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Reviews for Cotton Candy Snow
L 2006-12-23 id # 29537
This was a sweet lil' story. That's what I call fluff.

Anon 2006-12-23 id # 29539
In all honesty...it was kind of boring. Way too descriptive. Yuki is also really OOC. But, that's just me.

Rupan 2006-12-23 id # 29540
Eiri was very OOC and overall it was just a tiny bit to...well, fluffy for my taste. But it was a cute idea and well written, so I did enjoy it somehow. Looking forward to reading more from you. :)

Velvetina 2006-12-23 id # 29542
Some may say too fluffy but in my opinion it was just perfect, I loved every single minute of this very, very cute story

ANKuma 2006-12-23 id # 29544
well, i must say that i loved it! ^_^ you seem to have a very similar take on eiri and shuichi's relationship. that's a lot like how i write them! ^_^ this sort of look into their relationship isn't done very often, but i find it undeniably canon. do you have more fanfiction? i must look... i also think i'll be adding this to my recs! it really was beautifully written. i loved the way that shuichi pretended that yuki was with him the whole time... i never would've thought of that, and it's very in character. and i also loved the idea of eiri getting jealous of the imaginary!eiri. very cute! anyways, i'd like to say 'keep up the good work' and, if you have some free time, i'd love to hear what you think of some of my stories! ja!

-anti-nostalgic kuma

Di Long 2006-12-23 id # 29564
That was beautiful. I liked the feeling of peace you imparted - I wanted to go to that place you created and take a walk myself. You did a great job of showing Shu and Eiri's private selves - showing aspects of their relatiomnship that are not often explored and could only be known to themselves. I really, really, liked that you gave Shu some credit for being smart and mature- so many people paint him as a dumb kid, I don't think that does him justice. I liked your sensitive joyful version very, very much. Di

Rupan 2006-12-24 id # 29578
No offence, I still can't agree with your characterisation of Eiri, but hey, to each it's own. You've probably seen something in him while reading the manga/watching the anime that I've never seen in that way, and never will. Even taking character development into consideration, he's simply an entire different person in my head.
Nevertheless, I find this pieces, as I've stated, very...well, let's say cute. They are enjoyable, especially now during Christmas. And it's ALWAYS a joy to find more fanfiction authors with a good grasp on the english language, if you get my drift. So, thanks for posting, I'll be keeping an eye out for more.
Oh, and Merry Christmas. :)

Vindaloo 2006-12-24 id # 29579
To Rupan, No offence taken! One of the things I love about fanfiction is how it helps me stretch my appreciation of the characters and stories. If we all saw them the same way, what would be the point? Thank you for coming back for part two. :D Next time, I promise, less fluff.

L 2006-12-24 id # 29585
I liked the second part too, though it was slightly more OOC than even the first one :P
I do think that your Yuki is very OOC in this story, but it is almost impossible to write Gravi fluff with IC Yuki.
So don't think too much about it, 'K?
I like you language use though, it's nice to read.
Keep writing, I think you've got potential.

tsubaki 2006-12-26 id # 29630
Chapter one:
Eiri may not feel sorry for Shuichi, but I certainly do. Maybe just a little. There is a valid point in not allowing anyone, not even the one you love most in the world, take away a magical moment from you... but it being Shuichi and pretending so hard... it was more like he was trying to make a memory that could not be. I had to feel bad for that, for the possibilities. Although, Eiri did win back my good graces by slipping his shoulder under that tilted head. Like sliding back into place and into the shape against where he fit best; two pieces coming back together. I had to admit that it was very VERY sweet; I came away cooing, "Awwww..."

tsubaki 2006-12-26 id # 29631
Chapter Two:
I adore the idea of Eiri and Shuichi building a home together. The pseudo wedding bands spoken of in past tense was sigh-worthy, and the earrings were very romantic. There are so many ways to match, and I think a lot of people forget the earring option. Beautiful. And I love that Eiri woke up and got himself across the world to Shuichi's side.
Also, I really liked that Hiro-Eiri interaction. Eiri tugging on the guitarist's ponytail was kinda nice; implies a better relationship, close friendship. Really like that.

ANKuma 2006-12-27 id # 29666
yay! you continued it! ^_^ i completely agree with you... it's all about the tiny things when it comes to yuki and shuichi's relationship. i'm so glad that someone sees that! lol! i was reading some of the other reviews and people actually said your eiri was ooc? it's completely untrue. don't listen to them! they probably don't understand yuki's character in the first place. anyways, i really liked this chapter and i hope to see more from you soon! and thanks so much for taking the time to read my stories! update soon!
-anti-nostalgic kuma

Vera http://vera.squirrelism.net 2007-01-01 id # 29820
Now I normally don't really review - because I'm much too happy being a lazy bum - however your fics truly moved me. I think my eyes might have misted a bit, during the first chapter, when you described Shu's 'imaginary Eiri'. As for Eiri actually considering glaring at his invisible 'replacement'...
Anyway, I love these vignettes. Please DO keep on writing. I love reading them.

bellehime seraphfim@gmail.com 2007-01-07 id # 29999
That was really great =]

bakayarona 2007-01-14 id # 30144
I thought I had reviewed these first two chapters - must be my imagination then.

Anyway, I have always enjoyed 'snippet' stories - those that show small slices of life between characters. I like your Gravi universe and how you show them growing beyond their manga/anime confines.

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzyvbunnytoo@yahoo.com 2007-01-15 id # 30151
I was nice to se the lovely suprize for Yuki to give Shu. There are theselitle unknown thing that peed oout for time to time in a relationshaip that really make love worth looking for and giving all you have to make it work.Love is a mericale for anyone that finds it and I hope pleople realize that snf krrp it close to thier heart for those times when life seems viod and that lovely warmth is needed.

Di Long 2007-01-15 id # 30153
Again, I am really enjoying this. Its fun to discover little serets about our favorite characters. For instance that Eri can skate - it was beleivable ebcasuer you wove in his NY past with kitazawa. I also liekd how Shu wanted the most sparkly looking set up - of course he did. Bravo! I think you have cornered the market on the introspective side of Eiri.

Tlynn 2007-01-15 id # 30156
This should have a "Not Work Safe" warning; not for smut (though you have some lime-y bits). It is just when I get teary-eyed at my computer it is rather obvious that I am working on my spreadsheet! I'm really enjoying the sap. I like the angst, too, but then I want a happy Schu-chan and Eiri. And it is nice to know that they make it through your other story (also enjoying.)
Keep up the good work,

Madison madison_sakura57@hotmail.com 2007-01-15 id # 30160
I loved it! I see a skating rink at the mall all the time and wish I could do it. But then my niece 12 saying that even though she was good at inline skating it still hurt your legs badly! So I've been scared to even tried since I've never even tried in-line skating.

I loved it that Yuki was a perfect skater and that Shu well still as disasterous as ever. Not surpiseing he almost took out half the skaters there. But while there in New York for a while who at home taking care of Yushu? Or did Yuki just leave enough food and water for him? It can be done for a short time did it once. But personally one the way home I was worried if he was okay. But I love the story can't wait till the next chapter!

neafaroo 2007-01-15 id # 30164
loved this... I love your other story too... these were cute, and I can't wait to read more of your other story...

tsubaki 2007-01-16 id # 30168
This was such fun to read! My imagination when bonkers processing this and I had a blast, I tell you. Well, you know I skate, too, so this was a greater pleasure to read than usual. I'll send you those pictures I promised this weekend. The twins and I are off to the rink again and THIS time I am sure I'll return with some shots. Talk soon?
Happy writing!!

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-01-16 id # 30169
Very lovely... Logic with a unique structure...loved that!

Daxemon 2007-01-16 id # 30175
I loved this fanfic. It wasn't just fluff. It actually had me grinning like an idiot some or most of the time. Can't wait to see where you go with YUSHU. Will be looking forward to more of you talent. THANKS.

bakayarona 2007-01-18 id # 30232
I could easily imagine the action in chapter three - it was great. Some elements were pure anime/manga craziness, but believable at the same time. I knew Shu would eventually cause a pile-up of some kind, even if it was only between himself and Eiri. And that happened, too! *laughs* It had a lot of fluffiness, comedy, thoughtfulness, reflection and refreshingly different ways to see the characters.

I wish I could bring images to readers like you do - instead, I just bludgeon them to death with description.

My only suggestion is to provide some definitions to the skating terms at the end of the chapter. I watch ice-skating whenever I can but I did not know what three-turns, brackets, counters or rockers were. I blame it on the Olympics not having compulsory figures anymore. rat says it is partly because it makes boring TV. I liked it - it showed the skaters had precision in the details.

Maybe a link to skating terms would do if you don't want to add too much to the author notes at the end. It would be great to see a photo of those wicked blades Shu picked, too!

Daxemon 2007-01-19 id # 30254
If you could just see the grin on my face right now. I think you would understand how great I found reading this fanfic. Can't wait for another installment. Please don't make me wait, finding this fanfic was a wonderful surprise to me, and I hope to see more soon. Thanks.

Iname 2007-01-19 id # 30257
Aw! So cute! I think I'm drowning from a pool of fluffiness- can't breathe! But it's worth it. I loved it and hope for more to come. Shuichi's so funny- ne? Eiri's sedan got destroyed all for pocky and The cat's smoochies (which I must say is a very unique name I've never come across lol). THank you so much for the wonderful update!

ANKuma 2007-01-19 id # 30261
*laughs annoyingly* awwww! that was sooooooooooo freakin' cute! it even sent me into valleygirl!fangirl mode! leik, zomg! ^_^'

i loved the ending of 'smoochies' with the pocky. i thought i was going to die laughing at it. so cute! i can't wait for more! i love me some eiri/shuichi fluff, i do, i do. ^_^


ANKuma 2007-01-19 id # 30262
oooh, ha ha, i realized i forgot to review the 'skates' chapter... you know, it reminded me of my first (and only) attempt at ice skating. i was the only 16 year old there that use to use those big buckets in order not to fall on my ass. and it didn't even work that well. i still fell. and then i went roller skating with my boyfriend and made a complete ass out my self because, unless i'm in a kayak, i have absolutely NO balance whatsoever. and they say tauruses are supposed to be 'graceful'. pssh. but this chapter was sweet and i really enjoyed it! ^_^ i love the idea of eiri on skates. but i would've made him fall, simply because i love to embarass him. ^_^ i love it when he losses his cool! keep up the good work!

my opinion 2007-01-19 id # 30264
Chapter 4 was not as well done as the rest of the chapters.

Madison madison_sakura57@hotmail.com 2007-01-19 id # 30266
I've tried Friskes treats but there not exactly easy to find here. Here we use pounce. They used to only sell heart-shaped soft chews and that use to be all they sold. But I think their trying to do away with the soft cause now they're hard heart-shaped treats. There good for one thing other than just treat food, we have a big house and 2 cats. Sometimes when you have the door open and finish up and then close it, you look around and the last time you looked the cat was there. Now you don't see either of them and look around and can't find them. It's good to have the treats in a container that makes noise. If you shake it enough they recognize the noice and eventually come out of hiding.

I feel for Yuki, he's going to be majorly miffed till he gets his car back and repaired. But at least Shu seems to have gotten back on Yuki's good side. I'm betting there was pocky in those sacks too.

morlana 2007-01-20 id # 30270
This Chapter is funny. Everyone is trained.

Shu trained his cat
The cat trained Shu and Yuki
Shu trained Yuki w/cake
Yuki trained shu w/pocky

Celeste 2007-01-28 id # 30436
I enjoyed all your chapters. Well done!

xXVatesXx 2007-07-18 id # 34733
LMAO I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 This its so fluffy adn sweet and cute and deliciosu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You MUST update soon! You must! you must! Or thou shall fel the wrath of mine pointy pitch fork XD


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