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Reviews for Forever
Ray 2007-02-01 id # 30494
Yay! A new story from you ^_^
It made me shiny!
That was a really good beginning, update soon.

Ray 2007-02-01 id # 30495
Yay! A new story from you ^_^
It made me shiny!
That was a really good beginning, update soon.

Celeste 2007-02-01 id # 30496
Oh i hope chapter two is coming soon dear! I loved it!

Bellehime seraphfim@gmail.com 2007-02-02 id # 30497
Another great story -- can't wait for the continuation!

forever? 2007-02-02 id # 30498
Better mean Yuki and Shuichi forever. Bad Yuki! Guess I'd better go read those other stories. Update soon or I have to hurt U. Just kidding.

Vera http://vera.squirrelism.net 2007-02-02 id # 30499
Yay! The story continues. I love the first chapter can't wait for the next. Poor Shu agonizing as per usual, though Yuki's cold bastard attitude doesn't really help. I'm a little disturbed that (yet again) Yuki had to be threatened by K-san... but let's see the rest. I sure hope you won't break them up. There's enough of that in the anime/manga *puppy dog eyes*

happynoon noonsam@aol.com 2007-02-02 id # 30503
Yay! A new story from you!
But oooohhhh poor emo Shu! I just want to hug him. I'm so glad Eiri did!

Eagerly awaiting more....Please update soon...

connie fatal_earth_17@yahoo.com 2007-02-03 id # 30512
am i the only one, or chapters 1 and 2 are the same!

Vindaloo 2007-02-03 id # 30515
Whoa! Connie, thanks so much for the heads up. I had indeed managed to overwrite Chap one with two. This site has a funny quirk where I have to upload the text, post, then completely overwrite the text with the same exact information in order to get the italics and bold to show. I don't know why; I just do it. :D Last night, in my sleepy stupidity, I evidently told it to edit the first chapter! I went up, checked chapter two and it was the right words but still all standard font, so I went back in and edited again and it looked fine so I happily dozed off. Never thought to recheck chapter one!

If anyone understands what I'm talking about and has a clue to what I s/b doing differently, I'd really appreciate knowing what that something is. I work in Word Perfect and direct file upload didn't work for me at all, so I take my Word Perfect file and replace the printer code with the requisite html code for ital and bold, then just cut and paste into the text window.

Again, sorry for the mixup. (Blush)

headcase 2007-02-03 id # 30516
:cough:: uhm... I love this fic... but psst.... check your spelling of "skull"... you put in a "c" instead of a "k" making "scull". probably one of those sleep-induced goofs, easy fix

Vindaloo 2007-02-03 id # 30517
ARGH!!!! Thank you, headcase! (love that name) wish I could blame it on sleep deprivation or anything else but I'm afraid it's more like a brainfar---uh, brain glitch. It's one of those words that my brain KNOWS the difference, but my fingers always type wrong, and of course, scull being a type of boat, it doesn't get caught by the spell checker. And I don't type it often enough for my fingers to learn better. (maybe I should try the writing on the board/typing it one hundred times correctly trick! :D) Fixed here...going to let it go on ffnet, which can be a pain to edit, but I'll mention in the A/N of the next chapter. I hate proliferating my own stupidity. Thanks again!

Dambae karuune@gmail.com 2007-02-03 id # 30519
YAY, welcome back :) Very glad to see this wasn't a one-shot, as it had seemed like it initially. (I wasn't sure if this was a cliffhanger or not, to be honest, and was too tired to review it last night.) Very fluffy, very adorable, and looking forward to the next installment.

geniusgirl 2007-02-03 id # 30521
I thought I'd review on here rather than fanfiction.net for a change ^^ I like this story and hope you update quickly. =D

Vera http://vera.squirrelism.net 2007-02-03 id # 30526
Ah, sorry for jumping to conclusions just like Shuichi -.- This chapter was so sweet, yet the fact that Yuki says fuck buddy keeps him in character... well sort of ;)
Anyway was "working his tail off" a pun? I nearly imagined Yushu, or better yet Yuki dressed as Yushu (cosplay :P) rushing around the kitchen.
Anyway, loved the cuddling ;) Can't wait for Shu to feel better ^^, sorry I have a dirty mind *innocent blinking*

Madison madison_sakura57@hotmail.com 2007-02-03 id # 30535
It's not that hard to correct on ff.net just reupload the chapter in question then scroll down to replace chapter, click the right chapter that's it. I've had to do that on more than one occassion saddly enough, so I know how its done.

Yushu is so cute! At least Yuki proved to Shu that he cared about him.

happynoon noonsam@aol.com 2007-02-03 id # 30539
I loved it I loved it I loved it!!!! Wow this story has made me sooooo happy! Thank you again for sharing your vision of my favorite couple with the rest of us. You just keep getting better and better and we the readers get the benefits.

On a side note..the flu sucks. Get plenty of rest, kitty cuddles, fluids and try my secret flu weapon--nyquil-lots of nyquil. :) Hope you are feeling better soon.

Dambae karuune@gmail.com 2007-02-04 id # 30540
Awww, sooooo kawaii!!!! I love it :) Now, if only they'd give up in America that marriage is only between a man and a woman...

Feel better, Vind. That flu bug this year is absolutely nasty. *Sends over a pot of Jewish penicillin with matzo balls*

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-02-04 id # 30544
Very cute! Had you left that 3rd part without the 4th I would have hyperventilated too. Anyway, take your meds in time alright? Take a lot of fluids and rest. Viral infections are a bitch. Yeah. So I hope you get well soon. I love your Shuichi. That antics he did on stage is so Shuichi I was laughing so hard.

Ray 2007-02-04 id # 30546
That was very sweet ^_^
Though I doubt Yuki would EVER, and I mean EVER, do somethimg of this kind... Even the new and improved Yuki.
Hell, I wouldn't do anything of this kind... Well, this is your reality, your rules.
It was still nice to read.
Get well soon!
I'll be waiting for updates :P

Bellehime seraphfim@gmail.com 2007-02-04 id # 30554
Very cool =] Can't wait for the next installment from you!

Headcase 2007-02-08 id # 30615
I'm going to have to say I agree with you on the use of "hai" In this instance, had he said a long string of yes, it would have sounded like a long squeal, very Shuichi, but in this case, kind of off. Not that it matters, it's only my opininon


tsubaki 2007-02-12 id # 30659
I'm getting excited to read the unwritten referred to scene that you have changed. You originally said that the reference to Eiri's stay in the hospital, and the blockage Shu ubsequently encountered, are yet to be written..? Well, I see that you changed the scene, and am hoping this does not affect the other story...
Could be that I am mistaken with that scene being what you were referring to as the unwritten bit, but that's just me.

And Hiro SO took me by surprise here too, but in a way it made a whole lot of sense. I liked it, and appreciated it. I even thought that Hiro finally can move on, he did seem to be breathing down Eiri's neck a little (despite his patience) on the writer's relationship with Shu. With the way that things all calmed down and such (loved the everyone begging Eiri to stay still on the couch with his fiance), this story wound down very nicely.

One note: when you mentioned "All the answers", it didn't actually say what was written in it. Just that there were "accompanying pictures" without a clear outline of what the pics were accompnaying. Could be just me, but I had to re-read that section. I don't just think of a book as something with words, you see, I have to be spoon-fed that, even. Silly me?

Still... brilliant work!

Vindaloo 2007-02-12 id # 30660
Whoopsie! Thanks Tsu! I should have waited til I was over this flu. This is the book Yuki began in rehab in Yushu, the one that is his life's story. That *isn't* clear in this chapter and it s/b. I'll look into clarifying that in the next day or two as my brain comes back online. Meantime, folks, that's what it is. Sorry!

Vindaloo 2007-02-12 id # 30661
Oh, Tsu, the other question...the story yet to be written is Yuki's hospital stay that is vaguely referenced here. On sage advice from a knowledgeable reader, I changed it from Dallas to a generic small southern town in the USA. I hadn't planned to write it, but now that I started thinking about it, it's probably going to happen. :D What I changed/added here just began to make it coallesce into a story. Probably I'll post it as a oneshot in Cotton Candy Snow unless it develops into a lot more than I envision at this time.

happynoon noonsam@aol.com 2007-02-12 id # 30666
Beautiful ending! I love fluffy Eiri, this is just how I think he would turn out too.
Great story--sigh--made me laugh and cry--mostly crying because it was over! I am looking forward to your next work, this one just made me soooo happy!

sarah 2007-02-12 id # 30668
oh my god. i love your stories. Great story. Great ending. ~Sarah

Celeste 2007-02-12 id # 30670
OMG!!! That was an awesome epilogue!!!! The book: All the answers...Forever.... It was an amazing fic! Thank you dear!

daxemon 2007-02-13 id # 30680
Vindaloo you are the best. I find your writing to be very soothing and not just fluffy "cotton candy". Reading your fanfics calm and fulfill me. They make a cloudy day bright again. THANKS AGAIN. Will be keeping an eye out for more.

Dambae karuune@gmail.com 2007-02-14 id # 30689
LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing the story, and per your post-chapter writings, I would love to see a 5 years later chapter :)

Kimihiro 2007-02-15 id # 30715
I really haven't been coming to this site too much as of late, since I really haven't been able to find much that's to my liking. I don't think I've read anything on here since Christmas...

And then I stumbled across your fic. This was pretty damn adorable. Even without the other fic you'd said to read before hand, the reader was able to understand what was going on. You'd explained it perfectly. The little surprise during the proposal was adorable and a wonderful plot twist. :heart:

Thankies for the lovely story!

Solitaire bamf__@hotmail.com 2007-02-17 id # 30742
So I read both Yushu and this story over the course of the past week (because sometimes you just can't stay up all night to read a fic in one go instead of studying for midterms, as much as you'd like to...), and I must say that they were very beautifully written. One thing that's always struck me about Gravitation is how fucked up Yuki and Shuichi's relationship is, how I'll constantly forget (thanks to well-written fanfiction, haha), then be harshly reminded what an utter bastard Yuki is. And I'll be time and again torn between thinking Yuki is the worst thing to ever happen to Shuichi, and hating the seemingly never-ending supply of characters who seem intent on tearing them apart when it's obvious that Shuichi is the only one who can save Yuki's soul, to be melodramatic about it.

I mean, I barely survived reading the first issue of Gravitation Ex, lol.

So I guess I'd like to thank you for writing a Yuki who was able to finally put his past behind him, who was able to realize what it is Shuichi needs and deserves, even if he isn't always able to give it to him. I was impressed with the way you handled the characters, especially Yuki in Yushu as he struggled to get past his addictions and psychological fucked-uppedness--I'll admit that at first I thought Yuki's downward spiral being brought on so quick and hard by something as seemingly innocuous as trying to quit smoking felt a little extreme, but his mental state has been so precarious from the beginning of the series, it actually doesn't seem unrealistic at all that something like that might be all it takes to send him over the edge.

And as much as some small part of me was protesting the improbability of the whole proposal fiasco, from beginning to end, I couldn't help absolutely loving it. You could guess what Yuki was up to from pretty much the moment he came on the mic, but still, finally being given that image of Yuki getting down on one knee... It was priceless. Shuichi's reaction once he realized they really *could* get married had me laughing out loud. I've read a few other very good Graviation fics, but the majority of the ones with excellent writing and real feeling behind them seem to inevitably end on a bittersweet note--which, given the series we're working with, here, may be the best we can expect out of Murakami in the end. (T_T) But thank you so much for writing a story where Yuki and Shuichi both receive the happy ending they so badly deserve.

Graviluvr y40i1ov3r@yahoo.com 2007-03-16 id # 31187
This was some damn incredible writing. You've got some talent! Everybody was in character and the exchange between Hiro and Eiri was...wow. Random thought though...as I was reading this, the song 'You're Beautiful' by James Blunt kept popping into my head. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Point is, it was very good!! I look forward to reading more of your pieces.

EIRI-CHICK 2007-06-05 id # 34424
Chs 1-5
Fuffy, hai, but who cares? Not me!

This...this work of art was so wonderful, so full of love, so...breathtaking...I don't really know else what to say about it.

Except ...perfect.

Excellent job.


P.S. I dub thee, "Goddess of Love."
[After all, I also christened JadeHeart "Goddess of Angst," and Despina "Empress of Angst!" ^_^]

kimishi 2007-10-04 id # 35182
omg that was so...ciute! omg!!!!

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