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Reviews for Cupid's Fluid
Akuma dani2028@comcast.net 2005-09-08 id # 11598
Hey! I had read this on AFF, but didn't have time to review it, sorry!

I wanted to say that this was a wonderfully done and absolutely sweet piece. Personally, I am a Taki fan. He's adorable! And he cries when he Uke... heh. But, this really caught a side that I think was interesting to explore. A lot of people make him reluctant to admit to his relationships or over jealous, but you have a nice, normal... human mix to this. It's a wonderful quality.

Keep up the awsome work!


Silverone 2005-09-09 id # 11611
hehe, I love this story so much. I was glad to read it again. I do agree though that Ma-kun needs to pay. Maybe Taki will be the one to tie him up next time.

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