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Reviews for Panty Lines
Daemon 2006-06-24 id # 22702
Love the premise! Alas, poor Suguru.

Wanted to point out a tiny mistake ^_^:

"Sakano...please keep your pants on," the NG President commanded softly and Hiro quickly obeyed.

I know you meant Nakano so it's probably a typo, just wanted to point it out.

Cute story!

sakuma_sonnet chp_trick@hotmail.com 2006-06-24 id # 22703
Hi! yes, original topic XD some things were slightly weird to me but the story was funny XD and itīs NAKANO not SAKANO (thatīs the guy with blue hair and glasses that always freaks out, not Hiro) ^-^

ldygizarme 2006-06-25 id # 22710
lol!! that was so funny! poor suguru, they torture him even in his dreams.. hilarious dreams.. with cute consequences afterwards XD *walks off giggling and mumbling about panty lines..*

Regina 2006-06-25 id # 22712
*lol* ^^;;;; That was very amusing! Poor Sug. XD Shuichi's thong was to be expected, but Hiro going commando? ;D Wow. Thank you for sharing!


EIRI-CHICK 2006-06-26 id # 22754
Hahahahahaha!!! That's some nightmare!
You need to write more! It would be a shame to not write, and dissapoint us fans, right?

Keep up the good work!


shizuchiaki 2006-07-16 id # 24035
Hah! Hilarious! I loved the commando part and when Ryuichi just popped into the conversation:
"Na no da!"
I laughed out loud...too bad there were people in the room --' day twelve, my parents think im growing more insane by the second..

madxhatta 2007-01-14 id # 30131
heheheh I LOVED THIS

ss10009 2007-11-02 id # 35363
Hilarious! Poor Suguru...what a nightmare!

Mia 2009-01-31 id # 36796
OMG!!! This was soooooo hillariouse!!! Poor suguru thong, naked, na no da, lingerie. But I always wanted to know.... what does Na no da mean? That question has been bothering me for awhile now. GREAT STORY, it one of funnest I've read!!!

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