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Reviews for Nowhere to Go
Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-02-21 id # 30819
That was an interesting turn of events.
I love the line where Shu asked Eiri to pretend not to hate him for twenty minutes. I found that sad, really sad.
please update soon sweetheart.

Celeste 2007-02-21 id # 30822
I can't wait for chapter 2 and at the same time, i dread it...

bubble 2007-02-21 id # 30823
great idea
when Shu asked Yuki to pretend not to hate him I nearly cried my eyes out...
You are an angst genius^^
I love your stories - Yushu and Forever
and Cotton Candy Snow is just so incredibly sweet :)
can't wait to find out what would Yuki do to help his poor soul mate...

Ray 2007-02-21 id # 30824
Nee, you are back :D
I am glad! I have just been thinking about you today,
and when are you going to start a new story ^_^
I think that was a great start.
I now this story just calls for mushiness, but please, please keep
Yuki IC! He just tends to become too sweet in your stories :P
I am sure Shuichi loves it this way, but I think keeping Yuki a bit bastardy
(I know this is not a word T_T) is essential for a Gravi fic.
I'll be waiting for updates,

ANKuma 2007-02-21 id # 30828
ha ha! you know, i didn't realize until after i finished reading this that it was written by you! i should've guessed! as i was scrolling back up to the top to see who the author was, i thought, 'hmm, i wonder if this is by vindaloo?' and it was! ^_^

...this is just....wow...i really don't know what to say about this... at the point where shuichi said 'can you just pretend that you don't hate me for an hour', i almost cried. those sorts of feelings are all too familiar on my part, i'm afraid, so i understand exactly how shuichi feels and what he's going through. you also gave a very good version of why shuichi didn't go to hiro's. it makes a lot of sense and it's completely in character. this is much more in depth than other story i've read that used this idea, and i really can't wait to see more. ^_^ it's going onto my recs, along with all your other stories. damn it, you're way more talented than i am... i suddenly feel the need to finish the next chapter of 'please and tang soo' now.

keep up the great work and update soon! this is a beautiful piece of writing!

-anti-nostalgic kumagoro

Anon 2007-02-21 id # 30829
Very nice writing! Please continue. I think you've caught the angsty mood quite well.

happynoon 2007-02-21 id # 30830
A great start, so sad, my heart is breaking for poor Shu. You made me feel the pain he is in. Wow.

Can't wait for more.

Graviluvr y40i1ov3r@yahoo.com 2007-02-21 id # 30831
Wow, that actually had me crying. No lie. Please hurry and update!! I must see Eiri's reaction when he finds out...he will find out, right? UPDATE SOON! Thanks ^^

pinkrose 2007-02-22 id # 30845
i cannot wait for the next chapter! this is going on my favorites!

EIRI-CHICK 2007-02-22 id # 30847

So far, I'm very intrigued by this story. It is certainly well written, and trying to figure out what's up with Shuichi was kinda fun! Good job!

I can't wait for the next chapter!

plays Sakuma Ryuichi in and is Co-mod for
Gravitation: NG
The Gravitation RPG community for the Mature (18+) RPer
(2-19-2007CE) Please note the change in age requirement from 21+ to 18+.

xunxin yaoifreak_myantidrug@yahoo.com 2007-02-23 id # 30863
that was so freakin awesome. i want more! i loved it. how did you ever come up with a great idea like that? it was really well written too. I LOVE IT! LOL. update soon :)

Celeste 2007-02-24 id # 30881
That chapter cut me like a knife. I'm afraid i'm bleeding to my death... ;-)

You know what i'm afraid of too? STDs....

DuosAngel DuosAngel02@yahoo.com 2007-02-25 id # 30916
Ok, I absolutely love this story! you have to update soon! This has just been moved to my top five favorite Gravi fics so please don't leave me hanging for long!

ANKuma 2007-02-26 id # 30924
aww...this is just so sad... lovely, yes, but very poignant, nonetheless... again, i say that i completely understand what all the characters are going through in this, especially shuichi and eiri... i hope that in the next chapter we see eiri pulling shuichi closer and revealing his past to him, to show shuichi that he isn't alone and that he understands.... this chapter was just as beautifully written as the last. i hope you update soon! ^_^

pinkrose 2007-02-26 id # 30925
yes! a second chapter! this is great, truly brilliant! I wonder what Hiroshi, Yuki and Tohma are going to do now!

EIRI-CHICK 2007-02-27 id # 30944
Ch 2

I just wanted to cry when I got to the part of Eiri examining Shuichi's butt and thighs! Imagining that...that kind of injury to such a sweet, innocent boy like Shu...*sob*

I can't wait to find out what happens in the third chapter, I'm crossing my fingers hoping that he's found before he does something stupid that we'll all regret!

plays Sakuma Ryuichi in and is Co-mod for
Gravitation: NG
The Gravitation RPG community for the Mature-minded (18+) RPer
New RP looking for characters, hurry and put in your applications!
(2-19-2007CE) Please note the change in age requirement from 21+ to 18+

tsubaki 2007-03-03 id # 31000
Ah... nice. You know I love this story so what else can I say?

True, Eiri acting up again would seem natural... he's been awfully nice here so far so I think your Eiri chara might want to take some back. We'll see. Great work, as always!

Iname 2007-03-03 id # 31001
Eyah!!! I like this version better than the anime! 1) because Eiri was actually sweet and 2) There's more interaction between the two in your writing that can actually indicate that they are lovers rather than what they showed on the anime where Eiri is just plain cold! Kyah! It's so delicious and my favorite part would have to be in chapter three then ending.

Wonderful writing and I hope more quality pieces would be written by you in the future!

-Looking forward to the future-


Vindaloo 2007-03-03 id # 31013
Hey, Tsu! I'll probably respond to this in the next chapter, but in case I don't get around to it, I wanted to say to you and anyone who might be interested...one of the really fascinating aspects of writing this story was exploring a Yuki thrust into a vulnerable, defensive stance and kept there for several days. He's not given the gift of remote discovery (Hiro handing him the information in a confrontational way sure to get his adrenaline pumping) or immediate outlet for his emotion (smashing Ask to a pulp.) He discovers it from first hand evidence and it immediately resonates with his past, thrusting a part of him right back to the Kitizawa era, pushing snarky-Yuki decidedly into the background...especially just before Shu disappears. Also, he has to deal with (a) finding Shu and (b) retrieving Shu, all with no outlet for the emotions from the past and present. So...yeah, he's been more empathic than normal, but that past is still held at bay by his PTSS partial amnesia, so there's not a lot of angsty detail, but rather a general feeling of lack of control. That's become more an issue in fleshing out the rewrite and has made a follow-up pretty manadatory...mainly so Yuki can kick some serious Assk. :D Beyond that...well, I'm trying to figure out how not to commit Epic when I can't afford the time! :D

EIRI-CHICK 2007-03-04 id # 31014
Ch 3

EIRI-CHICK 2007-03-04 id # 31016
Ch 3
"Shuuichi turned to face him, staring up at him searchingly. “Will I be all right, Yuki?”

“No promises, Shu. Not with you and me, not with NG. Life’s a crap shoot.”

That searching look drifted out across the maze of steel. “Or...a catwalk. Sometimes... you just fall off.”

Eiri caught his chin and turned that searching gaze back to himself. “And sometimes,” he said firmly, “there’s someone there to catch you.”

Another searching look, then, in a tiny whisper: “Kiss me?”

In front of his father. In front of this hard-core construction crew.

Kiss me. Catch me. Before I fall . . .

That was so sweet! *sniff*

I'm going to go hold my breath and wait for the next chapter!


Ray 2007-03-04 id # 31021
It's me again :P Sorry for not reviewing right away! I ALWAYS review your stories, you
know. See, you are special!
I liked the 3rd part. I enjoyed all of your stories, but in this one Yuki was especially
close to the original Gravitation Eiri. Applause! :P (you noticed my obsession with his
Looking forward to the next chapter and Yuki kicking some Assk, as you promised!
I am bloodthirsty, ARRGH!

tsuki 2007-03-04 id # 31026
I just read this and I totally love this!Somehow,this is what I want to actually happen in the manga/anime(but it might change the whole story,lol.).I can't wait to read the second section!

pinkrose 2007-03-05 id # 31038
yay! i loved this fic soooo much! is it possible for you to write a sequel to this? i hope so!

Bakayasha 2007-03-07 id # 31058
Fantastic! Very poignant and sweet. You made Shuichi's father out to be quite the snake, which is not all that common. It was a refreshing, tear jerking love story all the way to the last chapter and I for one and glad you took the time to write it for us. Please write more, You're writing style is superbly well rounded, not to sappy, not to vidictive. Just right.
Hope you have a good eveing,

Silvea silvea_miko@hotmail.com 2007-04-13 id # 31695
This was nothing if not beautiful. You're a wonderful writer. ^_^ -silvea-

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