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Reviews for Come What May
ashcat 2006-06-15 id # 20635
Chpt 1: I am so excited about this new arc :) I think it will be the best yet! It will indeed be interesting to see if Eiri can rise to the challenge of actually working hard on their relationship and if he can hold it together until Shu can find his way into the new person he is slowly becoming. Great first chapter, it really set the tone of what is going on in Eiri's mind and their lives in Tokyo.

kumachan kumagorobunny@yahoo.com 2006-06-15 id # 20637
So very happy to see that you are back! As far as the angst goes...I don't think that the story could be honest if everything just settled down so easily. I think you are right and they have so many more thing s to settle and work out. I am glad to see that they are trying...I love the direction you are taking this in. Keep up the good work:)

Sueona 2006-06-15 id # 20639
I am glad that you wrote this. Hope to see more chapters soon. I read all of the other stories before this. This story is great! I hope Shuichi and Eiri work out their problems!

gravitule 2006-06-15 id # 20643
Yeahhh, I am so happy to have my 2 lovely boys back...And Kyo is already on the prowl...What is amazing is your ability to immerse us in the story from the first sentence.
This was like meeting with old beloved friends...I am really happy you are back. I know that this was not that long since last time but I was after all truly starting feeling lonely without your story.Mmm, I feel better now...

Linak prymityw@hotmail.com 2006-06-15 id # 20648
Whoa I'm so happy you decided to start another part of this story, I read it all and it took me months, becaues I wanted to take in every single detail, I am very fond of this story, I love the way you portrayed the characters and they all fit perfectly.

I'm very happy you continued! :))) *hugs*

Aja 2006-06-15 id # 20649
(ch. 1) I really enjoyed reading this chapter and I found it very easy to fall back into your 'world' of Gravi in all its rich details. ;D The phone conversation between Kyo and Eiri made me laugh a lot. I am looking forward to seeing more of him-- and the rest of Bad Luck. I'm thrilled you are continuing this story and I'm anxious to read more. Good luck with the writing!

Cait compli_cait@yahoo.com 2006-06-15 id # 20653
Great opener. It flowed nicely and gave us a good amount of back information without sounding like it was feeding us those details. Too often sequels will put that kind of information out rushedly, which detracts from the quality of the language.

It's nice to know that things aren't magically fixed now, and that we are basically right where we left off.

I can't wait to read about the therapy sessions.

Keep up the good work!


Saya yamikitsune@gmail.com 2006-06-15 id # 20654
I love the start of this next installment. I'm happy that you brought Mirai back. Are you going to get into the whole Tatsuha/Ryuichi angle of the story arc? (Because that would be really cool) I can't wait to hear about Kyo/Hiro/Suguru.
Awsome job.

EIRI-CHICK 2006-06-16 id # 20661
Ch 1
"Hello again! This is a continuation in the Epic of Life series. Illusions of Life, Realties of Life, Something In-Between and now, Come What May. Although I am trying to write it so reading the other three installments is not necessary. I don’t know if I am successful or not."

Nope, not one iota! You were so unsuccessful that a blind man could see that you were not even CLOSE to making it "not necessary to read the first three installments!" But WHO CARES?!? If they are not smart enough to read them, then they deserve what they DON'T get!

I can't WAIT to see what happens not only during the therapy session, but on the double date, at the Okuizome, and the next time that Kyo, Hiro and Sugaru show up! Boy there is a LOT that I can't wait to see happen, hunh?

Okay, since you have 4 chapters ready, does that mean that you will post them quicker??? I HOPE SO!!!

Between you, Oh Queen of Angst, and the Goddess of Angst, JH, my broken heart is constantly bleeding lovely, dark blood! >;D
Keep writing, your stories RULE!!!


Amethyst 2006-06-16 id # 20680
Whoa you have done it again a great being to another wonderful part in these stories ty for post can't wait to read more...

Suanne 2006-06-16 id # 20708
Very, very nice job on a difficult setup. Does just what it needs to: brings those who've read the others back up to speed, explains enough for a new reader not to be lost, but should intrigue them enough to go back and read the earlier stories for the details.

I particularly like the fact that you haven't castrated either one of them. They both remain strong and attitudinal. That rebalancing of the anger/power/control/vulnerability equation in the relationship is one of the most interesting aspects of this series, and I think this beginning bodes extremely well for what might prove the best of a very good series.

Kinomi 2006-06-17 id # 20710
Ch. 1. I don't know how this got so far down the latest page without my seeing it. I'm so glad to read more from you in this series. I love being inside your Eiri's head. I like experiencing "first hand" the conflict between his impulses and his nature. With effort, he’s allowing more of those caring impulses to come through, even with all the anger between both of them. I’ve grown to really like this fictional world. I find it very easy to re-enter and feel like I’ve got my bearings. Your writing here is so smooth it just transports me. Nice work!

JadeHeart 2006-06-17 id # 20731
A lovely first chapter for the next stage of this journey through their lives. And I just love the cat!

ht 2006-06-18 id # 20747

A part of me is dreading what's in store for this dysfunctional couple, but it's so damn hard not to read on. Just... be gentle with them--They're pretty beaten up.

So... just dropping by to say that I'll continue to follow the story through part four. I like the angst, I really do. It's like watching competitive sports and you get to root for your favorite team. Yeah. So YxS needs to go kick some ass.

Di Long 2006-06-18 id # 20757
Happy to see you back in the saddle! Don't worry about the angst....what story about redemption and healing didn't have a strong vein of angst running through it? You have createdf two effed-up people, and if you had fixed things too too too easily I would have been disapointed in you. Now, do'nt read this as an open invitation to give your poor fan heart attacks becasure of angst over load... love your sweet, loving scenes too much to do with out them... I'm just trying to say I think you are on the right track! Di

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-06-18 id # 20762
When you write you write the whole life not just a small piece of what happens. It is a complete story. You tell the whole universe around the characters. This is so great..I am so impressed with your writing.

Clari chan littlecn88@yahoo.com 2006-06-18 id # 20777
Chap 1

I'm so glad that you have continued. I absolutely love your writing. I can't believe that this the fourth part of this story and you can still make it interesting. I loved this chapter, I couldn't help but laugh at the quarreling couple...

Please continue soon :D

hannah poeticsoul2012 2006-06-18 id # 20786
i loved it!!!!! you leave me always wanting for more of your storys!!!! the show got took off on my cable so i cant see it anymore. i got so mad, then u made me happy again, thanx!!!!!-hugs-

SohmaNina_san sakuranina_hime@yahoo.com 2006-06-20 id # 20840
hi...it's been so long ....i was suprise to see you've continue the series......i'm glad you did.....not to many good fic to raed...lately......i'm so happy that you shu ang eiri....are still together even if they're still at it with each other......well hoipt the other chapter will be done soon.....cause i can't wait....to raed them......keep up the good work

lil_ari super_cat_25@hotmail.com 2006-06-20 id # 20858
Well, I've been reading this epic since the beginning, and all I could say was "wow"... it was a wonderful story with wonderful plot and so much delicious angst. not only was the angst delicious, you also had very hot sex to go with it. Could I ask for anything more?
I engoyed reading up to here and I'm sure that you won't disapoint me (or any of your readers...) with your next chapters.

Rin-chan 2006-06-22 id # 22680
That was a fantastic chapter, the way you got inside Shuichi's head, telling his story about what happened between him and Hiro. I also like the interaction with Maiko, I'm not usually a Maiko fan, but it was nice having the brother, sister bonding. Anyway, I'm really loving the story so far. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Congrats on a great story, also a shout out to Kris and Ashcat.

ashcat 2006-06-22 id # 22681
Chpt 2: Waaah.. I always love a shu chapter. I really liked how this was a nice foil to the eiri chapter and set the stage for our other main character :)

Green Day 2006-06-22 id # 22684
Wow!!!! I like what you do with the story, how you twist and turn all the characters in a way that makes them all the more adorable. I have to admit that I like Shuuichi better this way. In a way, he was fucked up before too, he was a masochist and now he's changing roles and I'm sure he's gonna end up being a more capable person after all the healing processes it takes. anyway, I may be bubbling now:P but you are such a good writer in my eyes.

Vialia 2006-06-22 id # 22685
Ch 1 & 2
And finally I've read your story ^^
Your observations about the main characters brought me lots of pleasure. It's very interesting to read about the interactions between Yuki and Shu, to hear their thoughts,also how they struggle to understand and trust each other again.

And just like the others, I think the same- well done, I'll be waiting for more.

Sohmanina_san sakuranina_hime@yahoo.com 2006-06-22 id # 22692
hey...that...was a good one.....i'm in a lousy mood today....but as i open the site and see that you've updated a new chapter.......i was so happy....raeding it made me fill better....about my problems........thanks...pls ...keep up the good work.....hope to hear from you soon.....NINA

Suanne 2006-06-22 id # 22693
This is now officially my favorite story of the series. Maiko is great, fulfilling her function perfectly (walking reality check) and Shu finally able to meet Yuki, er, head to head in the sexuality department makes for great story. Maiko, er, intercepting them had me rolling. Excellent chap.

gravitule 2006-06-23 id # 22696
He he, again a nice one! It was amazing to see how you could make Shu so IC but different at the same time. Loved the part with Maiko's boyfriend and of course the car part.

evanae 2006-06-25 id # 22708
Oh boy, that's so true...Eiri and Shu parents, dear god. @_@ Haha. I'm glad to see the story coming along now with Shuichi realizing he needs to change on his end of his relationship with Eiri. Yay. Geez, that so wasn't constructive but I can't wait till the next chapter.

Kinomi 2006-06-25 id # 22730
Ch. 2. Des, I bow. Your Maiko and Shuichi sibling dynamics are so good. Don't worry about the angst (your author's note from. ch. 1). The healing and redemption are coming through loud and clear. It’s more believable because the characters are wary of each other and struggling to overcome their set behaviors. Thanks Ashcat and Kri for your contributions.

I’m enjoying this respite before you get around to playing with our heads. ^_^

Aja 2006-06-25 id # 22738
(ch. 2) What a satisfying chapter. It began dark and ended as light, black comedy. ^_^ I liked the way you wove-in backstory without being heavy-handed about it. I loved Eiri and Shuichi's comments about Maiko's boyfriend, said in unison. I burst out laughing! Their aborted car sex was a riot. Finally, I thought the closing was wonderful! You tied things together beautifully. I look forward to their upcoming therapy sessions.

clari chan littlecn88@yahoo.com 2006-06-26 id # 22773
chap 2

Loved it! Hmm..my brain is in lala land today...can't seem to think of any smart comment to say...

I guess fan-girl mode will work. I love your work! please continue soon and keep this fan-girl alive with your wonderful writing! :D

Amethyst 2006-06-27 id # 22778
AhhhHHHHHHHHHHH I love it ....I love it thank-you again for posting a new chapter please...please update soon I love this story but you know that...

Tlynn 2006-06-29 id # 22860
I love your stuff and it always makes me cry. And I like that you are giving them a way out of angst. Makes me happy!

Kinomi 2006-06-29 id # 22861
Ch. 3. You’re such a good story teller. I’m impressed with how much information you’re working into your writing without getting bogged down. I found your diagnostic profiles clever and amusing. These guys are so fucked up, but they’re making progress.

I thought the scene with Eiri’s migraine worked very well. It gave Eiri a legitimate reason for dropping his defenses and Shuichi a rare chance to help. Moving dialog and believable emotions. They’re behaving like family. The moments when they connect are all the sweeter because they have to work so hard for them. Thanks for another great chapter.

Saya yamikitsune@gmail.com 2006-06-29 id # 22862
This is a very good chapter. You mixed angst with a bit of humor. I like your choice of songs. I suggest looking into some of Nickleback's songs or Evanescence. It would probably fit the tone of this story. ^_^

kumachan kumagorobunny@yahoo.com 2006-06-29 id # 22867
AAAAWWWW! So sweet. I am so glad to see that there is still hope for my favorite couple. I'm glad to that Shuichi agreed to keep going to therapy and that they are both starting to be a little more honest. Once again I love the honesty in your stories. Nothing in life is easy especially not love. Your characters feel more real, because of their imperfections. I also really liked that therapist could see that deep inside Shuichi is still the same sweet boy he used to be. Again, Perfect sing choice:)

SoumaNina-san sakuranina_hime@yahoo.com 2006-06-29 id # 22868
hi.....i didn't like the first part of thr fic....and the conversation between the father & daughter doctors.....sounded like someting from a soap drama.....but i do like the exchange...between shu and eiri.....talking about thier problems....and such.....they're just to sweet.....not to mention they hold major share of my brain space alraedy.........
Hope to read about Inoue soon....Nina

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-07-01 id # 22914
Don't know if I will get to the next chapter right now so will review this one and the first on. They were both great. I love how you write and there is REAL plot sith the pron. I love it. I wish I could write as well as you do. Cant come up with the plot as well. You are fantastic at that. I just can't say enough good things about your writing.

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-07-01 id # 22916
This was such a sweet chapter....write more of this kind I love to say ahhhhhhhh after reading. Ilove these two so so so so much. They are so good together and were ment for each other. I know they are not real people but they are when you write as good as you do.

EIRI-CHICK 2006-07-01 id # 22922
Ch 3
I'm glad to see that Eiri and Shuichi are trying to work out their relatiohship. It's nice to know that their love is starting to help them work through the problems that they had! Now, if only they don't kill each other in the process...!

I am also happy that you are showing the therapists' side of things! Whattta concept! Many stories just show them in coucelling, and doesn't show the kind of hell that the psychiatrists go through while trying to help this volatile couple mend their various problems. Bravo!

I can't WAIT to see what happens next!

Keep up the excellent work, Oh Queen of Angst!


EIRI-CHICK 2006-07-01 id # 22923
Ch 2
[I tried to review this chapter, but it was while Gurabite was messing up, so I'll do it now!]

I'm glad to see that Shuichi is writing songs again, and that the "triple" (is that what you call a "couple" when there are three in a relationship?) are so happy being together! Hiro deserves to be happy, even if it's not with Shuichi.

I LOVED that Shuichi called Maiko, and that she's still a "pesky little sister" to Shuichi, and yet, she has so many words of wisdom to tell him about love. It hurt to read what Shuichi did to poor Hiro, and it hurt even more when he both told Maiko what happened and the thoughts that he kept to himself. Oh the agony of love and pain! How delicious...when it's not happening to you, that is!

I especially loved it when Eiri and Shuichi relaized they shared a "hive mind!" How hilarious that was! And kinda disturbing to boot! The elevator scene was hot, and the scene in the car was even better! I'm embarrassed to say that I laughed so hard that I snorted!

The scene at Mizuki's house was sweet, and funny, especially the test tube comment! OMFG that was so hilarious!

And when you said:
"“Do you ever think about having kids, Eiri?”

“Are you fucking crazy?” He snapped at me. “I have mental problems, remember? Who would raise it? You? You have mental problems, too. We aren’t capable of raising a kid, we’d fuck it up. And that’s just what the world needs, another messed up kid. Besides, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll clue you in; you can’t have babies. You’re male.”

And my laughter turned into pure joy as I watched my lover hold a baby with a horrified curiosity as he made biting, sarcastic jokes about us being bad parents."

I laughed so hard that my sides hurt after that chapter! What a way to tell Mpreg writers off!

Keep up the excellent work, Oh Queen of Angst!


Amethyst 2006-07-02 id # 22956
Another good chapter I like reading it..thank-you for posting it....

ht 2006-07-03 id # 22981

While reading the psychiatric report on Eiri and Shuichi, I could only think, "God, these two are fucked up."

Love it. I'm happy things are going well, but I keep getting the feeling that's a temporary thing...

JadeHeart 2006-07-05 id # 23082
Wonderful third chapter - you have managed to show just what the relationship between Yuki and Shuichi looks like from not only an outsider's view but in a very objective and analytical aspect also. And it really highlights just HOW screwed up they are! They definitely have a long way to go yet!

Sueona 2006-07-06 id # 23129
This story gets better everytime I read the updates. Please update soon. I want to find out if Shuichi tells Eiri everything. :) :)

JadeHeart 2006-07-06 id # 23140
What a wonderful chapter this was! All the worries about the past, the concerns for the future, and what could be the most monumental mistake-that-nearly-was that Shuichi could have made, ie. Tohma! I, personally, am really looking forward to that conversation! Oh, and I just love the song choice - it is one of my favourites and I don't hear it enough on the radio nowdays.

Avi esotericisin@aol.com 2006-07-06 id # 23141
I've been reading this trilogy from the beginning, and I absolutely love it. It's well written, and a nice balance of realistic emotional pain, but not a marathon angst fest. I loved the Tohma/Shuichi scene in chapter three, even though I've always considered that pairing 100% impossible and ridiculous. In the context of this particular story, it was quite believeable. Good job! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

ashcat 2006-07-06 id # 23152
Chpter 4: I love this chapter - Tohma and Shu's scene is just undescribly hot despite me feeling bad about finding it so hot ;) and OMG I love "I felt every bit the fabled sacrificial lamb on the mahogany alter of Seguchi Tohma." that line :) it was perfect! I like the song choice too, that really does fit with the chapter. Poor Shu hopefully he will get back on track soon!

miki 2006-07-07 id # 23158
this fic is wonderfull!! I´ve loved the affair between Shu and Thoma... I almost desired they do it... and I want yuki to find out!!!
keep going!!!

Yuuji Kamui kamuiarashi@hotmail.com 2006-07-07 id # 23168
Are you kidding? That scene with Shuichi & Tohma was so~ hot!! I'm nearly desiring the thing hadn't ended with an interruption, but you are right, this was the perfect moment ^^ and I love Yuki and Shu throwing things each other!

Lovely fanart you got!

LaChoy 2006-07-07 id # 23181
Tohma and Shuichi? I'll tell the truth, I don't think that really goes. Even with how messed up Shuichi was. Maybe I'm just not seeing where you're coming from or where you're going with it. Oh well, guess I shouldn't complain until I do see, hmm?

This chapter was great. You showed messed up Shuichi so well.

That doesn't sound exactly like a compliment, does it? xD

gravitule 2006-07-09 id # 23818
I had a small vacation last week with no internet access and now I have to catch up!
But it was wonderfull to come back and have those 2 amazing chapter to read.
Chap 3 : It was so nice to see Eiri and Shu relationship through the therapist. I had a silly grin during all the time...
Chap 4 : I agree with you, this was the perfect place to put the Shu/Thoma scene. And it was so hot !!!!
I am delighted in advance to read what will come next....

EIRI-CHICK 2006-07-09 id # 23822
Ch 4
WOW! First Shuichi has "that nighmare," then the fight aftr dinner! WOW! What a emotional chapter! I feel so bad for poor Shuichi, unable to trust anyone, it seems. You know it's bad when even Sugaru is telling him "be happy!"

Excellent as usual! I can't wait for chapter 5!


Amethyst 2006-07-09 id # 23833
Any way I look at you have a great story here, yes I think putting the Tohma/Shuichi dream/scene was better in this part it makes more sense...we have the back ground on him going "nuts" with Hiro this just gives us in depth of what else he did...thank-you for writing it and thank-you for posting I enjoy all of the chapters of all three storys thank-you again...

sarah sdfranklin79@msn.com 2006-07-10 id # 23849
damn i stayed up till 4am reading this to find it cut off at a very good part, i LOVE shu/tohma pairings...hee hee...hhmm come to think of it im into shu/sugura pairings as well...hhmm maybe im just weird.. well great work by the way ive been following your story for awhile now waiting for new stuff...i like the stories where shu turns goth and changes....and the heart wrenching stories as well
keep up the good work.

Di Long 2006-07-15 id # 23985
Mmmm..... That was really nice. You did a wonderful job zeroing in on their emotions and the best part is showing how Eiri is trying so hard. My favorite line was when Eiri was filtering himself tryign not call Shu names at the Therapist's office. Youre writing has come so far.... I'm really proud of you.

ashcat 2006-07-15 id # 23988
Chpt 5: I love this chapter.. I think we really get a feel for the good and bad of their relationship, and its nice to see Eiri being so introspective and really recognizing what he had done to shu to hurt him. And the sex was so loving :) and fun.. aahh I loved it all!

Linak prymityw@hotmail.com 2006-07-15 id # 23989
that was smoking hot, ooh I came online today hoping you'd uploaded something and yaay you did!
Thanks to you I'll have sweet dreams tonight nyam nyam n_n
I so hope they'll completely make up in the end... I know I'll cry either way lol

Sueona 2006-07-15 id # 23992
This is story is great. Update real soon. I need moooooooooooore. I need to know what happens next. :)

Kinomi 2006-07-15 id # 23994
I forgot to comment on chap. 4, but I liked it. Shuichi’s episode with Tohma was a good example of how bizarrely he was acting during that period. That’ll be an interesting kink in the plot. The blow up at dinner was a great overture to the next chapter. About chap. 5. I love first-person Eiri and yours is a good one. Loved it. Sorry I don’t have anything more to say. I’m all wrung out.

Cianis 2006-07-15 id # 23998
Wow.... I was skeptical when I first saw this story to read it. When I started I thought it was the usual boring "Shuichi-turned-goth" mindless drivel that some people spew out. But I was gladly proven wrong! This story is great! It actually has a plot ^.~ I just couldn't stop reading it!! It's soo good and absolutely perfect! I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!! Oh and the therapy visits would probably have to be the funniest parts (in a weird way of course, considering how screwed up their relationship seems to be)!!! I hope there are more and more therapy visits in the future, for them both and for each alone!!! So keep writing pweaaase!!!!


EIRI-CHICK 2006-07-15 id # 24014
Ch 5
Hahahahah!!! I know it isn't supposed to be funny, but the mental image of Eiri and Shuichi rolling around on the floor....I couldn't help myself! Poor Eiri! getting whacked on the chin! Heehee!

It was sweet to see that they both are so very afraid of losing each other. I was releaved to see Shuichi crying like normal, and Eiri being his usual protective self. I must admit that I missed seeing them act so nice to each other.

And the makeup sex...DROOL! Incredibly HOT! Especially the part when the lube got spilled, and then used.... *fans self* Whoo!

I can't wait to see what the next chaper holds! Hurry up, oh Queen of Angst!


ladyfiend admin@lf-designs.net 2006-07-17 id # 24083

i want more *pout*

anyways, this was another wonderful chapter, and i'm fully anticpating the next one (as usual) so here's hoping that coming soon!


Dee Dee Dymepiecemami_2000@yahoo.com 2006-07-18 id # 24100
I hate you... Why did you have to stop :(... Lol omg that chapter was amazing espeacially the last scene, I do love the statement where you said. [Quote]
The night I had rolled around naked in front of my boss like a bitch in heat.

I wanna use that now a bitch in the heat... Its so dirty I like your style heheheh ciao!

gravitule 2006-07-18 id # 24102
Oh my god, I think I will remember for ever the Doctor holding the pitcher. This was such a picture ! The same effect for me as with the Mercedes and the baseball bat previously...The description was so "coloured" that I could see the picture right in front of me.
This was maevellous.
But you didn't help me to fight the heatwave we go under today in France. The make up sex was so hot...Why did I decide to read this at work, can you tell me ? There is no shower here...Even the air-conditioning does not manage any more to follow...
I am a silly girl...But nevertheless happy to be addicted to your stories...

Amethyst 2006-07-22 id # 24278
I just finally got to read the new chapter...ahh I love it as usual one day your going to get tired of me gushing but you do a great job thank-you...for taking the time to write it and post it...

JadeHeart 2006-07-29 id # 24562
Chapter five was a lovely sweet look at the two of them slowly drawing together on a far more intimate level than just sex. Now we are seeing the sex with all the emotional levels entwined within in. And it is interesting to see the changes in Shuichi himself with regards to his 'experience' and Yuki noticing that, along with the doubts and worries that he feels in realising that his lover gained that 'experience' with someone other than himself.

I feel so sorry for the therapist!

ray_archangel ray_archangel@yahoo.com 2006-07-30 id # 24577
dear despina! Your fics are amazing. I felt that I needed to tell you that. I read the whole Epic of LÝfe in like two days! and it left me craving for more. Hope you can update soon.
Epic is probably my favourite gravy fic. All the characters are just so OOC. Even when they dont behave exactly like they do in the canon, but in a way they CAN behave given certain situations and changes in their lives. The lemon scenes are wonderful, passionate but not at all vulgar. There is just the right amount of angst, fluff, drama and humor. Overall, breathtaking work of fiction! Keep it up!
Love, Ray.

SohmaNina_san sakuranina_hime@yahoo.com 2006-07-30 id # 24580
helloooo....it's been a while......i've miss you....i love your 6 chap....it's very good......sad to know that the updates will take a while.....now that your busy with work and all.....but i will always be a fan of your fics . Update soon.....cause your story always leave me with a warm feeling of love.......keep it up.....Nina

Aja 2006-07-31 id # 24608
(ch. 3) I like Eiri and Shuichi's reluctant compromising over therapy. I'm intrigued by the addition of the shrink's daughter and wonder where you'll take it. Shuichi taking care of Eiri made a sweet finale for the chapter. :)

Aja 2006-07-31 id # 24609
(ch. 4) I love the subtle build-up of Ryuichi's relationship craziness. I look forward to at least some of the details between him and Tatsuha coming out. ;)

I'm glad that in spite of everything, Shuichi's friends are still supportive of him and he can call on them for reassurance.

Aja 2006-07-31 id # 24610
(ch. 5) Wow! So hot! Your writing and the details are all so good, I can only admire the work and appreciate reading it! XD

The therapy session was terrific! I think the shrink saw a very distilled look at both Eiri and Shuichi's behaviors. That segment effectively showed their love and volitility. Well done!

Aja 2006-07-31 id # 24611
(ch. 6) I get a kick out of the fact that every member of Bad Luck is now hopelessly corrupted! ^_^ Sure, Suguru was headed in that directlion when he joined up with Kyosuke and Hiro, but now... !

It's fun to see Kyo, Hiro, and Suguru dealing with things. I'm looking forward to the fallout of 'going public' with their relationship and seeing what Suguru's mother will do.

Now that I'm all caught up with the story, I'm sad there isn't more to read. Ah, well, more to look forward to in the future! Thank you for writing all of it. I love to read your stories. :D

Amethyst 2006-08-01 id # 24637
Again another good chapter well written...thank-you for taking the time to post it and write it I love reading this story ty...

Kathy nativedawn158@comcast.net 2006-08-02 id # 24701
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EIRI-CHICK 2006-08-29 id # 25896
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“Are you unwell, Eiri-san?” I asked as I stood up in time to see him lean over and empty the contents of his stomach on my antique Persian carpet. Hmm. I had not thought about my carpet. Perhaps I had miscalculated."

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And I have a feeling that Yuki will be just as upset and angry over Maiko's trauma and can just see him reacting in a more irrational and straight-forward manner to deal with the 'problem' than Shuichi is. That's only because Shuichi has to remain strong and calm for his sister, which gives Yuki free rein to vent! Can't wait to see where things go from here!

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(Just one small typo at the end - 'mourning' instead of 'morning'?)

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The counselling sessions are really allowing some stuff to be revealed as well as revealing more of our favorite dysfunctional pair. I happily anticipate each new chapter. I never know what the next chapter will bring and that unpredictability is exciting! The Maiko twist was unexpected - I am looking forward to Eiri's perspective on the incident.

I have been remiss about reviews for anyone lately - sorry about that! I want to continue encouraging GOOD writers like yourself, so I am back at it.

Keep up the great work!

Kinomi 2006-10-15 id # 27491
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As for ch.10, I think what makes Kyosuke, Hiro and Suguru work is their humor and the conscious effort they put into checking in on each others’ feelings and taking the time to communicate with each other. They click personally and sexually, but without their efforts to make the threesome work, it might not be as believable.

The chronology was a little hard to follow in that transition from Shuichi’s phone call to Eiri’s phone call and Kyosuke saying that Shuichi hadn’t been found. (When did he have the conversation with Shuichi?) Maybe it was just my own inability to follow it, but thought you might want to know my impression.

Great work. Feels like another good long story arc is developing. Looking forward to it.

Ashley Vulpix ashleyvulpix@gmail.com 2006-10-15 id # 27513
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gravitule 2006-10-16 id # 27529
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And it was marvelous to have these 2 chap to read together. What a great job you did. Chap 10 was so "rich" and chap 11 so hot! Waoo...

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Pink_Kitten chhr2004@yahoo.com 2006-10-30 id # 28077
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bellehime seraphfim@gmail.com 2006-11-04 id # 28248
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tsubaki 2006-11-04 id # 28249
Astonishing. Still laughing over Hiro's temper tantrum. Loving Kyosuke... he sounds like such a delicious man. Yuki really needs to get his ass in gear, but then so does Shuichi. I still think Shu needs to come clean about everything and decide where he stands with himself for everything he did during those 18 months. I am glad that Yuki has figured out his. His coming to terms with his sisters' description of his great escape was pretty good... but I felt bad for his self-blam. Wasn't it a bit too much?

Still loving this story, and hoping to see how this emotional mangle undoes itself.

fuzzybunnytoo fuzzybunnytoo@yahoo.com 2006-11-04 id # 28251
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Kinomi 2006-11-04 id # 28255
Ch. 12. Des, you write the best make-up sex. It’s cathartic and healing, and each time they’re able to communicate a little more of the feelings we all long for them to express to each other. Eiri showed huge progress in this chapter. It’s such a delicious trip. I love this universe. Thanks for a good read on a rainy Saturday morning.

HellzAngel 2006-11-04 id # 28258
That chapter brought back some familiar memories for me about my ex, and what my older brother did to him. I really liked how this chapter went, how Eiri beat up that guy, I thought that was great, and the interaction with Maiko was wonderful. This story is turning out as good as the ones previously. You have my congratulations on your writing ability, and detail, making me feel like I'm there experiencing everything that happens. I, like always await for the next chapter.

One more thing, the songs you use for each chapter, do you pick them randomly? Or do you pick them as your writing the chapter, thinking of how each song represents the chapter?

I hope you understood that question, reading it over, it is kinda strange. Anyway, hope to read the next chapter soon.

DI Long 2006-11-04 id # 28259
Need I tell you that I am on my KNEES, crying, begging and pleaing with you to hurry with the next chapter????? As usual this one was great, and I am on pins and needles about the cliffy! I liked hte way you handled the Yuki and Maiko and the evil boy friend bit. You have Yuki down so cold. The way he blacked otu a little and beat the living shit out of the abuser before he really realized he had bloodied his hands was perfect. Also good craftsmanship was having Maiko be a chilling agent on what I see as an impending break up. Now. I think you are entrielry cpable of writing the chapter as a true break up chapter, so I am feeling really nervous (thus the way I opened this review). I am hoping to see a scene where Eiri opens up as much as is possible for him (which won't be all that much, but heartbreaking and touching all the same for it will be so terrible and hard for him) and breaks through the barrier of disturst that hangs through him and Shu. I think the boil (my own medical anaology for their messed up relationship) won't truly be lanced until Shu fully understands how broken and lost Eiri will be without him. Thanks again for a delightful chapter. As always I am so happy that you share your delightful tales with us!


yukinshu4e tennisanddancechick@hotmail.com 2006-11-04 id # 28262
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They told me he loved me."

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Chapter 14
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On a critical note, I have noticed a couple of spelling and grammatical typos/errors (though none so much that it's driving me crazy). If it is something you are game for, I would love the chance to edit said typos, as I have been a grammatical perfectionist for as long as I can remember!

Thank you for writing. I'm still working up the courage to put my thought processes out there for everyone to read, and knowing you've produced such amazing work, despite having similar fears, inspires me to just give my fears up and get past them ^_^

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noticed that in the last chapter's Author's note, you ask whether we want a continuation of the Epic or not...
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tsubaki 2007-02-05 id # 30562
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On Chikara, I'm still in the dark. I really think I need to go back and read older chapters and get this one straight. Unless it can get explained the in Author notes? I am supposing that there is going to be a parentage issue coming up soon.

On the senior Uesugi: Wow. That was really a long time coming and I am glad that things, to an extent, worked out. I'm so glad that Eiri is making this initiative, this kind of progress, almost all on his own. The therapy bits are of interest to me, I can't wait to read more about that and how this couple is working through the rest of their issues. Frankly, I hope someone beats it into Shu's head to apologise properly and explain to Hiro how he felt during their disastrous few months together. From Tohma's talk with Kyo, there appear to be some rampany insecurities.

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EIRI-CHICK 2007-02-05 id # 30575
Ch 15

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Bravo on writing such a wonderfully REAL story! I can't wait untilt he next chapter! Hurry up! ^_^

Co-mod for
Gravitation: NG
The Gravitation RPG community for the Mature (21+) RPer

Dambae karuune@gmail.com 2007-02-05 id # 30578
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I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter, even if it means that we will soon be seeing the end of this arc. But then again, we have the horny threesome to look forward to! YAY!

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JadeHeart 2007-05-16 id # 32123
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The pathway to truly trusting each other again is one that is quite often more a leap of faith than a well-thought out plan, and that is just what both of them are attempting.

EIRI-CHICK 2007-05-16 id # 32126
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EIRI-CHICK 2007-05-16 id # 32132
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And I hope you could understood me, because I just read English, no write, no talk =.= XD

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I've actually been rereading the manga as well at work this week. I'm on Gravitation overload right now, and loving every minute of it. I still think, of all the great Gravi fics I've read, this one is still my favorite. The drama is presented fantastically, and so is all the hot sex. I can almost see this fic as some kind of future canon for the series. The Gravitation EX is being released too slowly and I can't help but feel like it is a mediocre rehashing of the original series. It isn't bringing anything new or particularly interesting to the table. People make fun of fan fiction and fan fic authors for not having anything original to write about, but I doubt any of them have read ficcage of the calibre of this one.

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I never wrote this - I don't know why o.O stupid me^^ - but you are a fantastic author and the Epic of Life series is just perfect :)
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Such a great chapter. And the lil hint to Slices of Life when Hiro called, nice.
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Don't worry about losing your gravi voice; it happens to the best :)
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If you need another set of eyes to beta (I know you all ready have two amazing betas) just e-mail me and I'd be happy to look it over too :)
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EIRI-CHICK 2008-05-22 id # 35998
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I think after reading this chapter, my only (sane) choice is to go read ch 20.

This is what happens when you go offline and then have to read 5 chapters back to back...^_^;

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For this review to be a propper review, I should offer some concrit. But it's really hard to find flaws in your story, in all of your stories! I wish the new fanfic writers would take your stories as a good example to learn from.

There were so many awesome moments captured in this story (how dared Maiko interfere with Shu's and Eiri's 'activity' in the car! XD or when Eiri called the therapist a quack, ^_~ or the small scene with Wataru/Kazuki and Eiri's jealousy...).
I especially enjoy when you write in Eiri's POV, you nail his character so perfectly. And damn right that Shu doesn't forgive Tatsuha! The bastard doesn't deserve that; I can't even imagine how he could face Shuichi or his brother without licking their toes for the rest of their lives. :( Grrr

Thank you for sharing your amazing stories, Despina :)

Yukitoshuu 2008-05-24 id # 36004
Hey, just thought I'd let you know that someone put up your story "Illusions of Life" on ffn, and gave you no credit.
Here's the link to their user profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1534671/kumagoro18
Basically they copied and pasted all your chapters under their username, author's notes and all!
I thought you should know, because plagiarism is totally unacceptable, in my opinion.
Keep up your wonderful work, though! You have so many readers that appreciate the time you've put into these characters!!! :)

jadefairy 2008-05-25 id # 36014
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Aja 2008-06-10 id # 36091
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Saanrio 2008-06-18 id # 36126
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Karina 2008-06-25 id # 36151
Hello. I don't know if you had the chance to read it, but about a month ago I left a comment on Illusions of Life. I just finished reading this one yesterday, and I must say it is probably my favorite out of the 4 I've read so far. However, I do have to admit that I didn't really like the Kyo chapters. Don't get me wrong, I really like Kyo, and I like him with Hiro as well... It's just that Suguru is... Well, let me put it this way: If he didn't exist, that would be just fine with me. But that's just my opinion, of course. As an unconditional Eiri fan, it is not necessary to point out that Eiri chapters were my favorites. I really liked all Shuichi chapters too, specially when he talks about Eiri. "Sexy is part of Eiri's DNA"...? I'm glad I got to read my own thoughts in your story... Hahaha. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid to you, but I must again warn you: English is not my 1st language. I'm looking foward to the next chapter, and hoping it's not the last one. :D~

thistle 2009-02-04 id # 36810
Guh! I was rereading this and it made me dreamysigh all over again. It's such a great fic. I hope you plan to keep going someday! I still can't get into Shuichi belting *Eiri* but eeee idc it is a nice change of pace from what I'm used to. I'm dying to read the whole interview/public sex scene, whut.

Voyeurism 2009-02-05 id # 36813
I've seen this on dozens of people's reccomended readings, and I figured: "Alright, let's give this a try howsabout?" It's taken me four days, more or less, to read through this entire series.
I have one thing to say:
I told you, it was one thing. All squat up into one.

But, honestly? This story is incredible. You had me reduced to incoherent babbles and sobs at a few points, as well. I know it's been ages since you've updated, but seriously. Make them happy. This story is so messed up and entertaining and depressing and romantic and psychotic that it's almost unbearable at some points, but I've truly fallen in love with it. And Kyosuke? LMAO I WANNA HUG HIM. Just throwing that out there. Him, Suguru and Hiro being involved in a threesome = a hXc win.

There was one scene out of all of the stories, however, that stuck out the most to me. I can't remember which one it was in, possibly the second or third, but it was when Eiri nearly ran Shuichi down with his Mercedes. I just... I wouldn't say I died, but I did freak out a little, thus involving me screaming obscenities at my moniter and cursing various objects. It was my favourite scene out of a good deal of them for the simple reason that Eiri nearly ran down the most treasured person in his life with his most treasured object. I look too deeply into things, don't I? Oh dear.

But, please update again soon, author dearest. I'd like to see where their fucked up relationship is going. Kudos, this is the most long-winded comment I have ever left for a single story.

PockyReiko 2009-08-14 id # 37304
Sigh. Well, at first, I was really hesitant to read this fanfic because I was nervous about the copious amounts of angst I would have to be pulled through, and I wasn't even sure if Shuichi was going to end up with Eiri. I'm glad I ended up reading the whole series in the end because every moment I wasn't reading this fanfic, I wished that I was. Your writing, first off, is flawless and eloquent, and the story is actually quite believable. Jumping back into reading other fanfics will be pretty difficult for me now since you've effectively placed me in your own universe.
So I was very distraught to see that you last updated this in May 2008, and not May 2009, like I had thought when I glimpsed over the description too quickly. Rushing you or groveling at your feet would probably be pointless. I will say, though, that I am hopelessly in love with this fanfic, giddily excited to read the next chapter, upset that the endless praise I want to give you only came across in an awkward, and frankly, inadequately-sized review, and in dire need of a fluff piece to console me after reading this brilliant, but terribly heartwrenching story.

Elvira 2010-05-22 id # 37692
I've just finished reading all of the Epic of Life series and I am blown away. Just utterly amazed at the quality of this work. Your writing is great, flowing and solid and the plot, many times becoming a cliche in other fics, fits this series like a glove and manages not to become some weepy soap opera. Your characterizations of the characters are just epic, Shuichi's tougher personality is strangely endearing and Eiri being nicer while still being a dick is great. The way you've evolved these characters is commendable and realistic. I love the triad relationship of Kyo, Hiro and Suguru, it's really cute! I'm curious to see how Ryuichi and Tatsuha function together as well.

I'm a bit sad this hasn't been updated since 2008 but RL gets in the way and sometimes the muse doesn't stick around. But I truly hope you finish writing this, lots of your fans would be grateful and would love to see this continued.

lawless 2011-03-10 id # 37830
It's done! And they had semi-public sex! I wonder when the sex tape hits the streets. XD When I wrote semi-public sex for them in one of my stories (totally unplanned, too), I felt like I was having a Des moment.

I'll eventually have to read at least the preceding chapter, and maybe the chapter about the bet if that was earlier, to pick up some of the details and nuances, but I still remember the basic plot of this series since I greedily read it a little over two years ago. Thank you; it's been a great ride, and I'm honored and humbled to be writing in some of the same fandoms as you.

bakayarona 2011-03-31 id # 37836
Chapter 21: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for finishing up your wonderful story! I am glad your muse was inspired by the song and reading this final chapter made me giddy because no matter what happens on the tour, the guys will work through it.

I return to this series over and over again because of the character development. details and originality you brought to this universe.

I know you're playing with other fandoms now but I hope that the Gravi guys will occasionally nudge a story out of you in the future.

Thank you again, Des! Love you lots!


Neptune 2011-07-28 id # 37870
This is story is just so amazing! I absolutely love it!

I wanted to review at the end of it but i got really excited by this chap. God you are good, totaly amazing.
I wish i have someone who loves me as much as shuichi loves yuki. They love each other so much. Really despina, does such a love exist.

And not mention that threesome, is so amazing*squeals* im not really a fan of threesomes but yours got me interested although i have trouble imagining they would remain that way.

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