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NanamuraJoined: 2012-03-21
AboutI love Gravitation but sadly sometimes the characters are OOC so don't shoot me
Stories Published
NYC Chaos
Tohma tells shuichi a secret, every six months he, Eiri and Mika go to NYC to help a friend raise his sibling and these kids want to meet him
Fanfiction > Comedy -:- Nanamura -:- All -:- Chapters [1] -:- Published [2012-03-22] -:- Updated [2012-03-22] -:- Reviews [0]

For a photo shoot to promote a new album for Bad Luck, Tohma hires a proffensional photographer from the UK to takes the shots. But this photographger is more intrested in Eiri and Mika. Why does he have a small child that looks excatly like them?
Fanfiction > Drama -:- Nanamura -:- T -:- Chapters [2] -:- Published [2012-03-21] -:- Updated [2012-03-21] -:- Reviews [0]

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