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Reviews for Autumn Afternoon
bakayarona 2009-12-14 id # 37550
I always know I will thoroughly enjoy any story written by you, Moon. You intricately weave the elements we know from the anime/manga with your own thoughtful and plausible ideas to bring us tales that 'should' be canon.

This story is a real treat, pulling seemingly unrelated scenes into an amazing whole and making me think, 'Well, of COURSE that's what happened!'.

It will be sad when you have nothing more to say in the Gravi world. I will miss your beautiful prose.

lawless 2009-12-18 id # 37554
I can't really say more about this than I already did on your journal, but you do such a good job of expanding on scenes from the anime/manga and showing the humanity underneath all of it. I especially like how you portray Eiri as a well-rounded, three-dimensional person and not just as an abusive jerk, and I always adore stories in which he and Shuichi grow and mature and become better for each other.

I'm sorry that there will only be a limited number of additional Moon71 stories in this 'verse, but I'm glad for the ones we have and the ones that will be forthcoming.

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