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Bakayasha 2010-02-12 id # 37618
I loved this! Very cute, made me laugh ("big fat lying liar"...rofl) so I think you did a really good job! I love these little snippets into daily life, just ordinary stuff is what I like best. This was short, yet I thought it was the perfect length. A nice little dose of gravi goodness. All the benefits of a longer story, packaged into a nice 5-10 minute read. Bravo! ^_^

bakayarona 2010-03-10 id # 37646
Boy, can I relate to this one! We both can, can't we?

Love the boys' banter - lovely job showing their comfort level with each other and their maturity. Hurray for un-stupid Shuichi.

We do think alike. I have something somewhat like this percolating but who knows when it will get finished?

Thanks for sharing and for your support/love.

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