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Reviews for Salvation in the Darkness
LuvWriter TRpoison_rose@yahoo.com 2005-08-04 id # 10937
This seems promising. You've got my interest, so I'll be checking for an update.

DatenshiBlue39 Yukis-turf@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-08 id # 11025
HEY, IT'S ME!!! I know you REALLY DO CARE about what I have to say, soooo, (deep breath) here goes... Loved it! (grin) Though I'm not one for lovey-dovey family poopy doo, but I think I can stomach it for your story... just cause it's you. HA HA! My style's just.. angsty, but I like your story so far... though it's only the first chapter. Shuichi's a hard worker... HAHA DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!!! I can see a mental image of hot,older Shu with no shirt and all sweaty! hee hee (licks lips) , but he still can't even touch the ground Yuki walks on!!! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, I TOTALLY RULE!!! See ya latta!

DatenshiBlue39 Yukis-turf@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-08 id # 11026
HEY, IT'S ME AGAIN!!! Umm... what to say, what to say? Well, of course everybody's staring at Yuki he IS gawd-awful hot after all. And heck yeah, we should kill all those stupid annoying people that talk mean stuff too loud. Don't worry, Yuki, it gives me a headache too, and I'm just reading... actually I really do have a headache, it bites big booty! (flinch) I love Ryuichi and his dumb bunny, hee hee!

DatenshiBlue39 Yukis-turf@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-08 id # 11028
Ha! Shu's reading! hee hee, that's so funny! (falls off chair and rolls on floor laughing) That's just great! And well, I just can't allow Noriko to live after kissing my hot 'n sexy man, she's gonna have to go. (sighs and pulls out knife) I really am getting tired of doing this... running out of places to hide the bodies, you know.

OH HO, NO, NO, NO. AYAKA CAN JUST BURN FOR ALL I CARE! Hiro's awesome and we can't allow her to interfere. Sorry, but I'm VERY possessive when it comes to all of MY BISHIES!!!

Hee, write, you silly doopy head!

Takki 2005-08-09 id # 11061
ohh it's so exciting!!! about hiro... i think he should be with K or Tatusha. either one and they will make a cute couple!! please do continue!!!

DatenshiBlue39 Yukis-turf@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-11 id # 11110
Nice diction, Paige-a-loness, I like reading stories with appropriate word choice. Is Yuki gonna eventually get in trouble because he lied to the guy, saying that he was Shu's cousin. Or is he gonna get in trouble cause he falls in love with Shu and everyone thinks they're cousins? ... THat's just my guestimate, and no guestimate isn't a real word... atleast I don't think so. Well, it's good so far... keep it up!

DatenshiBlue39 Yukis-turf@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-11 id # 11112
HA HA! Funny chapter... yep Shu's definately got rabies... no question about it. Though it woulda been tons funnier if you hadn't already TOLD ME WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN BEFORE I READ IT!!! (fume) But, oh well, no use crying over spilt milk. And heck yeah! Nobody's perfect... with the exception of Yuki... obviously! Well well, guess I'll read the next chappie to see what happens.

DatenshiBlue39 Yukis-turf@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-11 id # 11113

DatenshiBlue39 Yukis-turf@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-11 id # 11114
HEY I WROTE THAT STORY, 'SPY FOR MY LOVE'!!!! YAY ME, that was such I fun story... can't believe you remembered the title cause I barely ever remember the titles of other people's stories that I've read. Oh well, that just goes to show you that I'm such an accomplished authoress, ne? heehee (jumps in chair and claps hands in joy... grinning from ear to ear)
Well, Yuki's just so awesome... can't get much plainer on that... but I think Shu's cute too. And Yuki will soooo win this little popularity contest, I just know it!!!

DatenshiBlue39 Yukis-turf@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-11 id # 11115
There! Read it! Hee hee, Shu's so hopelessly unpoetic... "I Love you." That's just so sad... (sigh) oh well I wasn't expecting much to come from him anyways... just kidding! He read a whole book in one day... (jaw drops) that's pretty wow for someone of his limited intelligence. I think his I.Q. is the same as his shoe size... about a 7, or 8, whatever the heck he wears. I'm just kiddin' ya poopy-head, just trying to get you riled. (grin) Tha's always fun, you know? (wink) I'll wait for the next chappie, so latta!

DatenshiBlue39 Yukis-turf@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-11 id # 11121
ARG!! Anticipation.... can't wait to see what happens next! Did Shu's mommy die?..... oh well, wish his sister woulda 'mysteriously' dissapeared as well. Ahhh! Just kidding, kid, don't hurt me! ... tch.. like you could. (smirk) Yuki sure is nice, but that's always a good thing. Just remind me when you get your next chappie, yes CHAPPIE, up... AND I'M NOT WEIRD.... just misunderstood! hmph (pouts) K, K, see ya latta, booger!

PockyMania clueless.smile@sbcglobal.net 2005-08-15 id # 11189
Thank you for all of yall's reviews! I luvs them very much! Sorry I haven't been able to update lately, it was a busy weekend... - -; But I'm okay now! And ready to write! So please keep reviewing and I hope you enjoy this LONG story. It'll probably take up to twenty something chapters to finish... maybe even more! Who know? Thanks again! ^_^

Lizz Nittlemelody@yahoo.com 2005-08-16 id # 11206
'Sup Paige!
I finally had time to read you Salvation story and I have a few things to say in the matter. >>; Don't hate me...
I have exceptionally good things to say and sadly horrible things as well. So brace yourself! >< The intro to the salavtion
story in the first chapter was pretty weak. And you said like the same things in two sentences. oo But I like the way you describe the
scenery. It adds a bit a realism to the story. ^^ See? I can compliment people! Also....The Blonde? Could there possible be another
was of describing him to avoiding saying the same thing in every sentence? It gets a little weird for me...For example use the newcomer or
the American since the crowd was gossiping about him about his hair and how he wasn't around there. But you know what? I liked the part
when Yuki came and saved the family and stuff. ^^ Also there is one more BIG problem.......Where is Ryuichi-sama!? ;_; So basically I found
your story very entertaining and intriguing. And I love this part too. (‘Hn. Looking at the brat from this angle, he actually looks kinda cute…’ Yuki sat there speechless at what he just thought. ‘I REALLY need to take that nap now.’ ) XD Silly Yuki! You are oblivious to your feelings for Shuichi...Oblivious! O_O Anyway I hope to read more chapters to this fanfic so keep it up!
By the way....this is Elizabeth incase you didn't know. oo

starlight starlight_0005@yahoo.com 2005-08-19 id # 11278
That story was Fucken amazing u go girl and I can not wait for the next capter.

gravitationfangirl gravitationfangirl2010@yahoo.com 2005-08-19 id # 11281
Gravitation rocks! I need more of those1

Homunculus grumpymogget@yahoo.com 2005-08-31 id # 11453
Great story so far!! You have great descriptive details (I love that kind of stuff) and I think the plot really exciting. And yes this story did remind me of Kingdom Hearts but that’s just probably because I beat the game today (Wooo go me!! Hahahahaha I kicked Ansem’s ass good buahahahahah…sorry got side tracked there) Although, I was confused at the last chapter you posted. You labeled it 100 years later so does this mean that 100 years have really past? If that’s true then why would Hiro remember Shuichi or did you make the characters remember their past life. I just assumed no one would remember anything and that they would have died and had been reborn again? Or maybe the people in your story can live for a really really long time?! *sigh* sorry this just kinda confused me. Anyway I love your story and I hope you up date soon \^-^/

michelle nancydavis666@hormail.com 2005-11-10 id # 13111
i like this story, but were is yuki??? im in love with yuki...i need him...please? please more

veronica kiara4502005@yahoo.com 2006-02-08 id # 15631
i love it, very odd and interesting, keep it coming

Kayla Norman shoyruluver@excite.com 2006-04-13 id # 18199
Come back and write the next one soon k!

Danielle BabyGirl080986@hotmail.com 2006-04-21 id # 18491
I really like this story its really good. Although i havent read the whole thing yet i wanted to just say something. In chapter 8 at the end u said u see Hiro only as straight but most people who talk about his character list his as Bi. I hope i didnt offend u in anyway, i like how you think, maybe Hiro is really straight, but it feels wierd for me to think tht way. But im goin to get back to ur story, like i said i really like it. Bye. Danielle.

CC cille-k@hotmail.com 2006-04-30 id # 18796
love the plot heh... i think i know who the cloaked figure is AND the other one who sensed shuichi's aura heh... ^_~
well please keep going, can't wait till next chap' !!!!!!!


morlana m0rlana@yahoo.com 2006-06-05 id # 20071
I really loved this story. I have to admit I just found it and read it from first to last. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Great job.

cocoke5 cocoke5@yahoo.com 2006-07-02 id # 22969
i love it and can not wait for you to make more chapter of the story please make more chpter of the story i think it real good story so for...

Gabrielle Angelique lestat_cherie@yahoo.com 2007-01-08 id # 30002
Oh my, please continue this immediately!

blackneko 2008-09-15 id # 36303
I will drop down dead if you don't update sooooonnnn!!!!This story caught ny attention the minute I saw it!I'M SO HOOKED THIS,I NEED MORE!!!!PLEASE,PLEASE,PPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!MEOW.

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