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Reviews for Yushu
tsubaki 2006-12-30 id # 29761
I like your Eiri. He's nicer! I'm not too sure about the bringing a cat home, but if the critter reminded him of Shu... well, there you go. I think it's cute the animal seems to like Eiri. It seems right, because if he "tamed" Shuichi (instead of the other way around as more seem to think), then it would make sense he could befriend the cat. He is an intelligent individual, he should easily be able to sense how the cat will react. Seems he hit it right on the mark each time. Just as he knows his own lover so well...

Fluffy, cute and tender-hearted. We are in need of some sweetness amidst all the angst and drama. Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year, everybody!!

ashcat 2006-12-30 id # 29766
I liked it :) it was a cute look at their life without getting to sappy and i especially thought you handled the smoking bit really well. Thanks for posting!

Sik 2006-12-30 id # 29771
AWWW Why must you torture us with such a cliffhanger!!! You suck! (not really xP) Hurry and update! I want to make sure Yuki doesnt kill Shuichi! (Figuratively speaking or not)

madxhatta 2006-12-31 id # 29774
thank god for an original story
though what happened to Yushu?
can't wait for your next update.. don't leave us hanging!!

L 2006-12-31 id # 29786
I enjoyed the story v. much.
I find violent Yuki very attractive for some reason.
Keep writing.

tsubaki 2006-12-31 id # 29789
I'm not all for a violent Eiri, but somehow it was still... probable. I have seen how Eiri does with stress: He's CRAP at it. So how does he deal with something he has never really needed to tackle before? No surprise, I guess. But he WANTS to, and that is quite touching. Shuichi is still innocently sweet, very understanding and is *giggle* standing by his man!
Hiro, lovable man... He's so IC here. Loving his concern for Shuichi, watching his best bud's back and covering for Eiri. He has got his priorities straight. I hope they sort themselves out, I'm a little worried about Eiri's limits with violence...

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo,com 2007-01-02 id # 29857
Poor Shu. I think he better let Yuki smoke. When I quit I never had any problems with anything but thinking about aa smoke. I still do and it has been 7 years. I drives me crazy when the characters cmoke in these fics, lol, I want one too.

madxhatta 2007-01-02 id # 29858
+clings to shu plushie+
poor shu-chan

thank you for another marvelous update!

hope to see more soon

morlana 2007-01-03 id # 29882
Heh I don't think Yuki will like having his private Shu exposed to everyone. Great Chapter.

happynoon noonsam@aol.com 2007-01-05 id # 29942
This is such a powerful and incredible story. I reviewed on FFN but accidentally cut myself off mid review and couldn't finish what I wanted to say. Anyway, your storytelling is amazing and I eagerly await your next update.

I agree that abuse on the part of either Shu or Eiri-whether self inflicted or not-would be AU. In the manga Shu is never hesitant to stand up for himself and in both anime and manga Eiriis not quite the bastard so many fan-fic make him out to be. In fact, with the exception of the jokey-type violence, he never shows any true abusive tendencies and is always doing things for Shu to show he cares for him. However, it is very realistic to show that mis-managed meds and withdrawal can alter personalties. This fact, in combination with his obvious remorse, make both Shu and Eiri very IC. Great job so far and please!!--don't keep us waiting too long. Frequent updates are wonderful!! (that is what I was trying to say on FFN before I cut my self short)

Di Long 2007-01-06 id # 29957
This was really sweet- I loved the way you wrote the kitten too. You must have one to know them so well.

Sik 2007-01-06 id # 29975
OMG I just realized a couple minutes after reading that... Yuki was smoking! He's supposed to be quiting!! Whats going to happen?? =O (*is really into this*)

cocoke5 cocoke5@yahoo.com 2007-01-09 id # 30023
wow i read you story and i fell in love with it and i hope that eire know what he go to do and come back to shuichi . i hope that shuichi get eire back to it is sad right now but i can not wait for m ore of the story and see what happen and see were you go with it . very good writeing and the plot is real good to. see you when you up date up date soon.

Rupan 2007-01-09 id # 30026
I'm enjoying this immensly! I'm a sucker for your Shu at this point. His behaviour throughout the entire story and especially now at this point is extremly appealing to me. The mature understanding and strength he is showing - wonderful. And - as a big fan of the friendship between Hiro and Shu - I've been enjoying the interaction between those two just as much. The way their friendship is portrayed here is just the way I imagine it in my head. :P Eagerly awaiting an update.

Starbright 2007-01-09 id # 30033
This is really good. Even though I read the last two chapters out of order, I still loved them.

happynoon noonsam@aol.com 2007-01-09 id # 30041
You made me cry but I loved it. Eagerly awaiting more...........

Bellehime [Leah] seraphfim@gmail.com 2007-01-09 id # 30043
Can't wait for more! Beautifully written.

madxhatta 2007-01-10 id # 30045
Damn you!!

you made me cry :(

poor lil shu.. hes so brave.. at least he has Yushu

Ray ray_archangel@yahoo.com 2007-01-10 id # 30059
Just read chapter 8 on FF.net.
Loved it. Psychotic enough for my taste.
Eiri's need to write is described amazingly well. His opinions on the relationship with other people are
interesting. His obsession with Shuichi is given justification.
Great chapter.
I really wonder what kind of a person you are yourself.
I bet you like analyzing yourself and other people. Yes? No?

cocoke5 cocoke5@yahoo.com 2007-01-11 id # 30074
vin i like this chapter and i hope that eiri understand that to be in there to help him and make he a good person to love shiuichi. and i hope that he real lies that. but i think the chapter catch he in the book . and now he have to do for him. come to the turns that the past will eat at him. but i can not wait for the next chapter and see what happen to him . i think that your writing is real good and i love the way the story catch me . and get me to read more of the story . i have to start over to and read the story . and to get here .. and it is real real good. good luck on the next chapter of the story be waitting.

madxhatta 2007-01-12 id # 30082
YAY!! I'm mention first!!

you find them in this wonderful little world, where money grows on trees and rivers of chocolate flow.

and if you look carefully just under the little coin bushes you may just spot a Yuki or Shu plushie, peering out from the gloom

lovely chapter as always,

xox the mad one

Iname 2007-01-12 id # 30090
I'm kinda sad now. Everything used to be going so well- and Yuki even gave him a cat! WHY WHY WHY is this is angsty??? *sniff* It's thoroughly good though.
Keep up the great work and I hope sometime soon some thing GOOD, EXTREMELY ROMANTIC and...hmm...FLUFFY/FUNNY happens to them. Which in other words would be a messed up reunion for the two. lol. Keep writing and good luck.

happynoon noonsam@aol.com 2007-01-13 id # 30121
Wow! Another fantastic chapter! This story just gets better and better and every installment is a treat. There is a strong shining of hope coming through now, which is one of the aspects of Gravitation I love so much, hope that no matter how hard the obstacles, there is always a way to come through it all together. I have had important people in my own life go through this process of recovery from addiction and you are very realistic in showing how they feel and think. I can't wait to see how it continues--please don't keep us in suspense too long!!

madxhatta 2007-01-13 id # 30123
Ooooh Yushu plushi? KAWAII!!

wow you have really taken this story and explored the characters! I'm impressed

and I can't wait to find out what your take on kitizawa's betrayal and the reasoning behind it.. if such an act has reason

Dambae karuune@gmail.com 2007-01-14 id # 30136
Great writing, great story, love the psychoanalytical premise! Thank you for the quick releases :) Keep it up!

MattMel hardyfan@gmx.de 2007-01-14 id # 30142
This story gets better with every chapter! I like the way you wrote about Yuki's rehab is really good, it is not just something an fanfiction writer would writ, but it sounds believable. At first I could not understand and really believe that Yuki could be violent to his little Shu, but after your reasoning that he tried even cocain, Yuki could really hurt his Shu. Please update soon and keep up the great work. Best Wishes MattMel

bakayarona 2007-01-14 id # 30143
I have been enjoying this story - you have put together a plausible storyline along with good writing and some honest-to-god research. It's so refreshing to find this in the usual Gravi miasma.

Though now you have given me an excuse to put my cat fic on hold for a while. *laughs* Sorry, writing muse! *points to old fics covered in mold* Be inspired for those instead, muse!

By the way, they are rare, but Gravi plushies were once hand-made by a sister team who no longer make them as far as I know, probably to avoid copyright lawsuits. I got mine back in 2005. Here is a photo of them: http://www.angelfire.com/planet/onna_crap/plushies/graviplush-72t.jpg

Dambae karuune@gmail.com 2007-01-16 id # 30182
I love it! Keep up the great work, and give your muse some strawberry pocky for me ;)

happynoon 2007-01-17 id # 30188
Wow! That was an amazing chapter, it has always puzzled me as to Kitazawa's motivation--why would he do it? What sick motivation made him do something so heinous? Even more, why would anyone feel guilt about shooting someone who had done that to them? I was fascinated at the way you led from his 'story' to the journal.

I always knew that twerp Touma was in some way to blame. I hate that guy *grin*(sorry Touma fans-but he needs to keep away from Eiri and leave Shu alone!!)

Ok but now my only complaint. What a way to leave us hanging!! I may throw a Shu tantrum now! *holds breath until next chapter*

ANKuma 2007-01-17 id # 30196
okay, okay, i'll admit it. i wasn't really liking this story at first as a whole. there were parts of it that i absolutely loved, but the story as a whole seemed kind of...i dunno...unrealistic to me. and i guess i still think that that's partially true, since i can't imagine eiri trying cocaine or ending up in rehab... but despite all of that, i kept reading and after this last chapter...i mean, holy shit, that chapter was fucking amazing! it made me want to cry and you've weaved the stories of eiri's rape and shuichi's rape together so perfectly that it shows how, despite all of their differences, eiri and shuichi are still very much the same and can understand each other on such a deep level... and i'm glad that someone else thinks eiri doesn't view shuichi so much as kitazawa, but as himself at age 16! he says so several times in both the anime and the manga that he used to be like shuichi and...shit, chica, you are so amazing! i'm completely, entirely, totally jealous! you must, must, MUST continue writing this! *seethes in jealousy* and thanks so much for reviewing my stories! ^_^ i love it when writers i really respect review! ja!

madxhatta 2007-01-18 id # 30206
Yeah I found your take interesting, I hadn't looked at it that way before though my thoughts have been similar.

Mm my first time encountering Gravitation was at a friends house, she had the manga in Japaneses so I just kinda guessed my way through it and loved it anyway!!!

anyway~~ love the chapter as always can't wait for more!!!

XD the mad one

cocoke5 cocoke5@yahoo.comwow 2007-01-18 id # 30225
the story is real good and you have very good story. up date soon.

bakayarona 2007-01-18 id # 30230
Chapter 10 was wonderful in how you wove the two rapes together. And I liked how Yuki knew Touma would target him, so he might as well die at Eiri's hand.

Chapter 11 almost stopped MY heart! Then Shu in the hospital, with Yushu started it again! *laughs*

Loved the confused announcer! And that 'available' comment later! *laughs* Silly woman - Yukis are for pink-haired bakas only!

I have to admit, I am poised (like many!) to see what Eiri will actually see when he steps into the bedroom...

... and if the tribble will be awake...


Men's Pocky is my fave chocolate pocky, too! I like the Strawberry Mousse with the strawberry bits. I know Eiri's favorite food is strawberry shortcake and still wonder if he likes things like pocky that really does taste like strawberries instead of fake strawberries like American snacks. Japanese candy is SO much better!

Glad you are getting a chance to read some of the incredible writers out here - they DO exist! *laughs* I cannot even begin to give you recommendations - your best bet is to look at my list and read everything each one of those authors have written! Ready to take a speed reading course?

I am going to send you an email so this remains a review.

Dambae karuune@gmail.com 2007-01-18 id # 30236
The chapter was great, to be honest! And, if you are finding there is something missing, there likely is; sometimes it takes time for the muse to get the idea off of the tip of its proverbial tongue. No matter, I loved it :)

And YES, men's pocky ROCKS! I've managed to find one place that I visited that sold it, and that was the Japanese pavillion in EPCOT in Walt Disney World. So I'm down to my last packet of it, and like you with the reverse strawberry (I have no idea where to get that, but it sounds delish), I'm saving it for a very special rainy day. I'm completely addicted to pocky and hi-chew, and am actually considering spending $50+ on an order, since all the local stores pretty much only carry strawberry and chocolate pocky.

neafaroo 2007-01-19 id # 30240
loved it... I really like this story... the idea is great, and the way that yuki faces his final demons is so good... I love how he finds his out by writing, but hasn't it always been... ^_^

I can't wait to read the next part, to see shuichi's reaction to yuki's return...

Ray 2007-01-19 id # 30243
Wow, that's some cliffhanger! You got me on the edge of my seat. Please update soon!
That was a very good chapter, though I do agree that it might still need some work.
In my humble opinion, the collapsing scene was a bit too melodramatic. I could kinda picture Shuichi
falling in slow motion with a single tear on his cheek, if you know what I mean.
Don't get me wrong, it was still awesome, but I think with your talent you could do it even better!
Thank you for your hard work,

ANKuma 2007-01-19 id # 30260
another wonderful chapter! ^_^ i love snobby!eiri... for some reason, he really makes me smile, ha ha. this is really a good story, and i can't believe that i didn't immediately like it, looking back on it. i can see your points very clearly now that they've been explained a little more to me. i'm definately adding this to my recs! ^_^ ooooh, i am completely nervous for eiri right now, though! i mean, of course shuichi will take him back (we know this from 'cotton candy snow') but how will their first meeting after everything that's happened be? *crosses her fingers* oooh, i wish him luck! and i cannot wait for more! update soon! ^_^

ANKuma 2007-01-21 id # 30295
eeek! so cute! i'm so happy for eiri and shuichi! *throws rice at them*

i really liked the ending of this story. so much, that i simply cannot wait for the epilogue! *dances around* i also can't wait to see what other stories you plan on entertaining us with now! i'm eagerly awaiting more vindaloo stories, i can tell you that! ^_^

i really like that you also don't think eiri was truly in love with kitazawa. i think it was more that he felt so guilty for killing him, that he viewed him as a martyr and blamed himself for 'driving him to it' because he was attracted to him and very much smitten with him. i'm really happy someone has a similiar view on this! yay for us, ha ha!

i really loved the eiri/shuichi interaction. eiri being nice here isn't oc, because he's just had this big soul-searching, coming-to-terms-with-his-past, deeply-emotional experience, so it's bound to change him a lot. but we all know that he's going to go back to being bratty and grumpy as usual, right? ^_~

anyways, i can't wait for more! so update soon! ^_^ and i hope the next chapter is a lemon! (i'm starting to think that my boyfriend is right whenever he says that i'm more perverted than he is...)



daxemon 2007-01-21 id # 30306
Shuichi is a little clever minx isn't he. He tricked Yuki. I love everything about this update. I was a little leery of this update after I read the one before it, I was so afraid as to what would happen when they finally saw each other after all this time. Especially under the circumstances that Yuki came back home. I so loved reading this, I hope to dive into the next update soon. Yushu is awesome.

happynoon noonsam@aol.com 2007-01-22 id # 30312
*jumps up and down with glee**
This was such a wonderful and sweet chapter, I just loved it. Shu is sooo much smarter than everyone gives him credit for, he knew just when and what to do to get Eiri home where he belongs!

I really loved how you explained the Kitizawa incident, I had said earlier that I never understood his motivation, and I totally agree that MM's true intentions were lost in the translations. The manga has so many errors it is sometimes hard to decide exactly what she was trying to say. The line that always confused me was in the anime when Kitizawa says "I'm going to miss this." What could he have meant since he and Eiri had never had any sexual contact before? Your explanation makes that statement actually make sense.
Great job!!!

I eagerly await the Epilogue, but I also love the Cotton Candy Snow series which are continuations of this storyline, so I hope for more there as well. Until then--Applause for you!

amaniblue amaniblu@yahoo.com 2007-01-22 id # 30318

I'd read up to your lasting posting in one sitting. Truly marvelous work you'd had done. I've read many Gravitation fanfics. Many are mindless PWP, tremendously humorous, angst up the wazoo, melodramatics to fill several lifetimes and some are just plainly full of drivel. However, in reading yours, I would whole-heartedly declare as the most pyschologically introspective work of characterisation. I'd truly enjoyed reading the mechanical workings of Yuki's introspective demise. It was brilliantly done. The plot fills in the blank of the self-inflicted turmoil of what drives Shu and Yuki's relationship. You've managed to fully explore the depths of their respective demons and their mental boundaries. Very three-dimensional fill-ins. The only criticism I have are the dialogs: Shu seems too mature at some parts and Yuki seems too lengthy in others. Otherwise, I enjoyed their rapport very much. Thank you for this inciteful fanfiction. Can't wait to ready more of your work and the end of this fic.

Best wishes,

DL1865 2007-01-23 id # 30332
Wonderful. I love the fact that you get Yuki and Shuichi. Shuichi is NOT a moron, and Yuki is not an asshole. And I love the last chapter when Shuichi realizes that it was a good thing that Yuki went through all that he did. That's so true! We learn hard life lessons like that sometimes, and come out of them better people. Plus, bouncy Shuichi wouldn't have responded as well to someone who was nice or retiring. And you've captured the underlying sweetness and love between the pair of them, which so many people don't seem to see or understand. In the long run, they're a great couple. Thanks for writing this; I don't get to read really good fan fics too often(especially Gravi ones, which tend to be pretty bad sometimes)so this was a refreshing treat. :)

sarah 2007-01-24 id # 30358
Wow. i love this story. Normally, i don't read dama because it makes me kind of sad or something, but i'm really glad i read this one. It's so well written and you tied it into the canon so well. i love your work, and i hope to see more! ~Sarah ^-^

happynoon noonsam@aol.com 2007-01-27 id # 30408

And a Shu-hug back to you. I have followed this story from the beginning, and it just kept getting better and better. The only thing more I can say is Thank You..for sharing this incredible story.

Dambae karuune@gmail.com 2007-01-27 id # 30413
YAY, I loved it!!!! Always good to end on a yaoi note ;) Thank you for completing it...I look forward to reading your next story.

daxemon 2007-01-27 id # 30416
Beyond SWEET!!!!!!!!! Now that is a fanfic that will stick with me and whenever I think about it, my day will seem just that much brighter. Way to go with the ending. I believe that it was best not to include the lemon. Let our imaginations do what we need them to do, thank you and keep up the phenomenal work.

cocoke5 cocoke5@yahoo.com 2007-01-27 id # 30417
you did and the story was very good and the last chapter make me cry. and i can not wait for the next story. good luck. and thank you for a good story. on line.[

Bellehime seraphfim@gmail.com 2007-01-27 id # 30420
That was really awesome! You're a great writer and I really liked this story!

Starbright 2007-01-27 id # 30424
That was beautiful. One of the best endings I've ever read.

Celeste 2007-01-28 id # 30437
I liked your insight on Eiri's battles, well done!

CosE 2007-01-28 id # 30442
Truly beautiful, effortlessly flowing and intriguing story. It digs right to core, keeps you in constant wait, or angst or thought right alongside each character's moment, hanging on for more yet completely satisfied with all the results given. Plus there was very little fault, certainly in your style and technique, very minor spelling/grammer reductions to its overall perfection.
Chp7 left me with such a burning throat yet v.few tears with its intensity just as chp9 so flowingly detailed from one moment to the next. Chp10 was in many ways the best Eiri angst in a long while, the transition between his Shu and him was extremely smooth, the ending different in its view but still poerful in its explanation.
Enjoyed the notion of Shu's backbone to Eiri (something severly missed in series), that photo, grinningly good to think of that line about how only Shu would get a cat into a hospital bed XD, the constant reference to reality definitely gave this an extra edge and the statement (which until now in the manga i'd never quite understood) the "not being afraid of being afraid" finally makes clear sense..so thanks for that.
But the whole 'coming home' bit especially Shu's pretense (ironic somehow & v.devious), "You little snake" for reasons I can't quit name was the best line here - in context of course!
Explanation in chp12 (after Shu's confession mostly) was like ...seriously are you sure your not murakami in disguise (no offense to her or maybe you) cause all of that could & does make sense..oh and 'Bingo'...excellent sum up and so simple. Adored it and Gotta be a fav (top fav at that) Thanks for an awesome read!

Ray 2007-01-29 id # 30446
A wonderful ending for a wonderful story ^_^
I'll have to go and reread Cotton Candy Snow now :)
I'll be waiting impatiently for your future stories!

sarah 2007-01-29 id # 30456
Oh my god! That was the best ending ever! i love this story so much!

chiaki_ayumi cjhuntress@yahoo.com 2007-04-02 id # 31463
I can't believe it... you are a goddes to have written that.

gosh...you've made me speechless and full of emotions that the story made me feel.

great story....just perfect.

EIRI-CHICK 2007-06-04 id # 34415
Yushu (complete)

I'm sitting here, hoping that someday I can write as passionately, as descriptive, as...emotional as you do.

Bravo, Vindaloo, bravo.

This story is going on my list of recs.

I'm going to go read the rest of your work now.


Overskill 2007-09-05 id # 35000
Well, you write very well indeed, no ifs and buts about that. I can only shower you with praises.

I have a problem with your subject matter. I mean, really? Nicotine withdrawal is equal to heroin and cocaine withdrawal? Since when? I was a smoker, a friend car-crashed me, I stopped - obviously - being in and out of surgery for a year and a half with no hysterical symptoms at all. A friend of mine stopped cold as well, just because she wanted to and didn't have a problem with it. except she kept sucking things, which is very unlike domestic violence. My mum stopped and all she did was get a tad testy for a while. I mean, I know it's quite hard for some people, but it's not really the hell you portray. I may be premature and you're probably saying that Eiri's problem is not stopping to smoke (by the way, I can't believe he would ever do that, but it's fanfic and let's push the envelope) but that he's got a very serious pathology (as in being really mental) because of Kitazawa. Still, I can't see him hit Shuichi for no reason in the universe.

I see also that you keep dismissing the manga, but the manga is the true canon here. In Book two (I think) Eiri tells a weepyShuichi after first time sex "You never told me to stop, I would have stopped if you told me. No matter what I do you weep. What must I do to see you smile?" And this long before he even remotely accepted the idea that he and Shuichi were an item. Eiri is most definitely NOT an abuser, he hasn't got the mindset. In a sense - perhaps for you hidden under all the apparent madness that is the Farce Dada Surreal World of Shuichi - he is the victim of Shuichi fancies and obsessions.

Am not even remotely flaming you, I adore your style and the way you write. I suppose I got a tad testy about the cigarette-hating, cigarettes-spawn-of-satan, stop-smoking-and-all-ills-go away rather American attitude. Or maybe it was the Reducing the Bastard Hero to Abuser simplification, a thing I'd never suspect you of doing, actually, but... well... I hope I'm being outrageously wrong and I'll have to apologise later on. I really hope it.

Thank you anyway.

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