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Reviews for Careful What You Wish For
bakayarona 2012-03-04 id # 37940
Another awesome story, KG!

The image that cracked me up was the frightened person in the elevator avoiding the evil miasma on the other side, oozing off Eiri! I saw it in anime style and laughed hard!

Shuichi was so fun and smart here - yay for non-stupid Shuichi! He knows how to manipulate his blond grumpy-chan!

I wonder how long it took Eiri to 'eat dessert', keeping Touma and Mika waiting? LOL!

EIRI-CHICK 2012-05-08 id # 37960
That was very sweet, and well-written and I LOVED the ending! *claps*

Great job!


Mia 2012-12-01 id # 38012
^-^ This was adorable. Just like Yuki to most likely forget its his birthday~

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