watched Shrek2

Author: Emeraldjade

Pairing: Yuki/Shuichi
Summary: Shuichi's easily influenced. And he had been watching too much western films lately. Oh the things he picks up...he's likely to have Yuki climbing up a wall!

Warning: PG implied yaoi. nothing graphic.

Disclaimer: Last time i checked the name in my birth certificate's not maki murakami so i dont own this. neither do i own Puss from Shrek. i have no money in the bank, honest.


Damn those eyes!

Yuki Eiri, famous romance novelist, thought himself immune to everything. Bomb-proof, shock-proof, Tohma-proof. He thought that even if the world ended tomorrow, he wouldn’t care. He thought that as one of the smartest people around, the hierarchy would be respected and no one, absolutely no one would order him around. He thought that his icy mantra and forbidding golden eyes would send anyone cowering for cover.

Anyone normal that is…

But Shuichi is far from normal, he’s so far its not even funny. Note the use of past tense in the above paragraph. He ‘was’ immune to everything and no one ‘could’ order him around. Ah, the good old days…

Those eyes!

Yuki twitched. Yuki tried, really, really tried to look away. Inner Yuki kept shouting ‘Run, RUN AWAY!’ but all to no avail.

Yuki’s eyes narrowed and made a sliding sideway motion. But Shuichi outsmarted him. Two small hands shot forward and clamped his head firmly in place. Directly in the path of his sweet cats eyes. Wait a minute! He didn’t just describe Shuichi’s secret weapon as ‘sweet’, did he!

Those eyes! The bane of Yuki Eiri’s existence.

And to think he thought it was a good idea for Ryuichi and Shuichi to go watch Shrek 2.

Yes, Yuki did get 2 chapters done, 2 very good chapters but the end just never justifies the means. That is to say, it was NOT worth it. Definitely, definitely not worth it. If he could turn back time, he would have juggled and pranced around naked to entertain the two idiots rather than have them go see a matinee of Shrek 2, the most evil film in existence!

Thus back to the problem at hand.

Yuki Eiri, the unshakable stone can never, ever resist the Puss-in-Boots eyes evil Shuichi Shindou makes. The technique imitated from the movie and practiced for hundreds of hours in front of the bathroom mirror, designed to make Yuki Eiri, said rock, melt into a puddle of useless goo. Said eyes can also make Yuki Eiri agree to anything, and I mean ANYTHING.

“ Fine!” he said brusquely, as he yanked the things that started it all from the counter next to where they were standing. He broke free from Shuichi’s makeshift prison and stalked angrily to the counter to pay for the items he was clutching.

Behind him, Shuichi smiled sweetly at the crowd which had gathered to watch their contest of wills. Oh yes. Shuichi’s gonna have loadsa fun with the French maid outfit and cat’s ears and tail tonight. Now he only had to convince Yuki-darling that the French maid outfit was made for him and they're set….


Obligatory Author's note: i hope you enjoyed reading this as much a i enjoyed writing it. its a drabble so therefore short. but dont worry, i'll be uploading more with this, so watch this space.
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