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Reviews for Hidden Love
dita chan 2005-03-31 id # 8154
You know.. I really agree with everything you said.

Acerbitas 2005-03-31 id # 8157
That was really sweet ^_^ I love Tohma. Though I didn't agree with all of your opinions, I think your story was awesome and adorable! You did a really good job using Shuichi...he was really perfect. I'm glad Mika finally said something, she usually is just like "......" and it's like, you know, he is cheating on you! You can tell she really likes him alot, and I feel bad for her. Tohma was a dear in this one, but ever the EirixTohma shipper I felt horrible for him when Yuki was being mean to him on the phone. Ahh, Yuki and his ever cold demenor. That was such a good story, please write more soon! ^_^

Hedgy juublood@gmail.com 2005-04-25 id # 8727
I liked it. :) Tohma & Mika have a special, yet somehow weird relationship, which hardly ever gets any real focus. No one actually knows what these two feel and it seems interesting to think their situation through.

PIKACHU GODDESS PIKACHUGODDESS@yahoo.com 2005-08-17 id # 11236
I am glad that I'm not the only one that thinks that Touhma loves both Eiri and Mika. I also think that he's obsessed with Eiri, and what happened in New York and feels guilty that he was unable to stop it from happening, thus his obsession. Even though your Elglish was...interesting, considering that it is not your first language, you got your point across, and that's what counts. Keep working at English, you have a great talent.


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