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Reviews for Never Say Never
hunter AkA yuki kbluthin2@aol.com 2005-06-22 id # 9886
this isturning into quit a fanfic ilove gravitation and have to say this one kicks serios ass hope to see chapter 3 soon i love your wrighting talent and and detailed abilties look for my book love hate redemtion kind of a spin off of gravitation hope you read it work hard and live harder love hunter

Leah 2005-06-22 id # 9889
More MorE MoRE MORE!!!

goldenkinkogirl goldenkinkogirl@hotmail.com 2005-06-23 id # 9897
this is good!! but we're in for lotsa angst, aren't we? ah well! continue i say!!^_^

Finnie 2005-08-04 id # 10936
Continue please! I fell in love with this story!

Chika 2005-10-06 id # 12115
Oooooooh...solemn, but I really like it! Please update soon!

Kiwi 2005-11-17 id # 13345
It seems like a really good story so far, well lookin' forward to reading the next chapter....

Saya 2005-12-01 id # 13664
This is turning out very interesting. Tatsuha can be very stupid at times. Please update. I want to know what's going to happen. ^_^

shuyu 2006-05-19 id # 19453
Excellent story, english isn't your first language? Are you sure? ^_^
I really love where you are taking this, it's very well done and you've kept them all in character which makes it even better.
I like how you displayed Ryu's serious side, it fit him very well. "Always nice to know you care"
Have ta say there were some points there were I laughed (probably not too good, cause it was outloud and I was in school, heh heh)
Thanls for starting my day off withe a great story!

Cheryl lazycatsillydog@hotmail.com 2006-06-21 id # 20862
I love it! update soon

CosE 2007-01-29 id # 30458
Yikes ?Tatsuha's in trouble now! Good work on the game and incentive for a breakup. Characters were all in line and Shuichi's reactions were spot on, liked how he talkes to Tat separately there. plus the subtle affection from Eiri is just perfect. Waiting on what comes next!

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