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Reviews for Life Through Eyes Of Blue
mamarita 2008-06-02 id # 36042
I love it- I almost cried after track 1- Ryu loves Tohma so much. Why can't the two be together again?

Bakayasha 2008-06-03 id # 36043
Hey hun! Those where fantastic. They were short yet to the point, any longer than that and they would have seemed long winded. Emotions aren't long winded. Their fleeting, sort of in and out, and with these two short chapters, these two short bursts of emotion, you've managed to capture that feeling. Bravo.

Girlgoten 2008-06-06 id # 36076
poor ryu :[
though im not really huge fan of tohmaXryu, Pika, i still ejoyed this! 8D
*nods* very short! =O tis okay, drabbles are'nt they? :D

ederyn 2009-01-18 id # 36727
Oooh, I'm so in love with your Ryu! You write him so well, you make me feel his pain. I wish these were longer, or that there were more of them. Yesh, that's it; you must write more of them. *cracks whip*

KusoGaki 2009-01-23 id # 36743
I like these Ryu stories a lot. even though they're short they get their point across beautifully. Ryuichi is often a hard character to get right as he is both simple and complex but I think you did a good job of putting a very real and human perspective to him. Good work, and hope to see you again soon.

BlackNeko 2009-01-26 id # 36776
It works very well, the way you wrote it out. Oh Ryu!

BlackNeko 2009-01-26 id # 36777
It's like," Look, but don't touch." ror Ryuichi.

KusoGaki 2009-03-20 id # 36964
Track 4: Describing Yuki-

another nice addition to this collection of shorts.
I like the very simple and brutally honest views Ryu has of Eiri.

Good work, keep it up.

gelfling21 2009-03-22 id # 36976
You have done it again, Eiri-Chick! You have said in simply elegant terms, several mouthfuls! Ryuichi's perceptiveness, not only of others but of himself, come through so well in these short pieces. The clarity of thought and emotion fills these pieces with an energy and immediacy that really captures a reader. Please post more!

gelfling21 2009-03-22 id # 36977
Okay... Just when I thought you couldn't top yourself, you did. I love the ending. Unexpected and it packed a real punch. A very intimate take on what makes Ryuichi tick. Keep posting... I love these little drabbles and the intensity of them. Slices of a very 'real' life. Great job!

bakayarona 2009-04-12 id # 37039
You're doing such a great job with these little snippets! Original ideas, lovely images and your own personal take on the universe. And your writing has grown by leaps and bounds!

I think TeenRyu has had a great influence on you!

lawless 2009-04-13 id # 37046
Just read chapters 6 and 7. Particularly liked 7. Have been remiss in not leaving a review.

You are doing very well with these short slices of Ryuichi's life.

I also liked 5 (Tab) and the twist at the end. I thought the one about Eiri (Chapter 4) was well-written and a good representation of Ryu's feelings about him (outside of the RP, of course). Since Eiri is my favorite character, even though he can be a complete ass (somehow I find it endearing), I don't see things from Ryu's point of view but that's not the point.

I don't remember the previous ones well enough to comment on them other than I remember them being equaully well-written.

Keep up the good work!

KusoGaki 2009-04-17 id # 37070
You are doing such a wonderful job with these shorts. Ryuichi is not an easy character to get a grasp of, but I like the perspective you put to him.

I really liked how "Tab" showed that it is the little things that topple this enigmatic character.

And "Ceremony" gave us a great glimpse into a beautiful moment.

I particularly enjoyed the introspective nature of "Listening." There is more to Ryuichi Sakuma than the people around him are often willing to give him credit for. I loved the last line; it really summed up the reason for a lot of Ryu's behavior in beautiful and simple terms.

Keep 'em coming. Good Job!

lawless 2009-07-26 id # 37261
Chapter Eight - Tohma's Plushie

Tohma does act like someone whose plushie toys got taken away from him as a little kid, doesn't he?

Nice job!

bakayarona 2009-08-02 id # 37277
Yeah, Tohma needs a plushie. Will it be Ryu-shaped and have magnets in the crotch? *laughs at reference*

You're doing some fun things with these, Ryu! I think your resin is doing some great inspiring!

gelfling21 2009-08-30 id # 37355
You have done it again! This segment is chilling and gut-wrenching (no pun intended). It hits hard and with a style that is so elegantly simple. I think I like this one the best so far... but I know you will write another that will once again stun me! My hat's off to you, Eiri-Chick!

lawless 2009-08-31 id # 37357
Track 10 - OMG, how powerful! I sure hope Ryu pulls through. It was kinda a stupid thing to do.

Good job!

ederyn 2009-09-08 id # 37382
Awesome! I love every chapter, but there's so little Gravi darkfic out there that you get extra Scooby snacks for chapters 10 & 11. Don't stop now! I look forward to each new one you come out with. *waits and waits for the next*

lawless 2009-10-01 id # 37410
Chapter 11 - Whew! I read it when it was first posted but didn't leave a review.

Scary and powerful. A little scary how much Ryuichi identifies with the scar.

So much left unsaid, which is always good. Your writing has gotten stronger for working on this series. I'm sure the RP helps too.

Mikarin 2009-10-09 id # 37425
I love this pairing, and you've written them both so well. I hope you write more of this soon. I love these little glimpses into their lives and feelings.

lawless 2009-11-22 id # 37524
Track 13 - Royalty Check - Thanks for posting another of your meditations on Ryuichi Sakuma. Using his first royalty check to buy something to remember that moment and what it was like to be part of Grasper is so him. And I can see the others purchasing what they purchased as well.

Thank you for sharing this heart-warming slice from Nittle Grasper's past.

bakayarona 2009-11-23 id # 37525
C12: Nice and original scenario to write about - great job! Very plausible concerning the red bandana.

Glad your muse is still poking you! Does resin Ryu help, too? LOL!

gelfling21 2009-11-29 id # 37533
I love the simplicity and yet the profoundness in Ryuichi. He buys something so plain and pure that carries the weight of the meaning behind the band. It is a lovely idea and one that goes straight to the heart of what Nittle Grasper is. I also love the visual of Noriko tooling around in a Porsche! Nice work, Eiri-Chick. But then... it usually is! Thanks for giving us these glimpses into the world of Grasper.

gelfling21 2010-11-17 id # 37727
You always manage to tug at the old heartstrings, and Royalty Check and Haiku are no exceptions. I like how you are winding your way with this, one piece at a time like a little jigsaw puzzle, putting the band and Ryuichi together as you go. I feel like a picture is emerging. Awesome idea and alot of fun to read. Nice work!!!

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37740
Chapter 1:
OMG sadness. Oh poor Ryu! ;_;…Is there anything else to say?

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37741
Chapter 2:
I have been in that kind of relationship before, I have my own Tohma in if you can believe it, her birthday is on November 20th. Just like Tohma’s. It’s almost eerie huh?
My first love ended in the same way Ryu and Tohma’s relationship has “ended” but it doesn’t make it any easier on the one who is still madly in love. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy writing so much, a little self medication goes a long way and it’s often more pleasurable to read afterwards if it’s real. I wouldn’t doubt that’s where Ryu gets his passion.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37742
Chapter 3:
;_; Tears. That’s so perfect. There is so much value to be had in doing what makes you happy regardless of what others have to say. I’ve been trying to tell people that for years. It’s like you’re writing this just for me. I love this so much you can’t possible imagine the impact these little passages of wisdom have on my heart. I love you!

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37743
Chapter 4:
Wow. Just…just wow. How observant our Ryuichi is hmm? He seems to understand a lot of things you wouldn’t expect him to.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37744
Chapter 5:
Rejection really hurts especially when the thing being rejected is something you put your heart and soul into creating and the person you created it for is the one pissing on it. I can bet for a man as sensitive to his emotions as Ryuichi that something seemingly innocent as one boys opinion could indeed send him into a depressed state worthy of a mind morning trip to the local pub. Bravo darling. Bravo.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37745
Chapter 6:
A secret love. A secret union. What better way to reconcile such feelings? It’s perfect as it is. If you’d used one word more it wouldn’t have made me cry like it did.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37746
Chapter 7:
“It’s amazing the things that you find out when people think that you’re an idiot.”
This made me go from wiping the happy tears out of my eyes from chapter 6, to laughing uncontrollably and crying for an entirely different reason. It reminds me of the Monty Python song “How Sweet it is to be an Idiot.” ~How sweeeet it is…to be an idiot…~ LMAO.
And then as I read on I grew more and more sullen. The mixture of emotions this short chapter manages to conjure inside a person in such a short frame of time is astounding.
The things people say and do to each other in life hurt me in places I didn’t know could hurt, and I can only imagine what it must be like for Ryuichi to hear such things. People don’t pay attention. People don’t see. And he knows better than anyone. I’d fear for humanity should he ever decide to grow up and become just like the rest of us.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37747
Chapter 8:
I’d bet Ryuichi is 100% right on that one.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37748
Chapter 9:
“Or maybe it was the fact that I took my clothes off.”
Priceless. And he is a Sex God, no question. The one, the only Ryuichi Sakuma. And oh how we love him.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37749
Chapter 10 and 11:
*stands and claps* The things he’d think of in those situations are so not what everyone else would be thinking. Even in the face of death and scared for life he stands above the rest. Wise in his ignorance, blissful in his madness. The one. The only.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37750
Chapter 12:
I believe Grasper would have changed a lot, since eventually they do break up. I’ve often wondered exactly why.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37751
Chapter 13:
Oh you poor beautiful boy. I know how it feels for the ones we continue to love move on. My Tohma got married and wanted me to be there. I was too afraid to go because I wasn’t sure what I’d do if I went. Especially since there was an open bar. I guess I’ll never know now, but based on what Ryu has done here I think I have an idea. Bravo.

Bakayasha 2010-11-17 id # 37752
How sweet to be an idiot:


Face 2010-11-19 id # 37757
Poor Ryu! If there is anything more torturous than unrequited love it's forbidden love. It must be tough knowing that Tohma feels for Ryu back but can't really do anything about it.

It also never occurred to me how broken Ryuichi might be if he were in love with Tohma, so seeing this side of him opened my eyes to some interesting possibilities.

Looking forward to continuing! I should hit myself for not starting this sooner!


Face 2010-11-21 id # 37766
Chapter 2

Wow, that last line was especially powerful. An interesting thought -- Grasper being so popular because Ryuichi's fans are 'hearing' his dreams.

Can't wait to read more!


Face 2010-11-24 id # 37771
Track 3:

Ho shit. I really like seeing how his dreams came to fruition -- how he was inspired to do what he loves from a few simple yet meaningful words. I love this!


Face 2010-11-29 id # 37773
Track 4

OoOoh; his musings on Yuki are really interesting, particularly the last line. It's a good question, one that perhaps only a handful of people, or those who love him most, could answer. I imagine any outsider may ask those same questions.

Face 2010-12-10 id # 37787
Track 5: Wow, amazing how a seemingly insignificant sentence from some random person could cause someone to crumble. Makes you really wanna' be careful with what you say and really think about it, huh? Anyhow, great job!

Face 2011-02-13 id # 37819
Chapter 6

Wow. I love this take on the reason for Ryuichi being...Ryuichi. One that I can easily see being possible.

It never occurred to me the things people would say in front of him because, "oh, it's only Ryuichi", ya' know? It's like how parents have arguments in front of their children because they figure they don't understand and won't really care.

It's a crime that it took me so long to continue this! *hits self*! Great job!


Bakayasha 2011-07-09 id # 37866
"Hey, have ya seen Sakuma Ryuichi? I think I left him somewhere, but I can’t remember where. Have you seen him?”

Oh my that made me laugh. Poor K.

Bakayasha 2011-07-09 id # 37867
Chapter fifteen:

Lol, he's just going to fly to Australia? Lol, you always make me laugh, that was just too perfect. It sucks when things seem to pile up with no end in sight, it happens to me all the time, especially when I'm in school. Life can be a bitch and while not all of us are rich enough to just hop on a plane to Australia, sometimes you need to take a little escape and become invisble for a while. Even if it's only for a day.

gelfling21 2011-07-31 id # 37871
Eiri-Chick, you had me laughing and shuddering a little with this post. I love your characterization of Mr. K in the chapter just before this one and the running monologue he's having. I knew right away who it was. I also love your insight into Ryuichi and his feelings about fame and all the blessings/curses that come with it. The two things that really cracked me up a bit was the tracking device and the orange juice. Can't wait to see what other little gems you come out with.

PinkxPanic 2011-09-25 id # 37907
Well that was certainly unexpected! But I enjoyed it, even if I can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that Tohma was kissing KUMA! *snickers* That was cute. I'll have to read this from the beginning later on. Nicely done Ryu-chan!


Bakayasha 2011-09-25 id # 37909
Chapter 16-

Can't tell whether to be turned on, or to laugh my ass off. Bravo!

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