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Reviews for Cute Little Uke
Deb LilMizTake63@aol.com 2004-04-30 id # 2627
Hehehe i love this!!! Ive never read this pairing before! I was pleasantly surprised! ^__^
Excellent story!! Will there be a sequel?
Lotsa Luv
Debs xxx

nonesuch nonesuch@blah.com 2004-04-30 id # 2628
Hahahaha. Those last two sections were -hilarious-. Tatshua is such an EVIL EVIL EVIL little monk. And...Taki calling Ma-kun...so priceless.

I think I will look to see if you've written anything else, because this ROCKS!

PatoSan 2004-05-01 id # 2648
Silverone! That was most awesome! I loved it, I really did! You haven't seen the anime? You mad, mad person. Taki is nastier in the anime (hence the Taki haters) and it's quite different form the manga! You so hve to see it! Anyways, that ws an excellent lemon. It realy was, descriptive, with twists and hot. I loved the bit at the end, do you think I'm cute? It was very good! Tatsuha is such a perv ( I love him , really) and you teased me with Tohma Ryu *hearts* . Can you write one? I know I'm going to!! It's my plan, hehehe. Honestly, it was very good, all of it.

Mandy. p. 2004-05-03 id # 2680
This story is great! Too bad there wasn't much TatsuhaxRyuichi happening... but it was still good anyways! :) This is the first time I read a Taki/Tatsuha fic, and I do think that it's very well written.

|\/| 2004-05-08 id # 2737
You should continue this with Ma-kun/Taki! And eventual ASK threesome! Because I said so! ^^ Otherwise, this is teh awesome. *omgfangirlysquee*

rhi-chan EiriYuki99@aol.com 2004-05-14 id # 2809
aaaaahhhh!!!! that was really really cute ...hmn...taki...uke.OMFG...but if it was with tatsuha...it was ok ...caue tatsuha is tatsuha.the sexy little perv we all love...yes...other than that , that was an awsome fic and i loved it...alot...heh heh

SapphireD 2004-05-16 id # 2862
Not an expected couple, but I loved it. I think you should write these two together again. Too bad Tat. didn't get a chance with Ryo though. Great story! Officially one of my favorites.

Pris 2004-05-20 id # 2946
tremedous ending...I love it!!!

Anon 2004-06-04 id # 3225

kairi fighter 2004-07-03 id # 3670
that was really funny... i especially liked the last line to the story... *laughs*... ^_^

J 2004-09-08 id # 4669
>_> I loved this a little too much, I think.

Then again, I'm a Tatsuha fangirl. >_>

Beautiful work.

Kaetzchen 2004-09-29 id # 4970
Aw, this was too hot! Yeah, at first glimse the two look alike in the anime (while they look nothing alike in the manga) but after watching it, there are a lot of differences.

Ahyho, I love both of them and so glad to see someone put them together! And the end line was way cute!

Yuki gravigrl416@yahoo.com 2004-11-29 id # 5824
That was awesome! I love the whole Tatty/Taki ship. It is so hot. Even though they really do look alike. You are the Shizz!

Ikari Istari_lvsfrodo@yahoo.com 2004-12-21 id # 6292
Completely Adorable! Love the pairing!!

gokusgirl goldenkinkogirl@hotmail.com 2005-02-19 id # 7353
hey!! i think this is the millionth time im reading this, and a question suddenly popped up in my head...can u write a sequel?!! PLEASE?!?!! i love this fic, and a seuel would be really coool!! mebbe a takixtatsuha loooong fic? please? okies....done now....byebye!! and pleeeeeeeeeeease consider writing it!!

Saya 2005-11-09 id # 13073
Wow. That was interesting. I wonder if I could get some of that "special tea" for a guy friend of mine who needs to hook up with another guy. (lol)
That was a good first lemon. My first (I've never posted it) sucked. You shoudl write more. ^_^

SleeplessB 2006-03-28 id # 17537
Hello! I loved your fic! Very good, I was laughing so much at the end, the question surprised me. It was the first Taki fic I read, I'm more of a YukixShuichi, but now I'm more open minded.

VictimOfCircumstance Marchtiger323@yahoo.com 2006-04-17 id # 18324
if you still don't know what they mean when they say the boys look the same, I'll email you some pictures of the two of them that look absolutely identical. I swear... they're so hot. ohmygod. i know what you mean, I'm absolutely in love with Taki and *melts* Tatsuha is so hot.

I love it! Good grammar, punctuation, etc. the plot is terrific. G'job.

MorriganM 2006-05-29 id # 19808
hot. smexy! My OTP is actually Ryu/Tatsuha, but Tatsuha/Taki, you made it work! Lovely dialogue and I was especially amused by the ending ^_^ nice work!

DanishEiri 2006-10-14 id # 27426
Hawt!!! although I personally hate Taki, I can bear with him, as this is before he got shuichi raped. LOVVVEEEE TATSUHA ^_~


EIRI-CHICK 2010-11-20 id # 37761
OMGoddes, that was HAWT! *fans self*

Honestly, I don't think they look anything alike, other than them both having black hair...but then again, that's me.

Great job!


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