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Reviews for Charisma, Maybe
Flamingolo 2004-06-18 id # 3464
Awww. So cute. Nice job capturing Suguru's personality...they would be kinda sweet together, wouldn't they? But, you know what would be sweeter? If it wasn't a one-shot. Seriously, you have to go and plant these situations in our heads, and we have no guidance for a follow-through. It's really quite inconsiderate ; ) You really should think about continuing it.

AkaTsuki 2004-06-19 id # 3468
I luv mixed pairings ya know ones that arent usually considered, like this one, but the only thing im dissapointed is its a one shot but thats okai cus i luuuv suguru u should definatly do more like this


Flamingolo 2004-08-01 id # 4130
Cute ficcie, but it'll be cuter as a long one! I love the pairing, very original concept which must be appreciated for the realistic way you brought them together. Looking forward to a longer version *nudges you*.

osaeruyume 2004-08-11 id # 4295
I remember this fic! I'm glad you addded more chapters. I like seeing Suguru so torn up... >:] I'm not a fan.. although I like this fic. It is intriguing (wow..). I say you make the chapters longer and add more description though. I like the point of view, it is very raw, in a very good way. Keep up the good work and more ^_~

RaeBrown 2004-09-02 id # 4589
I am so loving this fic! Sugu's so cute, and all the personalities are right on the ball! ^^ Really looking forward to more updates

Sasheenka Sasheenka@seznam.cz 2004-09-09 id # 4692
This one is really nice! It's so cute to have them together. I like your style of writting, it's intersting how you can picture his feeling so well. I'm looking forward for more.

Obscured Illusions (on fanfiction.net) xxkatiekatzxx@aol.com 2004-09-10 id # 4717
I loved your characteration of Suguru. He's my 2nd favorite character; Tohma is my first. I love the fic so far! Keep up the good work. ^_^


Animegirl daiyaonna@yahoo.com 2004-10-27 id # 5272
(chapter one) Hey! I'm leaving a review because you told me to, and besides, this story has been long over-due for me to read. I definitely, definitely LOVE this so far...and I'm impatient to read the next 3 chapters, so I'm typing as quickly as I can! *huggles you* You were right in saying that Fujisaki was a bit bitchy, but I actually like him that way, and besides, he never gets enough credit as it is. WOAH! And, the whole thing with Yuki being with another guy was like O.O, but I loved it anyway.

On to the next chapters, and I know I won't be disappointed. KUTOS TO YOU!! *gurgles*

Animegirl daiyaonna@yahoo.com 2004-10-27 id # 5273
(Chapter two) “I kissed Shindou-san. What the hell is wrong with this picture?” This has to be my favorite quote in this chapter...either that or "..Did he give me idiot cooties?" *laughs* That was, yet again, another superb chapter. I am, literally, jealous of you right now. I just have this image of Shuichi and Suguru -uh- I'll leave that little comment out of this review. *grins*

Anyway, another awesome chapter, and I love the way you portray ALL of the characters. *is envious while hurrying to read next chapter* Keep up the awesome work!!

Animegirl daiyaonna@yahoo.com 2004-10-27 id # 5274
*squeals* The dream was...absolutely amazing. I wish he hadn't woken up because I was elaborating what would happen after that. ^^ Yes, I admit it...I'm such a hentai. Saa. It was another great chapter, and I really, REALLY envy you right now...which is a good thing and a bad thing. *wails* You write Shuichi SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO perfectly, and Suguru's character is just...amazing.

More! More!

Animegirl daiyaonna@yahoo.com 2004-10-27 id # 5275
(chapter four) *screams* You...you left it off there? How could you?? *cries*

His ‘motherly, I watched over you when you were a baby and I even changed your diapers’ look. Which is actually a really creepy thought. I'm going to adopt this as my new motto, now. It almost makes me ashamed to write Dreams of the Forgotten, but *giggles* I do have ideas about a sequel after that... *continues to ramble about nothing important*

So, yes. You are extremely wonderful and talented, and I hope that you update soon or else I will go crazy! ^^

GREAT JOB! *gurgles and clings*

Sliefoxx 2004-12-29 id # 6447
Update soon please. =^^= My only complaint is that you never make your chapters long enough. . .

Hoshi17 2005-03-08 id # 7681
keep going! ( i should do the same with mine -_-" )

Morvena 2005-08-18 id # 11262
Oooooh, nice-nice!! :DD
You need to updaaaaate :DD

ChocobosAreTasty 2005-09-14 id # 11701
Continue damnitt! Or the face the rath of my mini mog.

Sliefoxx 2005-09-23 id # 11863
Heh, this reminds me of the RPG I'm in ... ^^ Cute, thanks for writing it.

XiRae 2006-10-09 id # 27241
This is a cute story! Good job! ^_^

tsubaki 2006-10-21 id # 27744
Dear Lord, this was such a cute story..! Plausible, simple and humourous storyline. Loved it! Poor Suguru, this did capture how I see the character, and the way you had him deal with his crush. How did you manage to get him to call his crush on Shuichi disgusting and get him to profess his abhorrence of Shu yet pull off a love confession later? Great work!

Sakka 2011-09-13 id # 37903
omg, this is funny. Im on chapter 4, reading this at school and im gunna laugh at any point XD

your good at writing fromSurguru POV, do you see any resemblance between the two of you?

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