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Reviews for Cure
NightstarAngel 2005-08-10 id # 11098
This story is very interesting. I don't understand some parts but I know as the story progresses I will clear my questions. I hope that you don't stop writing; I can not wait to read more. I hope that you update soon. :)

Anon 2005-08-11 id # 11122
I liked the story itself, despite Shuichi's ooc-ness. I was confused because in the scene with Shuichi and Eiri in the first hotel room, it seemed as though Shuichi was a clairvoyant, putting his fingers in Eiri's mouth was suggestive of that to me at least. I don't know if that was your intention or not, but as the story progresses, it seemed less likely that he is. But overall good good stuff. In my opinion though, this could have worked as piece of original fiction instead of a fanfic. ^^
(I read the whole fic on gravi_muse_meet) That being said, i would like to read a sequel to this :P

Jeshika 2005-08-12 id # 11132
This story is amazing; one of my favorites. Shuichi was a little OOC, but given the circumstances it came off very plausible, especially in his reactions with Eiri. You wrote him exactly as I imagine him after Kitazawa'a attack - wary, frustrated, and slightly unstable. The mysterious mood and almost insane edge to the entire thing really hooked me. I swear I checked five times a day for the Part 3 update. XD
The only thing I would have liked was a deeper explanation into why Shuichi abandoned Hiro, because that was the most OOC thing for him. Other than that, I would love to read the epilogue! I hope you decide to post it. ^^

Morvena 2005-08-13 id # 11135
Wow... ;_;
Kinda sad... I love it :) very interesting story :)

Takki 2005-08-13 id # 11147
i would love to read the epilogue!

Homunculus 2005-09-03 id # 11509
That was an excellent story! I would have read it sooner but I just never had the time. The chapters were a great length, the descriptive details were wonderful and you have a great style of writing. You probably donít need an epilogue because I thought that your ending was perfect. I look forward to more stories by you. Oh and I would highly recommend a sequel, if at all possible of course!

fullmetalguitar buddhaarmada@yahoo.com 2006-07-24 id # 24325
Okay, I will admit, the whole first chapter I thought Shuichi was Tohma. But skipping over that.. ^^''' this was amazingly good. I really don't have the words to describe it. O_O It fucking kicked ass.

gracia 2006-07-26 id # 24427
its so....so.... uh how can i say nice in away,it shocks me how you people write this things , like you have a big imagination, appart from that the stories good and i totaly kiff Gavitation its a cool mangas and again appart from that just wanna say you can write
and by the way are you girl or boy? cause i dont read the things yall write at the beggining of the fan-fic

Gracia 2006-07-26 id # 24428

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