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Reviews for Tamashii no Rufuran
PatoSan 2004-03-06 id # 1740
Aria Aria! I love it so much! SO very much! It's great, it's awesome, how do you keep coming up withfantastic ideas like this?! The Royal historian, he's the hotest thing ever! And he took his mask off! What will Shu say and how will he react when he learns this "impostor" knows him too? It's brilliant *bows* Ok OK... hyperventilates... you must write Yuki 14 in a flash and get back to this wonderful story asap! I beg you! I love you! Ja ne! ^_^

Bunny oxmamochan4evaxo@msn.com 2004-03-06 id # 1741
Oh man, babe. You are the best. XD Always.
And you better know it. Hehe
I love you. What can I say?
You're amazing *hugs*
I feel so special that I got to sit online chatting with you plotting up lemon's while you wrote parts of this. *nods*
I love the AU-y-ness of it all. It's some kinda crazy cross-over, yet not really a cross-over at the same time.
It's damn brilliant.
And the fact that there are dual Eiri's makes it even cooler. XD!!
And that you mentioned Taki. ^______^
You MUST write more. Soon, of course.
As soon as YUKI 14 is out, lol.
*pets your muses* They were right in making you write this.
It's damn wonderful.

saku~ya 2004-03-06 id # 1754
Evil evil cliffhanger *_*! I love all of your fanfictions, and this one only makes it better. Can't wait for the next chapter. The plot has me intrigued ^^;

CPV-Phantoms-CTFA devils_may_cry2000@hotmail.com 2004-03-09 id # 1774
BoogieP- *on a corner mumbling something about being left behind... again*
CrimsonP- Another amazing fic for your amazing collection Mirai-sama.
BoogieP- ;_; I really feel left behind. *sighs* O well, ^^ It's amazing, Mirai-sama. I don't think Kanashi i Nikki no Mahoutsukai can even be compared to this. YOu wrote it perfectly, amazing. YOur grammar was as perfect as always and the descreptions were awesome. On my fic, I have a really bad writting and, even though I may have a good plot, it causes it to loose some effect.
CrimsonP- yah yah!
BoogieP- I'm really glad that you got such an amazing fic out from mine! I feel soooo honoured! Oh, and guys reading this review; KNnM is NOTHING compared to this. If you ever got the choice of reading only one of both then I recommend you to read this one instead of mine.
DarkP- I just fell in love with this.. ><
CRimsonP- I fell in love with the author!!! XD XD XD *gives flowers to Mirai-sama*
BoogieP- However, even if your fic and mine are similar, Mirai-sama, They are still QUITE different. XD XD XD I've got a pair of hidden aces, By the way, I wanted to ask you a favor; I would really like to ask your help on some parts of KNnM. Since I'm quite stuck. ^^ If you're interested gimme a call, ne? Onegai? I owuld REALLY love if you would do so... I would like it very much if you could err... *coughbetareadcough* it. ^^;;;

Bisexual Pygmie 2004-04-12 id # 2338
are they going to let them go now? so it's shuichi's eyes that are blue right? good fic, i look forward to the next chapter

saku~ya 2004-04-12 id # 2344
Yay an update *uber happy* This time it wasn't such an evil cliffhanger XD I'm excited for the next part. I hope everything goes okay when Shuichi talks with Maiko ^.~

PatoSan 2004-04-12 id # 2346
I still can't beleive you trust me to beta your work... you are insane! My grammar is appalling! Anyways... I loved this chapter, you know it. My favourite bits were with the Historian and his attitude, I thought it ws IC for what he thinks is happening. I found Eiri's actions endearing (so protective of his Shu-chan ^_^). I loved the descriptions of attires and masks especially. The bit with Tohma init was erotic, damn that man just oozes sex-appeal through every pore! >_> nice twist at the end with Maiko and the evil one (winks). You know I loved it all!

Clarichan 2004-08-16 id # 4355
Sugoi!! You are such a wonderful writer. I really enjoyed this. Hopefully there is more to come pretty soon :D

Night Owl 2004-08-21 id # 4423
You so need to update! This is one of the best AU's I've read!

Aacire 2005-03-04 id # 7596
It was a little hard to understand in the begining, but I figured out what you were doing! I really like these two chapters! I hope you update soon! Bye!

weeeee 2005-03-08 id # 7665
Wah! This fic is so weird, it's awesome ^___^ Hope to read more of this soon!

DarkAngelD. 2005-06-30 id # 10072
I like it! Well writen and creative. Please continue.

Tamago lord_tamago_chan 2005-07-20 id # 10535
Awsome awsome! WRITE MORE...^.^

gail 2005-07-22 id # 10642
i know begging is kind of pointless but i have to anyway...normally when a fic hasnt been updated in a long time i just let it go and forget about it...but I CANT!!! not with this one!!! i love it too much!!! i have a soft spot for this kind of thing and i'm begging you PLEASE FINISH! i know your busy but theres so many things you could do with this story! it's just sitting there...soaked with potential!!! ( i love yuki too by the way)
so..i dunno if your active and will read this...but i thought i'd post it anyway because even though it's been a year
we all still LOVE your stories!!!!!

veronica kiara4502005@yahoo.com 2006-02-08 id # 15634
this ones going to be good i can tell
give me more

veronica kiara4502005@ayhoo.com 2006-02-13 id # 15804
i hope you haven't given up yet this is a really good story and i'm waiting to see how it comes out so hurry up a write it dude

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