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Reviews for Blond Hair, Black Hair
Daemon 2006-02-10 id # 15705
I am...so confused? possibly email me and explain? thats not my real email above, my real email is lizzieisilved@yahoo.com
please explain.
I love your story.

PIKACHU GODDESS PIKACHUGODDESS@yahoo.com 2006-02-11 id # 15727
Ch 2
Ne, Ildreen-san, again I reiterate, I want to see this fic with more chapters! I would LOVE to find out what his going on,and most importantly, WHY! I love every one of your fics, and I an eagerly waiting to see what happens next!

Keep up the great work, demo, try not to take too long, onegai?


clari chan littlecn88@yahoo.com 2006-02-16 id # 15912
Well you sure got my attention. Please continue soon :D

freak_in_mars 2006-02-25 id # 16205
Very interesting. UPDATE!!

Shana 2006-02-25 id # 16240
Update, please. I really love your story. I'm intrigued.

Antoinette AntoinetteWilliams11@hotmail.com 2006-04-05 id # 17847
Omigosh, i really like this story! You need to wright more!! It'd be awesome! :)

sherry99 2006-04-30 id # 18800
It's nice but the colour 'blonde' is spelled wrongly... Ya missed the 'e' at the back... Keep it in mind ya... Other than that, it's pretty good... ^__^

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