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ValedFreakJoined: 2005-04-03
AboutPlease IM me, I love to talk to people. Don\'t be afraid to, either. I\'m really nice, i\'m just lonely ;0; OH! And to everyone out there...I need a BETA. :D!!
Stories Published
The Phantom of the Opera
The Opera House is being haunted by a Phantom by the name of Eiri..the young soprano of the Opera House, Shuichi Shindou, soon finds himself being the jewel of the haunting Phantom's eye...Based off of the musical version of Phantom of the Opera
Fanfiction > Romance -:- ValedFreak -:- T -:- Chapters [2] -:- Published [2005-04-03] -:- Updated [2005-04-04] -:- Reviews [21]

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