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DragonflyJoined: 2009-10-12
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Bye, Baby!
Yuki has to make an important decision: losing Shuichi or getting him....an abortion??? What the He#$% ?? (Story completed!)
Fanfiction > Comedy -:- Dragonfly -:- OT -:- Chapters [6] -:- Published [2009-10-17] -:- Updated [2009-10-25] -:- Reviews [16]

Shuichi is in critical condition after he tried to stop Aizawa's vengeful attack against him and NG. While watching out for him, Yuki and his friends express what they feel. Will Shuichi be able to pull out of his coma or will he give up the fight?
Fanfiction > Angst -:- Dragonfly -:- OT -:- Chapters [4] -:- Published [2009-10-12] -:- Updated [2009-10-17] -:- Reviews [0]

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