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Reviews for Trapped
Nyoko 2003-11-07 id # 1004
Kinda cruel there, what you did to Shuichi. The fic is REALLY dark and portrays Yuki like a total ass, which is not done in many fics, so your creativity gets a good comment!
I think it should take on a more happy approach later in the story, if there is a later, cause it's just soo sad to see Shuichi treated that way.
Anywho, I think it's a good story in it's own category of being tragic.

TenshiKait 2004-09-26 id # 4935
T__T this is a very angst-filled AU fic. Man, I really wished Shuichi would leave that Yuki.
P.S The song lyrics are well-written ^-^

Shadowstar 2006-01-03 id # 14502
Why doesn't this have more reviews?

Very, very sad. Recognizable, but taken to an extreme, I think. It's very nice.

tsubaki 2006-11-18 id # 28646
Oh, is this a one shot? I was rather hoping there was more.
Kinda odd that you depicted Shuichi taking such crap, but I was wondering where you would take it.
I like the drama and the emotional thoughts.

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