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Reviews for Barter
banana (not logged in) 2005-06-18 id # 9796
Tatsuha and Maiko? I never thought about that pairing before, but it does seem very possible. Your writing is good, and the plot seems promising. Please continue soon. I'm adding this to my favorites. ^_^

Foxguardian13 2005-06-18 id # 9820
Whoo Hoo! That was interesting! Tatsuha and Maiko. *LOL* Jeeze and just how is both family members (Tohma and Mika included) gonna react to this, let alone the Maiko's parents *hehehe* Can't wait to see what's gonna happen next. Wonderful Story! ^.^V

Eevee 2005-06-19 id # 9825
Ah~ Maiko fanfic is always good, Tatsuha fanfic that doesn't pair him up with Ryuichi is always better, and GOOD fanfic at that is just wonderful (Eiri's reaction was simply priceless). This is well-written, in character and actually ORIGINAL, and I'm looking forward to seing more of it.

LilyAvalon lilyavalon@yahoo.com 2005-06-20 id # 9840
Hey, now, I like this idea! As you mentioned, maybe not entirely believable, especially considering Tat's obsession with Ryuichi, but this is still a good fic! I'm highly intrigued!!! Are you going to write more of it? I, personally, would like you to.

[fin] Marsuli marsupieni@hotmail.com 2005-06-21 id # 9856
This was very good fic, I liked it. Maiko is my favourite character in Gravitation and she and tatsuha would make very good couple xD For me, that story was a little bit difficult to read, but that wasn't your fault, it's because english isn't my own language. Keep going, please!

lilyavalon 2005-06-24 id # 9914
Once again, good job! You captured Tatsuha's fanboyness very well, I thought. Please do keep working on this story!

And, there's absolutely nothing wrong with hugging Pokemon merchandise in public. *shifty eyes* At least a DVD is not so conspicuous as one of those large plushies at WalMart.

Kat 2005-06-29 id # 10036
And I have now found my new favorite story. Thank you, so, so much for writing this. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Shadowfox13 2005-07-09 id # 10278
Sorry I have not reviewd yet (er...I think?) its been pretty hectic (and for some odd reason my apostrophe marks arent coming in) but this is pretty amusing. Im wondering how all the others who know him will react, from his loving family to Shuichi and his band mates and Tohma and Ryu-chan. *LOL*

Im actually kind of glad to see a paring with Maiko in it :D Keep it up, I am most eagerly awaiting to read more! ^.^V

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