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Reviews for Map of the Sounds of Tokyo
Starbright 2009-06-18 id # 37195
That was amazing. The only thing you might want to change is this line:but I could tell that he wasn't probably dealing with some inner demons. I mean, the little radio fiasco had shown me that much.

I think you must've meant to say he was dealing with some inner demons. Other than that, though, great job.

lawless 2009-06-19 id # 37197
I saw this on LiveJournal first and thought it was really touching and well-done. Thank you for posting it here!

P.S. There are some coding issues that need cleaning up to make it more readable - I think they originate with your exclamation points.

bakayarona 2009-06-24 id # 37206
I'm glad you posted this here. It's an excellent piece of writing!

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