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Reviews for The Gunslinger and the Dancing Girl
Bakayasha 2011-09-19 id # 37905
That was really intriguing. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep reading, since I am not usually a fan of westerns, but I'm really glad I did. It was very well written, in character and not to mention the couple of chuckles I got from it. Can't wait to read more! ^_^

EIRI-CHICK 2011-09-20 id # 37906
Ch 1

A very intriguing beginning. Normally I don't read Westerns, but something about this one got me curious. I'm glad I read it. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Good job!


Bakayasha 2011-09-25 id # 37908
*fans self* Yuki in the tub smoking has got to be one of the hottest images to ever come into my head. Love, Love a million bajillion times LOVE this chapter!! *cough* Ehmm, sorry my fangirl slips out every now and then. But truthfully this chapter was just as good, if not better, than the first. I am so eagerly awaiting the next chapter, I can't wait to find out what Yuki does when he realizes his dancing "girl" has a dick lmao-city of epicocity! Keep up the great work!

EIRI-CHICK 2011-09-28 id # 37910
Ch 2

Ah, and now the story gets more intriguing! I am liking this a lot! I can't wait to see what happens in the saloon!

Good job!


Bakayasha 2011-10-13 id # 37926
Ahhh!!!! Y U NO WRITE LONGER CHAPTER?!? Lol sorry I'm on a meme kick right now.....*awkward silence* anyways I loved this newest chapter it was funny, it was sweet, it was pretty much everything that makes a girl go "Ooooooooooo he's gonna find out sooner or later that Shu's a dude!" ^_^ I loved it and I can't wait for more, more MOAR! IMMA FIREIN' MAH LAZAR!!!!
I'll shut up now....

Bakayasha 2011-12-12 id # 37934
Agghhh noooo!! >.< lol Why'd it have to end there?! God this is such a fantastic story, it always has me laughing and sitting on the edge of my seat! This chapter was such a mix of great scenes that it's hard to pick just any one that I like best, though if I had to I'd say the very last scene with K and Yuki speaking. Glad K was man enough to explain things to the poor confused gunslinger and I'm hoping that once he realizes that he now has another guy after his "girl" he might come to his senses and rush to beat him to "her" lol. Aww poor Shu is gonna get caught in the middle of this I just know it, but I hope he can get over his hurt and find some lovin', whoever it might be with. Can NOT wait to read mmmooaaarr!!! ^_^

Bakayasha 2012-01-01 id # 37936
Why this doesn't have more hits and more reviews bewilders me, this is SUCH a great story! As a fellow AU writer, although one in the sci-fi genre as opposed to western, it's great to see more quality work here in the AU sub genre. I don't often read AU stories, but I am so hooked on yours, and I honestly get excited every time I see you've updated. I wonder what poor Hiro is going to do when Marcus actually goes to speak with him? Ooh this is getting so good!

Bakayasha 2012-01-26 id # 37938
Oooh the plost thickens! And a prospect for Suguru! This is getting so good I am always excited when I see a new chapter from you has been put up! It was 3:20 in the morning when I checked the website and though I was planning on heading straight to bed I was like "Fuck it, I need to read this NOW!" lol =D

BlackNeko 2012-03-30 id # 37946
Looking forward to reading more!

Bakayasha 2012-05-11 id # 37962
Sorry it took so long to review this latest chapter, things have been pretty hectic around my place this last little while. I didn't forget though! This chapter was great, the introduction of a love intrest for Suguru was particularily surprising, I'm not sure how I feel about the man, but so far he seems determined, but well intentioned. He might have gone about his approach a little roughly, but he got what he wanted and I Suguru seemed to be okay with it once he knew he wasn' going to be hurt, black mail or not. The story about Juan really made me sad, and I hope Seguchi gets what's coming to him, he's a complete asshole and I hate him more in this story than I have ever hated him before, which is saying a lot since I have never liked him. Can't wait for the next chapter! ^_~

BCKanady 2012-08-08 id # 37971
Hi...I just wanted to let you know that I am loving the story. I wanted to laugh though, it seems that everyone except Hank appears to be gay! It is hilarious. We all know that Eiri will fall to temptation regarding Shuichi...he was practically foaming at the mouth when Claude said he would "comfort" him. I like the fact that right now... no one else has designs on the "dancing girls". I am a die hard Eiri/Shuichi fan so that pairing is my most favorite. Having K attracted to Sakano will be a little different for me... but I am more than willing to be persuaded!

I also like your OCs as well. You have fleshed them out nicely in these first chapters (not that I know how long the story is going to be), and I am anticipating that it still has a bit to go. I, however, am now wondering about what will happen to Tatsuha now that Marcus, the Federal Marshall, is also looking for him. Will Tatsuha be drawn to Ryuichi or will his heart belong to the departed Juan.

I am looking forward to reading more of this one! Nice job! Thank you for sharing your story.

Linak 2013-03-18 id # 38045
Your website isn't working!
This story is different, I'm really into it now, it's a shame you haven't updated in a while, but I'll be coming back to check on you!
Please do continue, you have something special here!

EIRI-CHICK 2013-03-24 id # 38053
Chapter 3

So far, so good! I really like how you know what Westerns were like, down to the mention of the "dime store novels." Either you've done your research, or you're a fan of Westerns and/or the Old West. It shows.

Great job!


EIRI-CHICK 2013-03-24 id # 38054
Chapter 4

Once again, good job! Now on to the next chapter!


EIRI-CHICK 2013-03-24 id # 38055
Chapter 5

I really like Hiro's reaction to Marcus Fletcher! It was downright funny, in an offputting kind of way. *smirk*

Good job! On to chapter 6!


EIRI-CHICK 2013-03-31 id # 38056
chapter 6

I'm not going to lie, I hope that this story goes in all kinds of directions that I can't predict! Keep writing!

Great job!


EIRI-CHICK 2013-03-31 id # 38057
Chapter 7

Okay, I'm as smitten with this fic as Shuichi is with Yuki! Its a very unique view of the Gravitation series, and it looks like you've done your research. Well done!


EIRI-CHICK 2013-03-31 id # 38058
Chapter 8

AAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! Where's the next chapter! Just when it was getting REALLY good! *headdesk*

I can't wait to see what happens next! Hurry u with the next chapter already! >:P

Great writing, by the way. (^_^)


EIRI-CHICK 2013-05-03 id # 38062
Chapter 9

Oh MAN was that HAWT! **fans self* I can't wait to see what happens next! Hurry up with the next chapter!

Great writing as usual btw. *claps* The only thing that gets me is that you say "gut rot." I believe the correct term is "rot gut." Otherwise I'm loving this!


EIRI-CHICK 2013-06-22 id # 38066
Chapter 10

I am LOVING this! Its so...sweet and romantic! And I'm not really the romantic type *coughdeniesbeingahopelessromanticcough* Things have been so warm and fuzzy, somethings' bound to go wrong. *chuckle*

Hurry up with the next chapter, I can't wait to see what will happen next! Keep up the good work!


BlackNeko 2013-12-16 id # 38100
Loving this! Can't wait for more. Great job

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