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Reviews for Kumagoro's Comfort
Mia 2010-03-08 id # 37644
OMG! I really liked this short little fic. But I must say it made a little depressed. I feel sorry for Tohma, just imagine how he feels since he couldn't protect Yuki. =[


bakayarona 2010-03-10 id # 37645
Nice character study of all three - Ryu, Tohma and Kuma.

It makes me wonder just how much Ryuichi knows about that part of Tohma and Eiri's NY history. I don't think anyone has written something specific about Tohma and Ryuichi talking about it before.

Great job, as always, Lawless!

EIRI-CHICK 2010-04-27 id # 37672
Good job!


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