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Reviews for Dream Date
Yuuji Kamui 2007-03-21 id # 31294
Seems very promising!

Meadhbh 2007-03-22 id # 31296
Oooh. I have to admit, I've been reading your stuff for the past couple of weeks now, but I never got around to reviewing--I'm a bad and horrible person that way. :D But with you asking for feedback, well... it was too much like giving my inner fangirl permission to babble. Couldn't resist.
Anyway! Nice intro, it dragged me in right off the bat. I like your Shuichi--he's still the loveable little goof we all know and adore, but you've managed to avoid portraying him as a blabbering idiot without two brain cells to rub together (no matter how accurate Yuki may insist that description is). I have to admit, I've never been able to get my dirty little paws on the mangas between volumes 2 and 7, for whatever reason, so I don't know exactly what the circumstances surrounding the much talked about date were, but I love love love the fact that Shuichi suspects that Yuki is there only because of a lost bet. It just seems like something the ridiculous (but oh-so-sexy!) novelist would do.
And poor Shuichi doesn't have much confidence in himself or his relationship with Yuki, does he? Methinks I detect some possible angst coming up in that direction. (I can just see Shu getting a bit depressed because he thinks Yuki doesn't want to be there, and Yuki getting frustrated because his brat doesn't seem to be enjoying himself, and he can't admit that he cares.) Fluffy stories are always better with a drop of angst!
Well, your stories are always good regardless. I really am following your fics quite zealously--think raving fangirl complete with obsessed stare and slight drool. Your plotlines are always interesting, and your characterizations believable and fascinating. Update soon, and I'll try to carry on with reviewing, though hopefully I won't go on and on as much as I have this time. (I truly am sorry for that, but I don't seem to be capable of writing a short review. It just doesn't work for me.)
I'll be watching for more of your fics!

Daxemon 2007-03-22 id # 31302
Vindaloo i love it, but Shu seems a little melancholy at times, but i guess thats okay, because of how his relationship is with Yuki. I hope to see more. Keep up the great fanfic writing. I've read everthing that you have written on gurabite and it's all fantastic, please write more.

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2007-03-23 id # 31313
Love this way you are doiong this. It is filling in al the holes. It is so huminizing of the characters and keeping them still in character. You got to go up beat on this one or at least end on an up beat just for thoose of us who live for happy endings.

Vera http://vera.squirrelism.net 2007-03-23 id # 31320
You're truly amazing (as an author); you write a LOT in a relatively short time and it's always GOOD.
It's stories like yours that inspire me over and over to try my hand again at fanfiction (unfortunately I'm much too lazy). I LOVE this story, it's one of those that makes me all hot in the chest and sort of choked up. It's an involuntary reaction I get with all really well written fanfiction that I can actually feel the characters' agony/joy. Well done! I can't wait for the next chapter.
I love the second chapter even more than the first one. The joy when he discovered it was Yuki... I felt like being Shu and just wanting to melt with that kiss. *sighs* I want a Yuki of my own (I'm quite silly enough to - maybe- pass as a Shuichi ;) )

fuzzybuunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2007-03-24 id # 31326
I love it. Gosh, it just was perfect. I am so happy. you are flushing out the characters of the two the wasy no one else has and that is what is important giving them more personality and making the relationship more real. Angst is ok but to much can just give you a headache. You can have some angst that is fine but so many overdo it. I just wasa sitting reading hopeing and wishing it was Yuki and wow it was. Kool. the chapters being short are not a problem if it is good so don't worry about that. I think flushing out the characters and making them real is your strength. A little Sex is not bad either but the beauty you have created so far I can even live without that ( but adding some would be really great...hint....hint) Do they have a lovers ride in this park? Where they ride in that dark? and they can .......? Just a thought.

Bellehime seraphfim@gmail.com 2007-04-09 id # 31642
Poor Shu! But I really do like how you portray the two ^^

Keep going!

Di Long 2007-04-10 id # 31661
Waaaaahhhh! SOB SOB (good job you jerk! :-)

Iname 2007-04-11 id # 31679
My heart is thumping. Please do continue your consistent update. Your writing is great and I'm just sitting here about to burst into tears because there's no chapter four!

Onegai update soon please? Best of luck to you!

(Yuki's last dialogue made my heart wrench in agony!)

tsuki 2007-04-13 id # 31685
Gosh,i read this and,well,i loved it!I think that you're a great writer!Hope to see your next chapter soon!

Kagome_Mokuba Kagome_Mokuba75@yahoo.com 2007-04-13 id # 31691
Well so far no, it don't answer my questions just still raises more. Yuki's still showing all this affection towards Shu, yet you plan to keep the anime ending. Maybe the next chapter will answer it cause this one only confuses me more. It still seems hard to belive that after showing all this affection and promising to return for Shu's birthday and seems happy and content or as happy and content as Yuki gets. But yet he'd throw that away over remembering Sensei Yuki. I still find it hard to belive.

ANKuma 2007-04-13 id # 31692
it...it's...sooooo romantic! ^_^
i know some people are going to say that eiri is oc, but i don't really think he is. this story makes me soooo happy!
i can't wait for what happens next! ^_^ i was actually making a gravitation amv to the song 'driven by you' by queen and when i was putting in clips from their date, i had to see if this was updated...and it was! so yay! i hope you update soon! i really love your stories!
-anti-nostalgic kuma

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-04-16 id # 31720
Not many writers portray these wonderful characters very well and I am happy that you are one of those few who gives them a good view. I looooovvveeee it. I am a frequent reader in this site and only a handful can be considered real good. Heck, you're one of them. I just hope that you get to update more frequently! yay!!! ^^ And in here, Yuki is more human.

Daxemon 2007-04-16 id # 31721
I just moved myself and if I could sleep around the clock after that day I would. I believe I've completey come to adore you Vin. Your writing style so compliments the characters of Gravitation. It manages to keep them in character but put a little bit of a softness to them. A calmness if you would allow in this fanfic. I really enjoy reading your work and hope to see another update soon. Thanks.

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2007-04-17 id # 31728
This 5th chapter really brings in focus that few soments that were not really taken time to focus on in the Manga. It goes into the total physcological depth that is really needed. I really touched me. And the was you wrote it was supurbe. I love reading your stories and there is never a mistake or misstep in the plot. This is a very unusual thing in fanfic. This was a lovely chapter...I charished it for the reality of it and the sadness so beautifully pictured. Thanks for the all the wonderful time reading. PS: I do think that alburn and blond mined would be beautiful if you wrote it and that is not my fave couple but I know you would make it real and perfect....and I would love it.

Kagome_Mokuba Kagome_Mokuba75@yahoo.com 2007-04-17 id # 31730
Um kinda, I'm not sure how to respond to this chapter. And its been a while but I saw the subtitled version first on youtube before I got the chance to see the english version.

Daxemon 2007-04-17 id # 31735
I am honored that you responded to my review. I feel soooooooo special. I look forward to more of your interpretation of the climactic end to this wonderful anime, you are doing a great service to Maki with the way you are handling the characters. This update was pretty moving and kept that calm aspect still. I can't wait to see how you handle the remainder of the series. Update soon. Thanks.

Bellehime seraphfim@gmail.com 2007-04-19 id # 31762
Another great chapter ^^ And yes, unfortunately, it does get worse before it gets better...but that's life, right?

Bellehime seraphfim@gmail.com 2007-04-19 id # 31763
Beautifully done, as always. You capture the two of them & their relationship in a light that most haven't been able to do ^^

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Daxemon 2007-04-20 id # 31769
Oh Vin. My heart is breaking for Shuichi. We all know what happened and what will happen, but with you filling in the blank spots it makes it all the more heartbreaking, it makes you want to dislike Yuki, but no matter how hard I try to, I just can't dislike the screwed up hunk-o-blond. All I find myself wanting to do is grab him in a bear hug and shoo all his demons away. Shuichi at least has Hiro. Maybe Yuki can have me and I cam have Yuki *______-. Keep up the phenomenal work Vin. Looking forwar. Thanks.

Lisa 2007-04-20 id # 31770
Decided to try your story out - this is quite good. Very good writing. Bravo!

Iname 2007-04-20 id # 31771
:sniff: More please! It's so sad when you write you put it this way! Now I'm all upset at Yuki and want Shu to be happy again!
So I was wondering, how long are you going to continue writing this? I hope you go as far as Shuichi finding Yuki. It'd be nice to know what the two of them were thinking when Shuichi busted in Kitazawa sensei's apartment in that dog costume. Thanks for the wonderful updates- and you deserve a hundred reviews I say!

AmyHavok www.amyhavokinlove@yahoo.com 2007-04-20 id # 31773
Update soon PLEASE!!!!!!!!! good story line. once i wrote something about the time yuki left and it was no way rear to this.

Lisa angelinaperry@yahoo.com 2007-04-21 id # 31781
Fabulous piece of work. I loved every word of it. Heheh.. do I sound like a chef or what? So are you gonna be following the anime series? I would have liked to see more friction between Yuki and Shu. Maybe Shu will be a bit OOC. Not too much, though. We all love him the way he is, right?
Keep it up! More! More!

Graviluvr y40i1ov3r@yahoo.com 2007-04-21 id # 31788
Now I'm curious! Is this going to be like the anime? Or does your own plot kick in now? Just curious. Please update soon!!?? Thank you. ^^

AmyHavok www.amyhavoknot@yahoo.com 2007-04-22 id # 31792
Yeah, i actually never posted but my best was angry and she did it for me...(SHE CAN BE REALLY SCARY) ill ask her to email to you if you would still like to read it. Its 4 chapters long and no where near as good as yours! I liked this chapter a lot, schuchi has matured so much and it is so clear here. Hiri well...forever the bestfriend. In my opinion, shuchi did understand perfectly what yuki needed, only that yuki did not stick around long enough to find out, i like how it fits into the story but its original in its own way. WOW, i talk a lot,...sorry, i kinda tend to get off task.

ANKuma 2007-04-22 id # 31794
this is such a great story! poor shuichi! i always feel bad for him during that part of the anime. he's so sad/confused... and i really like how different and yet perfectly fitting your interpretation of yuki's feelings are here... whereas i personally thinks he remembers more about kitazawa and the rape, i completely agree that he's terrified of hurting shuichi like he hurt kitazawa...and, to some degree, i think he's afraid of hurting shuichi like kitazawa hurt him. oh, i can't wait for more! ^_^ please update soon! ja!
-anti-nostalgic kumagoro

Daxemon 2007-04-23 id # 31804
Vin you forgot me, but I forgive you. I'm really pleased with the maturity that you wrote Shu displaying with Hiro. I always believed that Shuichi was not a complete airhead and I've seen the entire anime and own and read the entire manga, even the continuation that just came out after the 12th volume. I believe that Shuichi is a bit of a bubble head, but when the time calls for it, he can and would be very mature and adult. I believe even though Yuki calls him a brat, that he sees that in Shuichi also or he wouldn't have told him his darkest secret. I think that Yuki noticed that when he revealed his secret to Shuichi in Kyoto at the temple and Shuichi didn't go running for the hills. Go Shuichi. Can't wait for more Vin. Thanks.

Di Long 2007-04-24 id # 31815
As always.... love, love love your work. Great job in particular with writing Hiro.

Daxemon 2007-04-26 id # 31838
Hey Vin, I think that this latest update was still keeping to the anime as much as possible. I haven't seen the anime for a while now, but from what I remember of that scene with Seguchi in his office, you did it justice. The part that I'm looking forward to seeing you write and interpret is when Yuki is in New York and walking around in the cold reliving a little of his tragic youth. My heart always broke for Yuki whenever I would watch the anime at that scene. My favorite part though was when that bum trips over him and drops that gun. The profile shot of Yuki made my lower regions burst into flames......he's so hot.......I hope you update soon. Thanks

fuzzybunnytoo 2007-04-26 id # 31839
I am really enjoying this story it's just what wwee needed. You are filling in our imagination. one suggestion could you put more conversation in it because for some freeky reason I can read it better. Thanks. Happy writing

Lisa 2007-04-27 id # 31847
With each additional chapter I find I admire your writing ability more and more. You've taken a "not so orginal idea" (beefing up between the lines) and made it very orginal and have pulled it off wonderfully. I'm looking forwarded to further chapters as well as more works from you. Thanks for sharing!

ANKuma 2007-04-27 id # 31853
ah! another wonderful chapter! oh, i really liked this one! i am currently working on a gravitation AMV to the song 'wonderwall' by oasis, and i needed a break rather badly, so i decided to check if this was updated. and it was! and now i'm completely inspired to work on the AMV again! ^_^ i wish i had more time to write...you're interpretations are lovely and oh-so-believeable! i don't think that there are enough gravitation fanfics that go this in depth with each of the characters... i'm tentively writing a 12-chapter piece, outlining what happened every month that eiri was in nyc, starting from his fifteenth birthday to his 16th, in order to see how i interpret these events more fully... i feel so bad for eiri, and i can relate to him, which is why i think he's such a magnetic character! he just draws me in. oooh, i just can't wait for more!~ ^_^ i really love your stories! update soon and keep up the good work! ^_^ ja~!
-anti-nostalgic kuma

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-04-29 id # 31865
Shu with a backbone is a very good Shu. Keep on going. It's getting better everytime.

Lisa 2007-04-29 id # 31867
Yet another good chapter. I have to say once again how much I'm enjoying this fic! Talented writing makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for the quick update!

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2007-04-29 id # 31869
Ha , ha, I finally caught you in a mistake. yuki has uslers he would never order a perpperoni and green pepper pizza that is the worst on you could orde. He should have ordered a double cheese. This was a GREAT chapter and I love the references to the USA's purdishness. It is the absolulity the truth. but there are some of us that you can't shock----Grav readers.Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you writing so you need to get some pockey and some japanese beer if you are old enough. It is virtual so just drink it I wont tell anyway.

DuosAngel DuosAngel02@yahoo.com 2007-04-29 id # 31875
Hehe, I like the idea of Yuki going through all that trouble just to get to New York undetected. Makes sense.

AmyHavok www.amyhavok@yahoo.com 2007-04-30 id # 31882
I liked this chapter!!!! It set a new sight into yukis point of view that i had not seen yet....Keep up the great work

Daxemon 2007-04-30 id # 31884
Hey Vin. I didn't get a chance to review this chapter before you updated. Seguchi showing some self control...WOW!!!!! That must have been really hard to write since Tohma is so controlling, everything must be under his control. But I have the feeling that he may have given some but that whole thing of Mika and him keeping tabs on Yuki's belongings was just his way of retaining some control over the situation. I actually think that Tohma truly has Eiri's best interest at heart, but because of what happened with Kitazawa that he was so scarred by the incident that he blames himself for what happened and now he's overcompensating. Shuichi taking steps to keep Yuki's home intact was an interesting take... I would never have seen that coming...I like it. I'm gonin to read the latest update after this and review as fast as I can before you update again. Thanks.

Daxemon 2007-04-30 id # 31886
Hey Vin. Short and sweet. I so wish that you could have finised that "wet shuich fantasy".... if it wasn't for that godforsaken pizza boy showing up!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Never mind me.....just the though of wet, horny and frustrated Yuki, just pushes me a little over the edge. I am looking forward to the finished product. Also Yuki is so lying to himself just to feel better about walking out on Shuichi the way he did, I think that seeing the news that Shucichi and the tour was doing just fine actually hit home and he denied the hurt of it, seeming like he has been forgotten by Shuichi, so he says to himself that line about Shuichi being in love with the idea of being in love. I feel so sorry for Yuki and his self imposed bubble. He really needs Shuichi in his life and soon he will realize that and all will be well with the world. Thanks Vin again for a great update.

Graviluvr y40i1ov3r@yahoo.com 2007-05-05 id # 31972
Whoot, a fellow Seattle-ite!! Very good so far. Okay, I shall continue reading.

ANKuma 2007-05-06 id # 31974
oooh, microwave metaphors! ^_^ that's a very fun alliteration!
i love this story! it's amazing! and i feel soooo bad for shuichi! i can't wait to see what happens next! ^_^ i can't wait to read the coloring scene, which i imagine will be in the chapter after the next... i like your interpretation of hiro, as well... sometimes he's a hard nut to crack... out of all the characters whose points of views i've tried to capture, he was one of the hardest, i think... so good job! ^_^

Meadhbh 2007-05-06 id # 31977
Oh. Oh, poor Shu. He's built so much of himself on the relationships he has with key people around him, especially his lover, his hero, and his best friend (and his sister, but I know Maiko doesn't show up in the anime). Now that Yuki's gone, and Ryuichi has seemingly rejected him, it must seem as if his emotional touchstones are dissolving around him. Professionally he's aces, because he's pouring absolutely everything he's got into his music--the other grounding reality of his psyche.
Self-absorbed of Yuki, to honestly think Shuichi doesn't need him. Or maybe he just can't deal with that thought--he knows Shu cares about him, but with all his hang-ups with love and destruction, it's easier to think of himself as still essentially alone. Shuichi depending on him emotionally (really depending, not just saying so) would be absolutely terrifying. It would be quite nearly as scary to admit to himself that Shu truly loves him as it would to admit that he loves Shu.
Okay, enough analyzing. Sorry, I can't help it--your characterizations are completely fascinating, and the tangled emotional plotlines have sucked me in. Please, please give us more soon!

lunarsensitive 2007-05-06 id # 31978
I've read all of your work posted on this site thus far but have never reviewed. I really enjoy your style, and even though your Shuichi characterization is slightly off from the way I see him, I think this story should have way more reviews than it does. It's absolutely wonderful. After reading the last chapter, I rethought what happened to Shuichi, and from now on, I'll refer to it as a panic attack.

Daxemon 2007-05-07 id # 31983
Poor Shuichi. I always wondered why Ryu did that to him. I know it devastated Shu. First with Yuki abandoning him the way he did and then to have Ryuichi snub him like that, it was probably too much for his poor overloaded emotional brain to handle. So his brain decided that it was time to take away the one thing that would keep him away from what was putting the most strain on him at the time....The Tour. With no voice no Tour and no need to go to NG. Seems logical if you're on crack. But who knows how the human brain works. All I know is Ryu doing that didn't help the situation. Maybe Shu should take advantage of Hiro's offer, staying in that apartment by himself is killing him.... and it's a little creepy don't you think....just a little stalkerish. He's really in denial, but he shouldn't say that why would Yuki want him. Doesn't he remember that in all things Yuki made the first move.....if he didn't want him, he would never have continued.....Remember in episode 2 when Shu kissed Yuki and he asked him if he didn't like him why doesn't he hit him or push him away and Yuki never gave him an answer he just said that nobody does something for nothing and walked away{You know the whole Mika trying to get Shuichi to get Yuki to come home thing}. Maybe Shu should think about that for a while........Sorry did I go off on a rant......I just lost control for a second. Again Vin great installment... and thank god Shuichi didn't slash himself with that mirror...what luck huh? Can't wait Vin. Thanks.

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-05-09 id # 32008
Dammitall! I am getting more addicted to Gravi. I have already seen the anime but I haven't seen the manga yet and these fics are windows to the mangga for me. I love your dialogues. This story, even though derived from the anime, is more captivating coz it gives a new light to the characters interaction and emotions. And Yuki travelling isn't shown in the anime. That's a bonus. I love allll your fics I hope you don't get tired of writing Gravi. I'm also glad your piqued by the Ryu/Shu thing. I also like that pairing.

Daxemon 2007-05-09 id # 32011
Hey Vin. Reading this latest update was like having a flashback of the anime. It was almost like being there again. I really like Hiro's point of view. He's so protective of Shu, almost like a mother hen, but not. What's with the tabasco sauce.....I've always wondered about that....whelp, anyway I think when Hiro asked Shu about Ryu and remembering about how cold Ryu seemed towards Shuichi....it shows how attentive Hiro is to things around him and how they affect Shu. I know right about now Hiro is ready to through up his hands when it comes to Yuki, putting Shuichi through all of this, but to be so aware that he notices that it possibly couldn't be Yuki who caused Shu to go mute, but maybe Ryuichi....go Hiro. He's such a good friend and hot to boot. Love the hair.....just wanna run my hands through it *drool*....I find Hiro to be great eye candy....,but not more than my Yuki.....never more than my Yuki. Well another great installment Vin. Thanks

ANKuma 2007-05-09 id # 32012
haha, i agree, microwave metaphors are very shuichi-centric. ^_^
i agree about hiro and shuichi's friendship being the best kind of friendship there is. ^_^ i have a guy friend just like hiro... he's not my boyfriend, but he's more than a brother to me and i love him to death! ^_^ he's just like hiro--steady and consistant. only my friend has a blonde afro instead of long red hair, haha!
i'd love to do a story centered around hiro, but i just don't know how i'd do it. ^_^' although i really love writing his side of the plotline in my story 'please and tang soo'... i love k/hiro!
ooooh, i so can't WAIT for the coloring scene! that scene is one of the most powerful in the whole gravitation series in my opinion. it's so deep, but under a veil of simplicity which i find very intriguing... when i write my college thesis on writing and pyschology, i'm completely writing about gravitation, haha! ^_^'
i can't wait to see your version of the coloring scene, though! i'm sure it'll be amazing! ^_^ i'm so excited! update soon!

ANKuma 2007-05-12 id # 32052
yahoo! the coloring scene! ^_^ it was perfect! and i loved it! everything was layed out wonderfully and you really captured the thoughts and feelings of shuichi dead on! ^_^ for this, i give you a poptart! ----> [::]
i completely agree with the read vs. written idea... i truly believe that gravitation is just dripping with pyschology and the different ways the hidden mind works, and i love stories that portray that, versus vast amount of fluff-polluted cliche garbage that's out there... and i really love to do character exploration pieces, which is something that i write quite a lot; little one shots that go in depth into a character's feelings or one aspect of their personality... i find, also, that if i start out with a trait or feeling that i don't really understand, i'm able to make sense of it as i write, and therefore gain a deeper understanding of the character.
it really is interesting to read the reviews of your own stories, though, sometimes i wonder if my metaphors go over some people's heads... ^_^' in my story 'how much?', shuichi askes eiri how much he loved yuki kitazawa, and eiri replies, 'i loved him enough to kill him'. when shuichi askes eiri how much eiri loves him, eiri replies, 'i love you enough not to kill you'. now, as i'm sure you can tell, i wrote that to show how much more powerful eiri's love is for shuichi, because it shows that, even if shuichi were to betray eiri in the same way kitazawa did, eiri could not bring himself to kill him... however, one of my ff.net reviewers thought that that meant that 'even though shuichi's annoying as hell, eiri loves him enough not to kill him'. ...-_-' i was pretty crushed by that... i thought the point was pretty clear, haha! ^_^'
anyways, i'm going to stop babbling... update soon! i can't wait for the park scene--that's another one of my favorites! ^_^

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-05-14 id # 32072
I'm going to look forward at your future stories! I am really having fun reading your works. It never tires me. Keep on Sparkling.

Daxemon 2007-05-14 id # 32074
Hey Vin. Either I'm not as obssesive as I used to be or you update way to quick for me....I'm not saying you shouldn't update this quick....oh never mind, to the review. Long review short. Very good interpretation of Shuichi's thought process of the whole Yuki thing. Yuki IS his muse and he does need him to kick his inspiration into gear. I think that Shuichi would have a better idea than anyone else...even Tohma...as to what Yuki is really up to and I know that really scares the crap out of him, because in the end there could be no more Yuki and that would surely be the end to a sane Shu. Right now I'm suffering from a bad cold and horrible sore throat and the medication I'm on may cause my brain to wander and be a tad foggy, so all I'm saying is I hope my review makes sense. Well can't wait for the next update Vin. Thanks

nameless 2007-05-17 id # 32157

I am not from the "squee brigade"

This is an ok fic. Not great.

The chapters are too short. and the comments at the end are getting WAY to long. A simple "thank you to everyone would do the job. Half the fic is comments at the end. That is getting frustrating. I mean...ok they like it...and you are so grateful you'd offer up your firstborn..WE GET IT!!!!

Daxemon 2007-05-17 id # 32160
Hey Vin. Thanks for the "get well". I'm still on the mend, hacking up a lung, but I'm actually doing better and the sore throat has dissipated. I really like this update and it did give me a giggle. Ryu is so silly and scary at the same time when he goes from chibi Ryu to Mega Super Sparkling Star Ryu. It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. I think this update keeps the story at a good momentum to move it on to the next step in the epic drama which is Gravitation. Thanks Vin.....I'll be waiting for the next update, hopefully cold free. Thanks

ANKuma 2007-05-17 id # 32163
*giggles* gosh, i love ryu... he really is 'ageless' and then 'childlike' all wrapped into one! ^_^ i really want to write his character someday...
i completely agree--writing helps me figure out sooooo much about myself and how i'm truly feeling... i don't think you can have writing without pyschology and vice versa... they're so closely intertwined, it's almost ridiculous. ^_^'
i cannot wait for the conclusion! ^_^ i'm gonna be sad when this story is over... it's been so much fun reading it and getting a new perspective on how the characters are thinking and feeling... (loved the park scene, by the by! ^_^)
i really need to write something now... it's been so long since i've written anything substantial...
keep up the good work! and update soon! ^_^

amyhavok www.amyhavok222@yahoo.com 2007-05-18 id # 32177
The response you made for FraisesPasteque made me, well.......its hard to describe it. ok SO ive read the only GRAVITATION EX that i know is out at the moment..... For the longest time, actually since i started reading gravitation fanfiction, i can enjoy shu and hiro or ryu or, well, many other characters. But they have never been able to affect me as shu/yuki fics can. I am guessing that is why they are the main characters, but to me there could never be any other REAL couple because they are made for each other to a degree that isz sometimes hard to understand. And their relationship is a step by step story about real life. I completely agree about them being together for far more than sex. And Ryu's sudden confession of love suprised me. Ryu is one of my favorite characters, and he is (without knowing it) fixing a part of shu/yukis relationship. And yet i cant hope but wish that ryus feelings suprise us again..... because in some ways shu and ryu could find a kind of clear understanding that no one else in the whole story can. I know im not sense( ill shut up know)

bubble 2007-05-20 id # 32202
how I love your creativity, when it comes to describing Shuichi - 'Priceless bundle of bubbling enthusiasm.'
aaaaaaawwwwwwww :)

ANKuma 2007-05-20 id # 32203
i can't believe that you ended the chapter there! i mean, i KNOW that shuichi is gonna pop up and save him, but... gah, i'm STILL in suspense!
wonderful chapter, though... you really put the pieces of eiri's past together quite well... i can only hope i do a fraction as well as you did when i try to sort all of this out for myself in my new york fic... anyways, i can't wait for more! ^_^ update soon!

Headcase 2007-05-21 id # 32216
Psst.... Vin.... it's your unofficial spelling nazi.... you may wanna change "Onieda" back into "Odaiba". Chalk it up to new home stress

bubble 2007-05-21 id # 32220
would it be blasphemy if I said that it's better than anime? ^^
I mean, I understand that it's impossible to show all the feelings, every thought Yuki had in his mind at that moment in anime...
and that's why I love this fanfic :) it shows so much more and Yuki and Shu's relationship is so much more complicated and special because of this ^^
anyway, you're great :)
and Yuki's 'I love you' was just so... unexpected and sweet :) I love him when he makes Shu happy ^^

ANKuma 2007-05-21 id # 32222
eek! i love it! so perfect! ack, i will never be able to write anything even approaching this good!
i really enjoyed this! i like how you worked around the dog suit, too, haha! ^_^' i love that scene, but i can never take it completely seriously because of the dog gettup, which irks me, haha! ^_^ but you, once again, did an amazing job! i'm actually jealous, hee hee! ^_^
i can't wait for the end, but i'm gonna be sad it's over... update soon!

Celeste 2007-05-22 id # 32252
Excellent story.

ANKuma 2007-05-25 id # 34165
yay! oh, i completely LOVED it! ^_^ so wonderful! i'm completely jealous! it makes me want to write five chapters of 'fly away' right now, but i have a biology report to do, so i suppose it'll have to wait, haha! ^_^'

amazing, though! purely amazing! i, too, agree that cosplay outfits are largely symbolic (like shuichi being like a dog--loyal to the owner of his heart, or a mama bear, like you've described), but i think sometimes for me, it's hard to take that scene in the anime seriously when i'm not watching the episode (for instance, when i was making amvs... i simply couldn't justify that dog outfit accompanying a dramatic tori amos song, haha! ^_^'). but i really liked your interpretation, because, to me, it was the best of both worlds...you get the right impression, but it's...less cartoony? ^_^' that's what i got from it, anyways. magnificent, all the same! ^_^

and i loooooove the extra volume! ^_^ riku is just...god, i want to feed him marshmellows and tell him bedtime stories and tuck him in goodnight! ^_^ so adorable! all the charm and cuteness of yoshiki, but much, much calmer... you're right calling him the sea of calm...he's like...eiri's lost innocence, in a way, at least to me... maybe that's one of the reasons that eiri is so spiteful towards him. i love what he brings out in eiri! that childishness that we so soon forget is there within the romance novelist... i personally love it when eiri is bratty and petty... it's just so adorable! ^_^

oh, and thanks for the plug! ^_^' you didn't have to do that, haha. ^_^'

looking forward to more from you soon! much love!

-anti-nostalgic kumagoro

Headcase 2007-05-25 id # 34169
Interesting that you shied away from the crashing into the building. Oh, and my theory on the dog suit,, In the manga, more then once Shu was referred to as Yuki's "pet". In fact, this Ny scene is not the fisrt time Shuichi as a dog shows up (re: the post- kicking out of Shu and Mika for Yuki's sanity. On his return and Yuki's questioning of his well-being he goes puppy also, He also goes doggie for the kidnapping scene in which Tats borrows his brother on Ryu's orders in the manga)

I think that since his being a pet was a reference of the orgional story, the writers wanted to do a "nod" to the creator, something more then just one of her goof-ball "self-potraits" as artwork.

Then again, if Ryu can wear a bunny suit and get away with it, Shu can wear a dog suit, (After all, eccentricity in the music business runs rampant) Once again, only my suppositions.

Brain anomoly, eh? Oh, well... They happen.

Daxemon 2007-05-26 id # 34183
Vin my heart breaks to know that this is almost over, but it was a great ride all the way to the end. I believe the NY scene was awesome and you wrote it so honestly. I bow to you. Thank you for writing this fic and as well as you have. I will be looking out for the epilogue. Thanks again Vin.

happynoon noonsam@aol.com 2007-05-28 id # 34318
Ahh, what a story! As usual, your stories are so introspective of the characters and their motives it is as if you know them personally and after reading your stories, I feel as if I know them personally as well. I have been reading from the beginning, (sorry this is the first chance I have had to review-RL gets in the way) and although this is not my favorite storyline (I hate to see Shu suffer so much), you have, as always, written a first class and fascinating read. I love the Yushu 'universe' and any addition to it is a delight. Knowing how it turns out down the line makes the pain they are going through a little easier to read. You have a way of making these characters 'real', a feat shared by only the very best authors on this site, all of which are my favorites to read over and over.

I loved that Eiri came through my stompin' grounds as well. I am a Pacific NW gal too. Small world eh?
Anyway, thanks for such a wonderful read. I look forward to more!

tsuki 2007-06-02 id # 34381
Gosh,loved the ending!!Loved the way you wrote it and you're a really really good writer!Thanks alot for posting this story!

ANKuma 2007-06-03 id # 34387
oh no! it's over! *sniff* now i'm going to miss it...
haha, yes, though, about all of the costumes... it works alright in the anime, i think, but not in this type of story, and certainly not in real life, haha. ^_^' and, oooh, i JUST caught the suitcase thing and i feel reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly dumb for not seeing it earlier! how he was carrying around yuki's stuff, making sure it was ready for him--so suitcase-like and i don't know how i missed it. ^_^'
anyways, i really enjoyed the run of this whole fic... i really am sad to let it go! ;_;
more stories soon, okay?

gabrielle angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-06-03 id # 34404
Sometimes, Yuki's actions makes me think that he absolutely worships Shuichi. In his own way ofcourse. And I loved all of this. Downpayment for sex...XD...And Shuichi can be a moron, but not an idiot...

Daxemon 2007-06-04 id # 34414
Hi Vin. Great ending. The date finally came to the ending that it should have, with Shuichi and Yuki at home together. You have made me very happy with the way that you have interpreted this wonderful manga and anime. I know that Maki Murakami would be very impressed with the way that you have lovingly transformed her creations and yet still kept them right where they need to be. Hope to see the outtakes soon. Thanks Vindaloo. Hope to see more fanfics by you in the near future. Cottona candy show......hint, hint. *____-

Overskill 2007-09-04 id # 34994
Am on chapter 9. I promise you a full review after I read the end. I utterly love your story and your style, BTW. Am popping in for a bit of friendly discussion about he following A/N of yours:

"Maki Murakami was writing month to month and like all manga Iíve seen, takes some charming but totally superfluous flights of fancy. Not that they canít be made relevant, but the totally madcap antics are more fun than necessary for that fundamentally resonant story."

I'm personally convinced that the story Murakami is telling in the manga is the birthing of art in the human core self: it's the story of the chaotic world of Farce in which Shuichi is Lord of Misrule crashing - and smashing - the ordered world of tragedy in which Eiri is Lord Hamlet. Each world is like half of a healthy creative artist, each half needs the other half to be utterly whole. So, of course, it's a love story, but it's also a metaphor for the need of intelligent and controlled passion to produce art. That's why I think all the Dadaist and Surrealist invasions into the 'normal' world are necessary indeed, indeed fundamental.

Sorry for blathering on, you're a wonderfully intelligent author and I couldn't help myself. If you want to go a little deeper into my theory, you can find it at my LJ (http://flyingskull.livejournal.com/14163.html?nc=6), if not, thank you for listening. See you at the end with full concrit.

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