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Login problem Posted: 2010-11-10
The issue with the login problem should be fixed, I am still working on getting a few other bugs fixed but the worst of it should be over.

-M [id# 17]
Login Problems Posted: 2010-06-25
My webhost moved the site to a new machine, which has resulted in a few bugs, most notably the login page not functionng. I am working to resolve the issue asap. Apologies for the inconvenience.

[id# 16]
Here's to many more... Posted: 2007-12-11
As of the 1st of Dec

We are 5 years old!!!

[id# 15]
Reviews and Such Posted: 2007-06-19
Until further notice, all users wishing to leave reviews must be logged in to do so.

I understand this will be a hassle for some people (myself included, Iím one of the too-lazy-to-log-in types) but this was the best approach to dealing with spam and other types of review-abuses (flaming, sock-puppets to fluff up the number of reviews, etc.) I have no problem with a user setting up review-only accounts to maintain some privacy if (s)he does not feel comfortable leaving reviews under the main account. And this new system will make it easier to track down and properly deal with those who do abuse the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone has any experience with php programming and has suggestions on other less-extreme methods for dealing with these kinds of problems, I would love to hear them. [id# 14]
Happy Holidays! Posted: 2005-12-28
And best wishes for 2006!

-A [id# 13]
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