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Reviews for Unlocking My Love
gravitule 2006-07-09 id # 23804
I love your ununcontrollable fuzzy little writing muse...
This was so unexpected and so moving. What a nice way to start my sunday...

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2006-07-09 id # 23808
makes me wanna cry in silence and hurt alone...gods, the angst! i whish though that you'd update faster...thanks for making a sequel..

purplerainn 2006-07-09 id # 23811
A sequel! This one is filled with pain, sadness and angst...

Can't wait for the next chappie!

tangerine 2006-07-09 id # 23813
Can't wait for mooore~!!
Love this story so much! ^^

Lisa angelinaperry@yahoo.com 2006-07-09 id # 23815

Cant describe to you how happy I am to see a new fic from you and a sequel to one of the fics that converted me..
Please, please, please do continue it... Love the characterisations in the fic.. Keep it up!


Sueona 2006-07-09 id # 23816
This is a great story. please update this story soon. :)

ashcat 2006-07-09 id # 23819
Chpt 1: You've already ripped my heart out and made me want to both scream and cry with only the first chapter. ARGH, why can't they communicate, why! I can't wait to see what happens, it is great to see such a wonderful story continued - and I love that you really did continue it from the moment of TKTMH ending, this could have been the next chapter! I hope you update soon, fuck I don't want to wait to see what happens!

Despina 2006-07-09 id # 23821
Well. Yes. My heart is broken, you know that? I, like many others, wanted everything to be 'okay', but that is not how life works, is it? The two of them have a long way to go before they can live together, or even be together. They are different people now, they need to reestablish themselves. I appreciate the reality and Im ready to ride the roller coaster again!

I apologize. I havent had a chance to get to your other stories yet real life has been getting underfoot lately.

Anyway thanks for writing this and sharing with us. Id been missing these two.


Lisa-chan 2006-07-09 id # 23829
YAYYYYYY! I was hoping that a sequal was in the works. I can't wait to read more of this. "The Key to my Heart" was awesome, it made me cry and laugh and scream. I am sure that this one will do the same. Please update soon, I don't know if I will be able to wait too long for the next chapter. :)

ANKuma 2006-07-09 id # 23830
ah! this is soooo terrifically amazingly wonderfully good! ^_^ the entire time i was reading the last chapter of the key to my heart, i knew that things couldn't be so simple, and you've portrayed that wonderfully. go you! though i really can't wait for yuki and shuichi to get back together in a more permanent, more complete sense. they are so beautiful together and they play off each other so well. you do an excellent job of protraying that as well. oh, and props to you for an in character eiri! so many people just seem to miss the mark with his character and you always seem to manage to hit him head on in this series. yay! i'll be looking forward to reading more! ^_^ update this soon, i'm terribly impatient! ^_^ ja!

-anti-nostalgic kuma

michelle 2006-07-09 id # 23831
oh i love you!!! ^ ^ the first chapter had me sad but i loved it nontheless. i hope the next chapter comes soon

Emerald Kri_Minamino@yahoo.com 2006-07-09 id # 23832
Hello! [: First time reviewer, but I've been reading you fic since like, Key To My Heart has less then 10 chapters. xD First of all, I have to say what a lovely writer you are, and I loved Key To My Heart, it was a really amazing fic. Not only was is fantastically written, but I loved the character of Jim, and I love how you portrayed the characters. I was really disapointed when Key To My Heart ender, and I was extremely happy when I saw you had started a sequal, needless to say.

But oooh, it's extremely frustrating how Yuki always lets Shuichi leave. xP

Anyways, keep up the good work. [: Can't wait for the next chapter! ^.^

~ Emerald

PockyReiko 2006-07-09 id # 23846
Here I was, rereading the last chapter to "The Key to My Heart" and wishing for a sequel, a new chapter, or an epilogue even though I knew there was probably no chance at all of that happening today...and then I see this! I love coincidences like this, since I'm having my occasional craving for YukixShuichi fanfiction.

Anyway, this chapter holds a lot of promise. That last part made me sad because I was thinking everything would just go back to normal, but it makes a much more interesting story if it's not. I'm excited to read more! Hope the plot bunnies are working in your favor.


amaniblue amaniblue@yahoo.com 2006-07-10 id # 23867

I was sooo hoping you would continue. And you did! Thank you.

EIRI-CHICK 2006-07-12 id # 23906
Ch 1
Once again, you have grabbed my heart and stomped on it! Poor Eiri! I wanted to scream "NO, YOU HAVE TO STAY WITH EIRI!" to Shuichi when he saw his things and started planning on who would help him take them to him place.

Once again, the deity of delicious agony has captured my heart.

Okaeri nasai, Goddess of Angst JadeHeart!

Your Number One Fan,

zerob 2006-07-14 id # 23970
I love it! I was hoping you would write a sequal to "Key to My Heart" I'm so happy. I look forward to reading more if you continue with this story.

Meeko meeko0420@yahoo.com 2006-07-15 id # 24003
This is my first time reviewing one of your fics because actually I came across KTMH a little later than most so of course I couldn't review over there...so sorry for that because I truly loved your fic, it had me pretty much in cliffhangers. To tell you the truth I came across the fic from a friend since she had recommended it and truth be told, I pretty much started reading and I couldn't stop. I was there for about 3-4 days just constantly reading until I finally finished all of it which I must say was awesome. It kept me crying one too many times. So I guess this would be the review for the other but i don't think I need to tell you anything other that it was truly a great read. I loved that you put the chars from FAKE and I loved that you'd kept the series in a good swing all together. I seriously had back problems from sitting in an umcomfy chair but it was well worth it ^^

I was so happy when I saw the sequel to the first since I really thought "damn I want to see how this all goes" and you did!! For that, you've pretty much made my day right there ^-^ I love that you pretty much started it exactly where the other one had ended though I'm dying to see what happens between them two, it pretty much had me all heart-broken at Shu's response but he can't help it... I want a lovey-dovey scene between these two sooooooo bad. I can't wait to see what your little muse creates now. Hopefully it'll create something soon ^^ but for the most part, you have a new fan from my part woot!!!! Anxiously awaiting the 2 chap and now that I'm up-to-date I won't have to make a marathon like I did before lol.

Kelly spicy_marmamlade@sbcglobal.net 2006-07-16 id # 24025
Aww I was really hoping that Shuichi would move back in. =[ In due time I guess!

angela 2006-07-18 id # 24111
What can I say. I absolutely love your writing, and love your stories. :] Simply amazing. The Key To My Heart was probably one of the best stories I've ever read in my entire life. And I'm sooo glad you decided to make a sequel because I'm sure it'll be just as amazing if not more. I can already tell. :]

animaiden@adelphia.net 2006-07-18 id # 24115
Yay! a sequel *squeels with glee* and it's a good one too! So happy!

sohmanina_san Sakuranina_hime 2006-07-20 id # 24176
hi....gald you wrote this fic.......really.....sweet....and a bit sad......for eiri......Shu....finally grown up......so sweet...keep writing...love to read more....Nina

ANKuma 2006-07-25 id # 24372
gah! this is getting sooooo good! i really wish you'd update this one more often! it's so intense and emotional and i swear, i'm totally right there with eiri and shuichi with their feelings! you write so well. i get so sucked in! update soon! i can't wait until shuichi and eiri get past some of their issues and they can be closer to each other again! ^_^ oooh, i want them to kiss soooo badly! keep up the good work!

Emerald kri_minamino@yahoo.com 2006-07-25 id # 24373
Ooooh, yay, I new chapter. I've been waiting for this, checking up on the site like 3 times daily. lol xD Oooh, Shuichi is finally taking action. [: Can't wait to see what happens. ^_^


Meeko meeko0420@yahoo.com 2006-07-25 id # 24375
Ch2 Hello agains!!!
o.o It's curious...I had left the page alone for like 15 minutes and the hits in that time just shot up XD I'm uber-happy you updated I've been checking often for it ^__^. I love Shuichi's POV but then I get all frustrated since he and Yuki misunderstand each other soooo badly...drives me insane but that's part of what makes the story so good. I'm desperate to see some sort of cuddle between the two of them but I know that you can't rush it and it's best not to sometimes. I love that you placed Shu's view of the ending to KTMH. Ah well, at least they're going out for coffee so the next chappie will be great I can't wait to see what comes out of that.

gravilove gravilove19@gmail.com 2006-07-25 id # 24376
Yay a sequel, I can't wait for your next update.

ashcat 2006-07-25 id # 24377
Chpt 2: Oh...... this story is ripping my heart out :( I want to scream and shake both Shu and Eiri.. saying *TALK DAMN YOU*...but yeah.. I know I know why it is like this, but damnit you are ripping my heart completely out! I wholeheartedly agree with Shu's anger, but my god to misunderstand that the boxes mean Eiri wanted him out... :( of course eiri couldn't stand seeing Shu's stuff everywhere.. damn maybe Hiro can help shed some light on this. Eiri is going to have to be more communicative or its not going to work, it will be interesting if he can sustain the change for the sake of their relationship. Indeed it appears to be a rocky road ahead. I swear though... we had better have some amazing healing moment between them somewhere in here heh I have to believe all this angst and heartache were there for some reason! *hugs* You know how much I love your writing :) thanks for updating it really brightened my day :)

Linaku 2006-07-25 id # 24390
ahh!! more more!! that was so sweet and awwwww come on give us what we want!!! :P XD

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2006-07-26 id # 24407
oh my god...no more angst please...just...just...stop with the cliffies they're driving me up the wall...please update sooner...pleaseeeeee...............

EIRI-CHICK 2006-07-26 id # 24422
Ch 2
I loved how Shuichi's emotions at being lied to went from one end of the spectrum to the other! I can't say that I blaim him, after all, everyone DID tell him a "non-truth" so that he could make up his mind on how he felt about Eiri on his own, and not be influenced in any way. It's just "gravitation" all over again that brought them back together. But I suppose that when you are in the midst of it, you can't really see it, right?

Wonderful! I especially loved how Shuichi finally got in the last word on an argument with Eiri! ROFL! It's especially nice to see one of these chapters end on a happy note for a change! (Not that it would change my addiction to this fic if it didn't!) I can't wait for Ch3! Hurry up, okay?

Your Number One Fan,

Saya yamikitsune@gmail.com 2006-07-26 id # 24429
I'm so glad you're writing a sequel!!!! I loved Key to My Heart and I was wondering if you'd continue it..... I'm really glad you are!

Reyn 2006-07-27 id # 24451
And when he got back from break, the recording session went by wonderfully. LoL.

YaY! You're doing a sequel! Jest like I hoped! (is excited) I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Is this going to be novel-length, or jest a few chapters?

gravitule 2006-07-27 id # 24453
I was delighted to come back to the last scene of TKTMH and get the point of view of Shu. Now the view is "full filled" and it is a nice feeling.
And to see Shu getting the last word was really helpfull to relax after some angst...

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-07-28 id # 24506
You are determined to make me cry. I just thought it was over nad everything was fine but NO not in life and not in your fic. I will be reading this one and it better turn out right or I will be crushed.

amethyst 2006-07-29 id # 24543
I am glad you continued the story thank-you...I am going to love reading shuichi recovery of his memories..thank-you again...

Kelly spicy_marmalade@sbcglobal.net 2006-07-30 id # 24571
It's good to hear Shuichi's POV, and the convo at the end was just too cute! It made me really happy, I felt just like Shuichi. =P I'm looking forward to the third installment; keep it up JadeHeart! [=

Zydre 2006-07-31 id # 24603
Great!!!!! But why only two chapters? =( MORE MORE MORE!!!! =)))) It's a great story =)))))))))))))

Scarlet 2006-08-12 id # 25207
Ah, this is so painful to read! I really like this story, update soon!

EIRI-CHICK 2006-08-12 id # 25242
Ch 3
Just when I thought that things were going great for them, they have a stupid fight over NOTHING! Well, not nothing, but Eiri's right, this Shuichi Shindo is "not his boy" anymore, and doesn't react to things the way he used to....

Poor Eiri. I bet he sat at the cafe for hours drinking coffee and smoking, trying to figure out what just went wrong.

Goddess of Angst, once again, you have me guessing as to what will happen next!

Hurry up and write the next heart-breaking chapter so that I can get my cry on!

Your Number One Fan,

ashcat 2006-08-12 id # 25245
Chpt 3: *cries* :( my god, and I thought this couldn't get any angst-ier from TKTMH. I just want to shake Eiri and Shu repeatedly while screaming "just talk to one another!" Although... it was nice to see Shu not be a doormat, and I can't help but feel sorry for Eiri in his emotional idiocy being unable to see what's going on. But it must be hard to not have any clue what his partner is thinking, if he could just bend that proud neck for a moment and *ask* or say something genuine like how he nearly died without him, how badly he needs him and wants him home and back with him... :/ but yes that would be a cop out and you're too good of a writer to do that but still... sigh... I hope we have more happiness than sadness in this story than TKTMH :/

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2006-08-13 id # 25323
what was that all about? oh goodness...gone to the dung...from excitement to hell, oh dear...well, anyway, it's good to see this..how often do you update anyway?

DuosAngel DuosAngel02@yahoo.com 2006-08-13 id # 25363
OMG poor Yuki! How will he fix this? Him, Yuki Eiri, the romance novelist who could express his own feelings if he had a gun pointed at his head! And poor Shuichi! Damnit if only he could remember how normal a conversation like that was for them! Oh I just wish I could jump in and tell him all the things Yuki went through to find him!

.........*clears throat* Update soon!

animaiden@adelphia.net 2006-08-14 id # 25416
Another great chapter. This new Shuichi is great, good mix of old and new characteristics w/o being OOC. Just keep a good balance of internal angsting and plot, like "Key to My Heart," and this'll go down as a great one!

Amethyst 2006-08-16 id # 25465
another good chapter...wow..Yuki better watch out...than again we know better..right? thank-you for posting and taking the time to write the chapter I love reading the story..

cocoke5 cocoke5@yahoo.com 2006-08-17 id # 25498
boy this one is good and i love the last one that you wrote and love and i love this one you are one ofmy faver author up here and i look to see if you have update on the story and read other one s that you have wrote too keep upt he good work be here to read them l.ove yu cocoke5

Kinomi 2006-08-18 id # 25533
Ch. 1-3 Sorry I'm just getting to these. You're taking things in a very believable direction for these two. I like stories that address how Eiri would deal with Shuichi as he grows and matures. This recent chapter is a good example; he hasn't caught up with Shuichi yet. Thanks for continuing this story arc.

ANKuma 2006-08-19 id # 25570
gah! this is so good! but part of my is screaming 'GET THEM BACK TOGETHER RIGHT NOW!' at the top of my lungs, i'll have you know! lol! but i know that you won't disapoint me! ...or, at least, i hope you won't. ^_^' update soon! great chapter! and i can't wait to see what happens next!

-anti-nostalgic kuma

ashcat 2006-08-19 id # 25577
Chpt 4: :( more tears of flustration as I see my hopes of them finally having some beautiful happy smexing totally evaporate for another dozen or more chapters .... :/ I liked hiro's POV it was nice to see his thoughts and I'm so glad he knocked some sense into Shu. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Eiri as he's angsting himself away probablly to drunk to even know where he is now :( waaah, probablly already decided its over and is trying to drown his pain in booze and cigarettes :/ god.. this is so angsty somehow I thought it'd get happier when they got sort of back together but nope... i can't help but read it though your writing is so good despite it ripping my heart out it was nice to have a happy ending this chapter:) thanks for posting your work I really appreciate being able to read it :)

gravitule 2006-08-20 id # 25581
I was surprised to feel so close from Hiro in this chapter. It was like being just behind is back and feel the same as him all the time. As if his character was spreading
at the same time to Shu and to me. Like a small light of positivity in the angsty night. This was great ! I am so eager to see what will come next !

Kelly spicy_marmalade@sbcglobal.net 2006-08-20 id # 25585
Well, done. I can't wait to see how this relationship futhur progresses. It'd be so sweet if Yuki went on tour with Shuichi! Alright, keep it up! [=

Despina 2006-08-20 id # 25603
Ch 3 - ah those two. Just can't connect yet - too much fear and anxiety getting in the way. Understandable even if sorrowful.

Ch 4 - I loved the interaction between Hiro and Shu. Shuichi needed that kick in the ass to get him on track again.

It's clear the relationship between Eiri and Shu must start from the beginning again. And of course, you write it beautifully, as always. Thank you for taking the time to entertain us, JadeHeart. You rock.


EIRI-CHICK 2006-08-20 id # 25607
Ch 4
Very well done! I love how you had Shuichi wanting to start their relationship over again, to date Eiri and see how things go! That's very mature of Shuichi! Wow, what a change from the genki, heyperactive teen he was, he's really matured into a responsible adult. Very nice to see him finally grow up!

But I must admit, I also miss the old Shuichi as well. Oh well, the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Keep up the wonderful work, and I will keep on reviewing!


kodomo 2006-08-29 id # 25893
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this, a sequel to The key to my heart! You have no idea how happy this made me, I love your stories, especially The key to my heart! :D I hope you'll update soon! I can't wait :)

Shuichi really has become an adult. At last, haha :D It's great, though a little sad.

Anyway, keep up the good work!


fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-08-29 id # 25897
This is a great story but you really need to get the two together so I can breath again.

me =) 2006-09-21 id # 26689
Hey, please, put another chapter soon =))))) PLEASE It's a great story and we've been waiting for the nexrt chapter for so looooooong =( PLEASE =)))))))

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-09-23 id # 26725
I think I'm out and you pull me right back in. You have got me so hooked on this story. Please write as fast as you can and get these two together and in love again. I love the two of them together and loveing each other. Excuse me I now have to go cry into my pillow.

Despina 2006-10-01 id # 26988
Chapter 5

I adored this chapter! Oh my god, Tohma is freaking awesome in it! (I love that manipulative guy.) And Shuichi at the press conference, playing the crowd like an instrument, I could see it so clearly. And of course, "I want to try again," from Eiri's lips - how wonderful, JadeHeart. The pain is so sweet.

I'm eagerly waiting for more, as always.



tsubaki 2006-10-01 id # 26995
I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for this one, and I've turned blue holding my breath..! Please update again soon, this is has had me hanging since Key To My Heart. AAARRRGH.

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2006-10-01 id # 26996
About time...Well this is still so good. And I love your Tohma. It's beginning to dawn on me on how far a human mind can go. It's amazing and overwheliming. And Shuichi is growing up and Eiri is having a tantrum...good god..please update as sooner as you can.I am excited on their second coffee date.

cocoke5 cocoke5@yahoo.com 2006-10-01 id # 26997
very good and can not wait for more of the story and you are doing real good on it and i hope tht they do get back toghter.

Reyn 2006-10-01 id # 26999
Well, I must say, when Tohma pulled out /that/ card on Yuki of all ppl, my exact reaction was: O_O ooooOOOO!!!!

gravitule 2006-10-02 id # 27001
You made my Sunday evening! I loved this chapter. Shuichi is so mature and Eiri so weak. This press conference was something.
And now I cannot wait for the next coffee date! How exciting !

Amethyst 2006-10-02 id # 27011
Tears up a bit...thank-you for writing it and post again you have written another good chapter thank-you

DuosAngel DuosAngel02@yahoo.com 2006-10-02 id # 27027
Oh! Where the hell have you been?! Ah who cares! We're getting so close! Please let things go well for them, if only just this once!

EIRI-CHICK 2006-10-03 id # 27040
Ch 5
Another cliffhanger ending! I hat...love them! It hurt to see Eiri in so angry and in pain at first, then at the press confrence, when Shuichi went close to his cheek...*happy SIGH*

I know that Eiri won't mess up the next "date," so what will? The suspense is driving me mad! *Pulls out dreadlocks*

I can't wait until you update this, Oh Goddess of Angst! I hope that you get a break soon so that you can! Hurry back to us!

Your Number One Fan,

Anon 2006-10-04 id # 27073

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-10-16 id # 27526
I think I am about to have a heart attack. This has gone on so long and I just love it. Is there anything in the world like romance? Not that I have found, so , please get this couple together and let them be happy. I NEED that.

animaiden 2006-10-17 id # 27577
Be still my beating heart! Kudos to you for another great chapter. You're really good at keeping track of the details too-- all that backstage manuvering by Tohma, that the rest of us probably didn't even think of til now, but shows you've really thought this out. Not to mention keeping several stories going at once!

Emi emi_fire@hotmail.com 2006-10-20 id # 27692
That was flipping amazing!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE!!!!! I want to read more I loved the fist story and this one so far as well!! Please save me and the other readers from waiting long! We like you!


Kiwi 2006-10-23 id # 27811
just discovered this fic, i didn't expect you to continue it after "Key to my heart". Alas I got pulled into another gravi fanfic. Fanfics are one of my MANY extreme addictions! can't wait for next chapter. Cheerio, pip pip :DD

ashcat 2006-11-03 id # 28213
Chpt 6: OH Jadeheart, I can't help but laugh at the ending of this one... so funny good for Tohma! :D I think this is the first nonangsty chapter related to this story you've written... seriously. It was so nice to see something finally go right for them :) and to see Eiri fight his natural bastardly urges and actually say some approximation of his true thoughts and feelings :) and to see Shu being so willing to listen and to be making an effort! I hope next chapter is from Shu's POV, I can't wait to see what his thoughts are on all of this! Oh so happy to see a *happy* update on this story XD

tsubaki 2006-11-03 id # 28221

This was very nicely not angsty! I like how Eiri is being as persisitent now that Shuichi is safe as when he didin't know where in the world (literally) the brat was. For him to be this eagerly desperate yet wryly aware of how silly he is behaving... and not care so much.. it's great. He is really making an effort, both seem to be, but I felt like wishing an OC would come up and smack them both upside the head as they sat in the cafe!! They're apart because of a misunderstanding about the other person's feelings (well that and the whole lying bit) and could get some headway into solving things if they just tried!!


*breathe in, breath out... relax*

REALLY like this story. Eagerly awaiting your next chapter.

Vialia 2006-11-03 id # 28223
Ch 5 and Ch 6: I loved Tohma so much in both chapters. Especially the way he showed his power to Eiri, instead of going easy on him as a good brother-in-law would...
Poor Eiri! The slow torture of having Shu so close but not being able to touch him will drive him to madness/horniness. The small moments between Shu and Eiri during the conference and after it were beautifully depicted, just as the one with Eiri having his hand over Shu's in the cafe.
I can't help but wonder if they'll get together before the tour starts. ^_~

The ending of ch 6 was superb! ^_^

Despina 2006-11-03 id # 28230
Ch. 6

Ah, that was a much-needed break from the angst for our two dysfunctional boys. Can wait to see how you'll mess with their heads again in the future.

And Tohma ah, my boy, er, make that our boy and his mischievous ways. Always has to have the last word, doesnt he?

I believe I have already mentioned that if we could figure out how to harness your muse, we would no longer need to fear energy problems for the planet. You are simply amazing and no matter how much you produce, somehow I never get enough!

See you soon,


Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2006-11-04 id # 28252
I noticed one spelling error. I think it's hope, not hoe. Well anyway, you guys really made my day. All of my favorite fics have been updated. And this latest is funny too. I like your Tohma. And there's a lot more touching here too. Hmm..update as soon as you're available.

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-11-04 id # 28254
Chapter 6 is a GREAT chapter. I loved it and it expressed just how you would feel in that situation. You write the emotions so weel anad it just ran so smoothly I was so happy. Now I am awaiting THE DATE. Hope it goes well. I can't wait to read about it so hurry.......please?

DuosAngel DuosAngel02@yahoo.com 2006-11-05 id # 28286
Tohma you bastard. I knew that was going to happen. BUt it doesn't mattter because Yuki and Shuichi are going on a date! Now let's just pray Yuki doesn't fuck up somehow. Please update again soon!

aryth 2006-11-05 id # 28287
Awww, this chapter is so cute. Poor Eiri though, getting a parking ticket. I bet Tohma is super amused. Hope the date actually goes well.

EIRI-CHICK 2006-11-05 id # 28305
Ch 6

YAY! I come back and you have a new chapter up! YEAH!

I LOVED how Eiri drove like a maniac to get to NG before Shuichi had to go back to work! I especially love how Shuichi nearly chokes, and Eiri shows him now to eat properly! But I must admit, my favorite part was when they held hands...so sweet...

And the note on Eiri's car as well...^u^

Excellent work as usual, I only hope that Ch 7 is not too long coming!


Amethyst 2006-11-06 id # 28333
Again a good chapter I love this story thank-you for posting

Kaiken 2006-11-09 id # 28400
Here I am again. ^_^ I just reviewed Whisper at My Side...and that is a haunting title by the way. I thought I should leave a review for this story as well. First of all, I am entralled by your plots and use of language and such in all of your stories. However, one thing does bother me...sometimes the devices used to keep this story and it's prequel flowing (were)are repetitive. It is more noticeable in this story because there seems to be just one main theme that is...reused each time I suppose. It is obvious that the relationship between Yuki and Shuichi is complicated now, but they seem to keep dancing around the issues at hand because neither knows how to bring them up or they are scared of the answer. Also, those issues usually mask another main issue that resurfaces. Basically, Shuichi doesn't know what Yuki wants, and vice versa.
Now I'm just offering some insight, a bit of constructive criticism I hope. I intend to keep reading and I am thouroughly enjoying the story, but it is somewhat frustrating that the issue keeps getting hedged. This chapter does seem to be leading to a result though. Perhaps Shuichi will finally tell Yuki more of what is bothering him?
I'll be waiting to find out. ^_^


tsubaki 2006-11-15 id # 28516
Chapter 7
How utterly charming! It's so nice to see Eiri's romantic side in action again. Poor man... I've been worried about him since KTMH, especially since the incident where he thought Shuichi had died in the hospital (the one where they hadn't identified the body yet). He should damn well not want to let Shu go, considering the emotions that had fuelled the mad search in the first place! But I STILL want to smack their heads together!! They need to talk and soon, both are just waiting for an indication from the other and it's so unlike Shuichi to not be bouncing up and down about how he feels... he really has changed so much. Can't wait to read how they appreciate the changes in each other.

ashcat 2006-11-15 id # 28517
Chpt 7: Oh Jadeheart... what is this? A non angst filled chapter?! I must admit I held my breath at the end, wondering when something else would befall them to kill the happy mood ;) you've trained us well! It was so nice to see a happy and *healing* chapter, they have so many obsticals before them but at least it looks like they are moving in the right direction. And finally Yuki has his boy back, even if its only for a little while. Thank you so much for writing and sharing with us :)

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2006-11-15 id # 28519
Oh gods...you certainly knew how to twist it..update as soon as you can!

Despina 2006-11-15 id # 28520
Ch 7

What a sweet chapter, they really needed that. I really needed that! I hope Shuichi takes Hiro's advice soon and clues Eiri in on what's going on in his head. This story is really coming along and as always, I'm eager for more.

Thanks for making my day better!


fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-11-15 id # 28521
This is the yummiest fic. I love that Yuki got to hold Shu after so long. I can't wait to see what happens next.

EIRI-CHICK 2006-11-15 id # 28526


What a sweet chapter ending! I just want to remember this moment, as I know that more angst is forthcoming, after all, you aren't known as
The Goddess of Angst for nothing!

I can't wait for Chapter 8!


cocoke5 cocoke5@yahoo.com 2006-11-15 id # 28532
wow awesome chapter and the story is great and i love your storys. i have been wait for more of the story and here it is the love the way shucihi try to dress for the date with eiri and eiri was happy that shuichi was in his arms. up date soon

Vera http://vera.squirrelism.net 2006-11-16 id # 28544
I LOVED "The Key to My Heart", seeing as I've only read it a couple of weeks ago I didn't have to agonize through "oh no... when's the next chapter up" I'm not a patient person - and ongoing stories tend to annoy me (the only reason I watch ongoing anime is due to slow net connection :P). Anyway, I was somewhat dissatisfied with the ending: Shuichi having all these doubts and then suddenly "oh but I LOVE Yuki... and ZE END". That just didn't seem realistic, especially considering the pace the rest of the story was written.

As a result I was sincerely over-joyed to discover that you've written a sequel. I just plain LOVE it. I can't wait for the chapters to come out soon enough. It's realistic, yet you've managed to make Yuki less "bastard"-ish, yet not. Er... ok I'm not making sense.

My favorite scene is the one where Yuki rushes to NG to met Shuichi for a quick lunch without realizing it... and then when he does he can only laugh at himself.

Anyway, I just LOVE the chemistry between those two. While I'm torn between: come on! Get to the "good" (cough) part, I also like these interludes with fumbling hands, and flushing skins and thumping hearts. Your writing style is truly amazing - I constantly feel flushed after reading your chapters, even though, technically there was nothing flush-worthy (Yuki-fans will kill me for this) in there. Well compared to the regular smut I tend to indulge in.

I'm not going to pester you with updating, since I know that life has a pesky tendency of getting in the way; plus I've used to write FF myself and know how things are. Nevertheless, I'm waiting on edge to see just what Shuichi's reaction will be when he wakes up... hopefully still in Yuki's arms ;)

Keep up the good job!!!

gravitule 2006-11-16 id # 28553
Welcome home! Last week was so hectic at work that I didn't have time to review (neither to send the supposed longer email I talked about). This week is not better but as hectic as it can be, I am always able to take some time to read(to be honest, I checked gurabite every morning since monday because I assumed you would update).
So here we go with chap6 and 7 : these 2 chap were really a nice gift to give me some salvation and mercy during these 2 difficult weeks. This was so sweet and cool...
And how are you always able to give so much flesh to our favorite characters? They look so real that I can just imagine meeting them in real life. This was especially blatant in the cafetaria and during the movie and that's why I thought about this so much. Some sweet between angst, what a nice receipt....

Emi emi_fire@hotmail.com 2006-11-23 id # 28795
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bakayarona 2007-01-16 id # 30177
Ah, chapter 8 got me all choked up and misty eyed toward the end. Poor boys! My heart goes out to both of them.

Nicely done, Jade!

ashcat 2007-01-16 id # 30178
chpt 8: you've re-won me over on this one. i had been feeling such trepidation for all the chapters but this one makes me feel better, it seems more like the normal Jadeheart style O_O *hugs* I'm glad you updated it :) and i'm looking really forward to the next chapter (although i know knowing you it could be two steps back in it >_> ) ... I think it was so realistic to show Eiri's emotions as you have here... finally some healing :D

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-01-16 id # 30180
Oh my...only 5 days.. I keep on forgetting that, sorry. But anyway, I think tonsils don't dangle, it's the uvula you are referring to, I guess. And the latter part is emotional...thanks for updating...i hope you update sooner...

daxemon 2007-01-16 id # 30181
I Love you Jade. You make it worthwhile to wait as long as it is neccessary for you to update. It is never a disappointment. I know that you put that Author's note about them taking their time in the relationship, but the whole time i was reading this last installment, I was expecting them to kiss or make out or to just finally give in, but I will wait for that moment to come from your muse and I know that moment will be mind blowing. Waiting Patiently.

Dambae karuune@gmail.com 2007-01-16 id # 30183
Rar, your stories are absolutely classic, Jadeheart! I always know that I can count on you for my regularly scheduled diet of sexually-charged BL angst, and I love it. I love this series you're writing.

Oh, and your FAKE trilogy...phenomenal. Your muse definitely earned a bottle of Dom ;)

Scarlet 2007-01-16 id # 30185
Utterly wonderful and beautiful. You have been missed! Thank you for this update, it really made my day.

dbzfanjess 2007-01-16 id # 30186
great new chapter... I'm confused about something you said, does Shuichi really have all his memories back? I only ask because personality wise it seems as though this would be more of him if he didn't quite remember everything... I do enjoy this story but I don't feel like Shuichi would be this confused if he remember everything, especially given the relationship he had with eiri before th accident...

I really can't wait for the next update... and their dinner date... your descriptions are amazing, and i love the thoughts that they have at certain moments...

Vera http://vera.squirrelism.net 2007-01-17 id # 30187
Waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii! A new chapter! And this is so... so.... you kep that up and I'm going to be head over heels for Yuki. Lol. I loved it. I truly did... And he's not OOC (Yuki, I mean). You truly are a great writer keep that up.
And those kisses just WOW! And that's saying something since I so prefer the smut :P

Lisa 2007-01-17 id # 30192
Wonderful update! So very glad to see you have returned! As always great writing.

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Can't wait for more. Don't keep us waiting so long next time. It makes me feel like a fanatic when I check the page every day!



Solitaire bamf__@hotmail.com 2007-01-17 id # 30203
I'm glad to see you're finally continuing this. ^_^ It's great to see a nice, long story with a plot, and it's so cute how Shuichi and Yuki are awkwardly starting to reconnect. Especially after the way they got together the first time, lol. Great chapter, and I can't wait to see more. Just one thing, though: after what happened the last time, I'd have thought Yuki would have, well, FREAKED OUT to hear Shuichi was going on tour again, even though it's probably not going to be by plane this time (I mean, talk about trauma T_T)... Though he's probably trying to avoid even thinking about that, poor guy. Come on, Yuki, you know you want to go with Shu on tour... ::grins::

gravitule 2007-01-18 id # 30208
17 high quality and wonderfull pages (with my printer) to read...This is what I would just call "true happiness".

animaiden126 2007-01-18 id # 30216
Yay! Updates
I agree with you on the pacing-- after a year apart, them jumping back into a full relationship would be too soon, and too out of character. Still, putting in the details of these 'dates' instead of only internal monologue makes it feel like the plot's moving forward.

Danielle 2007-01-19 id # 30256
Not as good, dramatic, or intense as the first (this being the sequel), but definately still good, dramatic, and intense. This one doesn't have me on the edge of my seat as much as Key to my Heart did, but it *does* make me squirm when you leave off on cliffhangers like that. You know how those tease us, Jade!! :) I hope Yuki decides to go on tour and they release a public statement about the decision to back up the relationship between Shuu and Yuki. :D Knowing Tohma, that's exactly what the evil lil' bastard would do to up sales of the tour tickets and the album. Can't wait to read more! Adios.

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-01-21 id # 30288
I'm so happy you updated sooner! And I am also pleased with the length! The angst here..it's reeking...heart-felt, almost tangible..well, I'm that sensitive.. I hope you keep up with this pace.. Love it.

ashcat 2007-01-21 id # 30289
chpt 9: I don't know what to say. I finally believed you were going to have them work tihngs out then bam... O_O what i'd been fearing happens and back onto the angst train... I dunno what to say. I'll just have to email you... i hope the next update comes soon (or maybe not depending on what it is O_O)...

Anon 2007-01-21 id # 30290
That was so great! I fell really bad for Yuki though. Please update soon!

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo,com 2007-01-21 id # 30291
I bow to the Queen of Angst. My body is in total melt down. Could you just give me a nice chapter to make me happy?......No, you have to make my life so miserable and my angst gland in need of a glandecticomy. My nerves are raw and my eyes red. I have read authors that can give you angst but have never read anyone that can consistantly shovel it to you until you are a puddle of angsty goo. congratulations.

Ray 2007-01-21 id # 30292
You are such a cruel, cruel... Bunny!
What are you doing to poor Yuki?! T_T
Give the guy a break, huh?
Please update soon,

gravitule 2007-01-21 id # 30296
It is the second time that you kill me with "the" mug...But I will not complain and will be happy to be stabbed more and more and more.

Vera http://vera.squirrelism.net 2007-01-21 id # 30297
Oh no poor Yuki. Working so hard and then it is all for naught? Of course I certainly hope it isn't.
Still that Shuichi scared me a bit, but he's fully in character keeping in mind the past happenings. Good job for that. I don't think I would've managed that. I one of those "ok let's get frisky type of readers" :P ... teehee.

Anyway, the fact that he blamed Shuichi to his face, eep... that couldn't have gone well for Shuichi. Though I hope Yuki won't really e the only one agonizing over his actions. While the last chapter clearly shows that Shuichi does spend a lot of time reminiscing over the date, I still find him a bit cold. I mean sure compared to the 'original' Shu he's supposed to be (ok maybe mature would be better), still it looks to me as if Yuki is so much more worried and thinking and rethinking his actions. Ah well... I'm not particularly good with characterizations... which is why I haven't written a fanfic for over a year -.-

As per usual can't wait for the next chapter. And many many thanks for finishing this one so fast.

Despina 2007-01-21 id # 30298
Ahh, JadeHeart, you bring me bittersweet, painful angst once again. No one hurts me so well as you. I love it.

I look forward to more of 1/2 step forward and 10 back. Poor Eiri, what a crappy day.

Thanks for sharing,


Danielle 2007-01-21 id # 30300
It's great! I just absolutely adore it! Poor Yuki, I hope things will work out for him! ^.~

daxemon 2007-01-21 id # 30302
JAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you end it like that, what happened with Yuki, how could things have gone so wrong, cliff hangers SUCK! I pray that you don't take long to update, because if you do, I think I might just join Yuki and develop an ulcer. Awesome update, please, please and i say again please update soon.

animaiden126 2007-01-21 id # 30304
Your muse must be pulling overtime to get another chapter out this fast. I like plot's going forward; can't predicte where this is going to go, or how you'll resolve this relationship. The mug symbol was a nice touch

neafaroo 2007-01-21 id # 30311
Ok I really like this story, even though I'm still not really feeling shu in this story... I love your characterization of Yuki, it's absolutely wonderful and his constant hidden battle, but Shu just feels out of place, given his personality, and his past reaction to things he just doesn't seem like shu sometimes... he's almost too angsty... don't get me wrong it is a good story but there is just something, he just doesn't seem like Shu anymore... I mean you can write it off that he still doesn't have all his memories which is the only thing I feel from it but I don't know...

but don't let this get you down the story is good, I loved the first one, but feel as though Shu still acts like a stranger with Yuki even after his relationship should have been better, I mean he acts the same with everyone else why is Yuki different... I mean judging the way the boy fought for him, I think that Shu would never give up...

I really want to see where you are going with this story, and I really can't wait to see shu become more of himself in personality and in memories... good luck with the story... good job.

amaniblue amaniblu@yahoo.com 2007-01-22 id # 30314
Ch. 9:

I'd just finished catching up reading this sequal and I absolutely adore this story arc. Kudos for your wonderful work thus far. However, throughout my reading I do have a few a sinking feeling that somehow their responses doesn't seem right.

Point 1: Yuki throughout the manga is presented quite literally as a sexual creature. His libido can be registered as a regular playboy. So, for him to hold out on Shu for a whole year and not satisfying his ardor, doesn't seem right. I personally would have thought, he'd had strayed but his heart still wants Shu.

Point 2: Shu from your description seems like he has most of the important memory pieces, except his confidence and overbearing attachment to Yuki seems to be missing. Where is that overwhelming urge of his to attach himself to Yuki and be a sniveling idiot around the man gone to? Shu declares his love to all and sunder and now thinks that Yuki is pathetic? I don't get this part. Perhaps the dose of maturity can change a person. But he seems the same with everyone else.

Point 3: Old Shu is often found with many fanciful fantasies and unabash about his love life. This seems out of place with how he's pussy-footing the whole should I or shouldn't I go back to Yuki ordeal. He seems to angst in this case.

With that said, I can't wait to read how you churn and unchurn these beloved characters through all the drama. Thank you for your contribution to the Gravitation fandom.


Lisa 2007-01-22 id # 30316
Loved the new chapter!!! You're the best!

Yellow Moth choukishingirl@hotmail.com 2007-01-23 id # 30331
Chp. 9

Woah! Will you give the boys a rest? Poor Yuki and Shu!

I have to say that in my opinion, Yuki's behavior was extremely cruel in this chapter (even for him). He can be a complete a$$hole sometimes but I think it takes more than a little drunkness and a rough day to snap his resolve in half and throw away all he has gone through. I mean, call Shuichi a bitch in heat, try to take him by force AND blame him for that? I don't know, I find hard to believe his lust for Shu could make him reach THAT level of desperation.

Anyway, I'm very glad you decided to continue this story. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Anon 2007-01-23 id # 30339
I have to agree with the others. I absolutely loved your previous story, and this sequel, but the "You're pathetic," comment seems off. Hiro and Tohma told Shuichi everything Eiri did to find and bring him back. So for him to see the man finally come undone from the stress of it all, and just throw that out, it seems a little weird. He was orginally mad that Eiri acted like he didn't care, and now that Eiri's drunkeness has led him to tell the truth about how much everything bothered him, he's still mad. I don't get that part. Don't get me wrong! I can see him being mad for Eiri trying to force the sexual aspect of the relationship. But there was so much more going on there. I think that Shuichi would have picked up on the other aspects as well. He's changed, but has his level of compassion changed that much?

anon 2007-01-24 id # 30351
At a certain point, angst in an adult becomes stupidity. These characters, who have long since left Shuichi and Yuki in the dust, have also long since passed that point. Your setup for Yuki's behavior in this most recent chapter is patently ridiculous. An author of his caliber would have an agent. No meeting such as this would take place without that agent present and most likely, Yuki wouldn't be involved at all. That's why authors have agents. For the company to deal with him rather than calling in the agent would have serious legal ramifications which Tohma would exploit to the fullest. Even if enticed into such a meeting, Yuki would have stood up the moment contracts were mentioned and told them to talk to his agent.

Emi 2007-01-24 id # 30352
OMG! That was effing amazing!!! I love this story, +many hearts+. Update soon!


Emi 2007-01-24 id # 30354
Again, way to go you are so amazing! Poor Yuki... and Shu for that matter! Update soon!!!


EIRI-CHICK 2007-01-25 id # 30388
Ch 8

This chapter was so very real that I actually SAW Eiri and Mika arguing, Shuichi upset by the loss of his beloved couch and the kiss...oh the kiss...*happysigh* Hard to believe that its only been five days...so much has happened!

Thank you ever so much, Oh Goddess of Angst, for giving us loyal fans such an dreamy feeling of happiness...even if it might only be for two chapters!

I'm going to go read chapter 9 now, so I can keep the wonderful feelings in my heart going!

Co-mod for
Gravitation: NG
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EIRI-CHICK 2007-01-26 id # 30389
Ch 9

And so...the angst returns and once again, my heart is ripped from my chest still beating in your hands!

Eiri! How could you! When things were going so well! *cries*

I'm dreading chapter 10 now!

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amethyst 2007-01-27 id # 30412
Again another well written wonderful chapter thank-you for taking the time to write and post it, it is really great to read. Thank-you again

warumono-chan 2007-02-01 id # 30488
Oh, I can't wait for the next chapter!!! =) The sooner the better =D You're great! Keep writing! ;)

Despina 2007-02-24 id # 30884
Ahh, there you are - I wasn't sure you would post here or not. I really liked this chapter, Jade. Of course, you already know that. I love Tohma's ruthless teasing and Eiri's disgust over his own crazy actions. So typical of him. I know from my own personal experiences, there have been times I woke up in the morning only to groan "What the hell was I doing?"

Very believable.

Well done, as always, my dear.


Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-02-24 id # 30903
What Eiri must have been feeling must be that intense that it's starting to get to him physically. Oh well. I can sense more Eiri torturing in the future chapters.. And the dose of the angst is flowing nicely too... It's also a wonder why Eiri had thought that something happened between them when after all those trying times they had been through he must know that he could trust Tohma. Hmm.. I hope you update sooner etc.

gravitule 2007-02-25 id # 30904
I was so wrong in my email. Here you are but as Gurabite wasn't working this morning, I only see your update now!
Anyway, now this was a great opportunity to read it again and to be able to review properly!
I so loved your Tohma in this one even if I was suffering with my poor Eiri. This was a very nice mix of angst and funny dialog.
The perfect chapter for my, as planed, lazy Sunday afternoon....

Emi 2007-02-25 id # 30909
Amazing again, poor Yuki! I hope Shuichi is going to be nice.... Well ok mean first then nice. lol. Thank you for the update! I'll be checking back soon, so update fast please! this story is soo amazing!!!


EIRI-CHICK 2007-02-26 id # 30934
Ch 10

Oh Eiri, how could you do that to Shuichi? You made a complete and total ass of yourself, and Tohma's right, if you don't fix it, he's gone forever!

Absolutely superb chapter as usual, I'm just sad that its so short!

No matter, I'm going to eagerly wait for chapter 11!

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Reyn 2007-02-28 id # 30957
Y'know, I had to build up the courage to read chapter 10 after the way last chapter ended. I nearly DIED after reading that. And I still don't know if things are going to be okay. (sobs)

tsubaki 2007-03-03 id # 30991
Chapter 11:
That was quick! But then again, it was good things were mended quickly. Really surprised by the distance Shuichi is insisting on. I wouldn't want to be kissed against my will, either, but Shu is attracted to Eiri too... and he has so far never slipped up. Eiri, the poor guy, who usually is most in control is now the one who least has it.

Shuichi, spazzy self all gone, is a little startling. I'm impressed by him but not too happy that the single-minded person I loved is not quite there anymore. His acceptance of the possiblity that things between him and Eiri might never amount to more than friendship is saddening. I really wanted him to declare what he wanted to work toward and move forward with that. I'm missing the earlier conviction he showed, wishing there was more between them back when he was feeling sad about not being invited back into the home he shared with Eiri (when he returned to Japan and remembered everything).

I hope they get their act together and make a choice... do they want to work toward a relationship or is it just plain sailing? Argh, the suspense is killing me....!

gravitule 2007-03-03 id # 30994
How can I love it so much when you torture my poor Eiri like this? To see him lost like this at the end on his sidewalk...
Now I want to go there and hug him. My poor poor bastard...
I liked the balance between this weak Eiri and this strong Shu. Well done!

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-03-03 id # 30995
I am loving this faster updates. Again and again, every chapter seems like a turning point for the both of them and I think this one's a vital part. They are beginning to analyze their problem and they are telling each other what they think..oohh I love it. I also adore your Shuichi, I like this portrayal best. More updates!

Emi 2007-03-03 id # 30999
Great again! update soon, much love for this story!!

Yellow Moth choukishingirl@hotmail.com 2007-03-03 id # 31003
Chp. 11

Oh! Wonderful chapter! It's the first time we actually see Yuki being completely honest about the "new" Shuichi. I absolutely loved the way you finished this chapter. I find Shuichi a little cold. Of course he has every reason to be, but still... Anyway it's so hearthbreaking to see Yuki so desperate and not getting any. :P

There's something I've been meaning to tell you. I'm a big fan of your work but I rarely leave review because I can't think of any constructive to say. Almost averything you write is perfect to me ^^. I felt kinda bitchy last time I reviewed this story (chp. 9), because overall I was "complaining" instead of encouraging you or suggesting you how to make the story better. Sorry for that. Maybe you don't see it that way since I wasn't flaming you but I still think I should apologize. Til' next time!

I can't wait to see how Yuki copes up with the next three weeks! I hope he won't kill himself!

EIRI-CHICK 2007-03-04 id # 31017
Ch 11

They made up! I'm so glad!

But now, Eiri has to be without Shuichi for three weeks...unless he goes to his concerts while he's on tour, that is!

Excellent read as usual, Oh Goddess of Angst...but now I'm dying to know what's gonna happen during those weeks apart!


Reyn 2007-03-04 id # 31027

animaiden126 2007-03-05 id # 31043
Nice save! That one had us all holding our breath. Looking forward to your next chapter!

Despina 2007-03-07 id # 31060
Ch 11

I could have sworn I reviewed this... huh. Anyway, I really liked this - Eiri's uncertainty, Shuichi's anger the realization for both of them that so much has changed - I love it. Let's see how they deal with another separation.

Can't wait for more!


miki 2007-03-11 id # 31099
gods. its just great!! Im so excited about next chapter... he is going to call yuki, right? keep going, please!!

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-03-11 id # 31100
You are so good at what you do, you know that right? I love how you shed light at characters that are often underrated. It's a nice perspective too. And Hiro, that part with him is actually my favorite in this chapter.you write him very well too. Thanks again for that very very nice and quick update. I hope you also update "The Whispers at my Side." That one's a killer too...

Emi 2007-03-11 id # 31104
That was a great chapter! I loved Shuichi's reaction to the amusment park visit. Please update soon!


gravitule 2007-03-11 id # 31108
We should all have such a smart friend like Hiro. You made him so real and every thing was sudenly so easy after he spoke. Cannot wait for the phone call now...

Yuuji Kamui 2007-03-11 id # 31116

EIRI-CHICK 2007-03-12 id # 31140
Ch 12
First and foremost, I owe you an email, so expect one from me sometime soon, k?

Now to the good part!

Once again, I am thrown into Shuichi's mindset trying to figure out where the little baka's head is at...and loving every moment of it! Hiro's wise words also made me think, and feel. I too was wondering if Shuichi was testing Eiri...apparently I wasn't the only one that felt that way!

Excellent work once again, Oh Goddess of Angst! I'm so biting my nails waiting for chapter 13!


Kodos 2007-03-13 id # 31156
Holy crap, FINALLY, Shuichi gets a clue.

lol. Can't wait to see more of this. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but Yuki deserves to have his Shu-chan come back to him.

tsubaki 2007-03-16 id # 31179
Wow! Another update, its so great you seem to be writing more often!
What's with Tatsuha, the little freak. Loving Eiri's tense denial. Oh c'mon! He went chasing across continents but now won't even visit a nearby prefecture. Argh, how annoying. I wish these two would get to talking a bit more already. I love this peek into Shuichi's cute-ness, its so nice to see him behaving energetically again. Despite the new image and more solemn attitude, never mind the new image and darker songs, there he is! It's so nice to see the loving, open side of him again.
Waiting impatiently for your next update!

Ashley Vulpix ashleyvulpix@gmail.com 2007-03-16 id # 31180
I'm so ashamed, I barely give you a review and you certainly deserve better, but I never know what can I tell you besides from the typical 'I love your fanfic, the way you write and how you give us angst and hope at the same time'. The only thing I can tell you is that I really thought Eiri seemed to be the only one fighting for their relationship, but after your previous chapter finally Shichi got a clue. I love how you portrait Hiro, always when he and Sh talk I end with a bright smile. Thanks for sharing your fics with us, I always read everything you publish, I'm just too shy to review ^^;.

Despina 2007-03-16 id # 31182
ch 13

Wow, you are really cranking them out, woman! Good grief, I suspect my muse must be off visiting yours again.

As always, I love your Tohma, he's just so clever. Ah, and so the two are closer for the moment (thanks to the adorable Hiro) and must say, it's just what I needed to help pull me from my misery.

Thanks, JadeHeart.


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Shadowfox 2012-09-23 id # 38000
I forgot to ask, does Eiri know what happened to Ryuichi? The details? I wonder if Tohma will tell him about it?

Shadowfox 2012-09-23 id # 38001
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EIRI-CHICK 2012-10-11 id # 38007
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Chapter 29

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Excellent writing as usual, I can't wait to find out what happens when Tatsuha meets up with Ryuichi! Hurry up with the next chapter! >:P


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