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Reviews for The Reunion
Bakayasha 2011-12-07 id # 37933
That was really fantastic! Can't wait to read more.

SenecaNya 2011-12-28 id # 37935
That was fun. Very fun

lawless 2012-04-24 id # 37958
Sneaky, sneaky Shuichi, manipulating Eiri like that. I too think the Shindous (or at least 2/3 of them) are batshit insane. I'm looking forward to more.

Bakayasha 2012-07-08 id # 37970
Ah so glad you updated this I really liked the first chapter, but the second was so hilarious! I liked the creepy uncle segment lol. Really glad you're continuing it and can't wait to read more ^_~

Linak 2013-03-02 id # 38042
I LOVED this. I could just read it over and over again, you're an amazing writer! The way you characterised Yuki is wonderful and very true to the manga I think, and little sexy Shuichi huh? Who knew he'd become such a sssslllluuuuut haha, please continue! I'm adding you to my recs and I'll be checking in on you! So don't let this fic die! I luuuurv it!

And sex on the bunk bed PLEASE

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