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Reviews for Torture and Porn
Pato san 2004-02-18 id # 1548
Lol, I really liked that actually. It was funny and suggestive... I would like to read more on it!

HawkClowd 2004-02-18 id # 1549
This was perverse, but still strangely cute. ^_^

Teufel 2004-02-19 id # 1563
I didn't think I would like that, but I did. Very cute. Very...amusing, his reactions to the angels and the video.

MOO 2004-02-19 id # 1566

Anon 2004-07-15 id # 3876
very poor

koushi 2004-11-11 id # 5515
That was adorable and made me giggly! ^___^ (And yes, that's always a good sign.)

Especially the part about his "hand!" *fangirlsqueal* I am a big fan of "self-help!" XD

Rinji dogo_blah@yahoo.com 2004-11-30 id # 5831
Hoorah! That sounds like a good porn to me! Hm, you wouldn't happen to have a copy of it that I could borrow, would you? >

Master Chief RawSteelUT@netscape.net 2005-07-13 id # 10396
Cute. Funny. I could somehow see this happening. Grammar was decent even, something that's usually a problem with fanfiction.

Michelle michellejmking@msn.com 2005-08-26 id # 11367
That was awesome lol ^^

libe 2006-11-15 id # 28529

EIRI-CHICK 2010-11-20 id # 37760
*dies laughing*


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